Wednesday, February 23, 2005


"Babe Ruth ain't black."

Well, Barry, there is a body of writing that says Ruth had close African heritage. So, Ruth was part black.

"All you guys lied."

Proof is an interesting thing. Please prove all the writers present did lie. Since newspapers have web sites, it shouldn't be too hard to pull up a quote or a hundred that are lies. Lying isn't just being wrong, it is knowingly writing something that is not accurate.

"I don't know what cheating is."

If I was a taxpayer in Arizona, I would question how well my taxes were spent at ASU. One can know what cheating is and not cheat. This appears to escape Sir Barry. His education at Serra HS in San Mateo and ASU is sadly lacking if he doesn't know what cheating is.

I can go on, but why? Outside of the evidence that Bonds, as well as a host of others, took steroids. Which without perscription are against the law. Please notice how Bonds says he didn't "knowingly" take them. If he's found to have taken them, he has his built in excuse already in circulation. "I didn't know." Yeah, rrrrright. You're worth millions of dollars, you've gone to a good HS and college, and you don't question what your trainer gives you? Flaxseed oil, yeah rrrrright.

It just isn't Bonds. Let's look at Jason Giambi. He apologizes for something he won't say what, he's 25 pounds lighter than his last full injury free season, hmmmm wonder why that is?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dr Gene Scott

Mike K sent me a link telling about the death of Dr Gene Scott. He was the white haired tv preacher who had the long beard, and spent his time at the blackboard teaching. The guys and I have watched him in the past, and actually found him occasionally interesting. Of course, he couldn't sell me on the story or any of that, still he could hold interest.
I remember when the California Lottery started with only scratchers, he sat in front of the camera and spent the show scratching the tickets. He's partially scratch them and put them aside for later if they had a chance at winning.
According to the linked story, his legal trouble was part of our state passing a law in 1977 that barred proscution of civil fraud against tax free religious orginizations. Geez, what a scam. Just another reason to start my own church, after all I did get the "church in a box" from the Universal Life Church of Modesto, of which I am a legal Reverend, and I even have a Doctorate. Ain't it grand! Reverend Joe. Paypal me your donations now!

Another reason to hate the