Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Blog Is Ending

Due to the ending of my marriage, I'm going to retire Joe's Big Blog. If you're interested in my post-Sandra life, click here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking A Break

I'll be taking a break from Joe's Big Blog for a couple of weeks. Come back in a month.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It Upset Me

Driving home yesterday, I was putting along YVR in the middle lane when I saw a small pile of leaves in the road. Then as I got on top of it, I saw the duck's head and neck get hit by my bumper. Then I saw the puff of feathers in the mirror. Upset the hell out of me. But, I had to wonder what the hell a duck was doing sitting in the middle of a six lane road in the middle of the night? Still, I don't like killing things for no reason.

I Pulled It Out

The packing in my nose just bothered the hell out of me so I gently pulled it out yesterday. I called the Head and Neck people to make an appointment and they weren't too happy with me. They transferred me to the Advice Nurse and the line was busy. So I hung up. My nose is fixed for now, it'll do.

Interesting Tattoo Work On Jodie

Sold At The Drugstore

Back in the day, anyway.

This Kills Me Too

This Kills Me


You Don't See This In California

Rebel flag bikinis are not the choice of most anyone I've seen at the beach or pool. I guess its a Southern Thang. To me, its a racist thang.

Only If I Die First

This will be Sandra if I kick off early, having buffed he men serving her chocolates on a platter. Good for her. Of course I'll come back as the dog peeing on the carpet, just out of picture range.

An Old Ballplayer

I poached this from SDD's facebook. Enos "Country" Slaughter was born in North Carolina and played in the 40's and 50's. Here's his wiki.

From The FFRF

“A religious person is a dangerous person. He may not become a thief or a murderer, but he is liable to become a nuisance. He carries with him many foolish and harmful superstitions, and he is possessed with the notion that it is his duty to give these superstitions to others. That is what makes trouble. Nothing is so worthless as superstition. . . .”

— Marilla M. Ricker, "Science Against Creeds," I Am Not Afraid Are You? (1917).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Did You Notice

I saw this point in two letters to the editor today. Did any of you pick up on the fact that the Japanese did not riot or loot after the quake and tsunami? They lined up in an orderly fashion to buy (not steal) the goods at the store that they needed. Can you think of any place else where it would be like that? Certainly not in this country.

Oh, and I'll add that I don't trust the Japanese officials when they downplay the dangerous conditions at the nuclear power plants. I think they're going to do the "China Syndrome" and there's nothing anyone can do about it. The officials are too embarassed or ashamed (its in the culture) to admit they're in so much trouble.

This Kills Me

What Jesus Is Really Thinking

When I worked at the convent, I would do lamb once or twice a year. You gotta really cook it slow and almost make love to it to get the lamb to cook without drying out. I will say that I nailed it each and every time I did lamb. Cooking for the nuns wasn't a job with a future, but I really liked it and met some really cool nuns. It was a positive experience for me, one that I'll remember always.

I Don't Know How Its Possible

But after Sandra's body tune up next week she'll be even more hotter than Jordan Carver. (I'll note here that my Sandra is already hotter than Jordan, she'll just be more hotter) Sandra's going to fight the ravages of time and get some serious body work done on Monday. I'll be taking the week off work to attend to Sandra while she recuperates. So, I'll be off and on the blog. But I'll be on it tonight, so don't despair.
Just wait until she heals fully. Whew, is she going to be one hot mama. When you see her on the blog, you'll think the same thing.

Them Duke Boys In Trouble Again

Interesting Pic Of Captain Kirk

Here's William Shatner posing with a mod car wearing his Captain Kirk clothes. I don't recall seeing the car on any of the Star Trek episodes.

Die Hard Guinness Drinker

Back In The Stone Age

I remember when Nacho Cheese Doritos first came out. They were in a single serving bag for only 19 cents. (Now that bag is over a dollar and a half). Needless to say I spent a lot of .19 at Porter's Market. Back in the day. Mmmmm, Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Mmmmm, Bacon

This REALLY Kills Me

This Kills Me

Xavier Knows The Answer

According to this post by Xavier, the US Navy (who has had nuclear powered ships since 1948 and has had ZERO reactor accidents) should build all of our nuclear power plants and run them as efficiently and safely as they run the ones at sea. This is an outstanding idea. When we get the lowest bidder building these plants, well, we get what we deserve.

Nose Tampon

I had a couple of bloody noses over the weekend, no big deal. I get them on occasion. Come Wednesday night I'm sitting at Carl's eating my food and reading the three papers, after my doctor's appointment. I did mention the nosebleed to the doctor, but when my BP came back OK, it got forgotten about.
Anyway, my nose starts dripping blood. And it won't stop. As I bleed all over my newspapers and my nice Ben Davis shirt, the pile of napkins grows and grows. The counter people even ask if I'm OK. Its odd, there's no trauma, I didn't pick it, and I don't snort drugs. So, there's no real reason for this.
Finally, after about an hour, it stops. I've already called in sick so I go home instead of going to work. I can't be late at the Wall St. Somebody's got to be there when the product comes out or it literally goes on the floor in a 350 bundle heap.
Its just as well I called in, as an hour later it starts again. Sandra looks at me and says "We're going to the doctor right now." I agree with her and off we go to Kaiser's ER.
They eventually get to me and try and cauterize the wound in my nose. Sadly, it doesn't take. That's when I got the balloon up the nose. I felt it expand waaaaay back in my nasal cavity. The balloon is covered with coagulant so my nose doesn't continue to bleed. Problem is its aggravating my sinuses and causing me a small migraine. Of which I can't take aspirin for as aspirin thins the blood.
And, if you look closely in the pic, its making my right eye puffy and water something fierce. And my nose is leaking as well. I know, gross. And probably TMI but too bad.
I get to make an appointment for early next week at the Head and Neck department to get this taken out. Not a minute too soon.
Everyone at work had questions when they saw the tube out my nose. I told them all it was for direct cocaine snorting. Only some of the guys had a sense of humor.

Curious Search

Someone from Phoenix found my blog by googling "Pete Rose Atheist" which brought him here. And yes, I still think Rose is a piece of shit who should never be in the Hall of Fame. But I've never seen him linked to the Good News of Atheism.

One More

“[It is] strange beyond anything I can think to be able to believe in any of the known religions.”

— Kate Greenaway, letter, quoted by M.H. Spielmann and G.L. Layard in their biography, Kate Greenaway, 1905

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More From The FFRF

"I cannot believe that any religion has been revealed to Man by God. Because a revealed religion would be perfect, but no known religion is perfect; and because history and science show us that known religions have not been revealed but have been evolved from other traditions."

— Robert Blatchford, God and My Neighbor (1903)

Blatchford says it a lot nicer than I have on this blog. He says "evolved from other traditions" while I say "stolen, copied and borrowed."

The Father Of Our Constitution And Bill Of Rights

"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise, every expanded prospect,"
(James) Madison wrote William Bradford (April 1, 1771)

It was President Madison's birthday yesterday, the 16th. One of the greatest men in American history. The quote was in my FFRF mailing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Riding Camels

My late brother Kurt loved to ride camels. I think I see why.

Guns On The Back

THIS is some interesting artwork.

Shiny Tattoo

Look how bright the tattoo on her shoulder looks. They usually only look like that when you first have them done, before the scabbing. Unless they put some kind of lotion on it.

Not In My Library

Ya Think?

Your WTF Of The Week

Any ideas?


She's working it.

Extreme Twister

This Kills Me


Not A Clue

A Little Humor

Drag Race

This Made Me Chuckle

Big Boobies Sells Anything

And you'll sit through a 3 minute song just to stare. I know I did.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More From Zepparella

This is Communication Breakdown. The more I watch these youtube clips, the more I want to see them in Sacramento in a couple of weeks.

Old Train Tunnels

Scott W took a couple of pics of the old train tunnels between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Passenger train travel between San Jose and Santa Cruz was a big deal back in the day, before the widening of SH-17. With more people driving instead of taking the train, the service died out. Now, there is no railroad at all between the two cities. But, there are remnants of the line, like these tunnels. The guy in the white t shirt is Bret M. He's the owner of the Vega. (here and here)
And the cannon.

For The Gang Of Three

Protesting The WBC In Kansas City

Look in the second pic for the "Thor is Love" sign. That kills me.


They've been back for a few years. Its a shame I couldn't get a pic of the double yoke back, the stripe that goes up and over the butt cheeks. Here's the link. What an icon of the late 70's.

This Made Me Chuckle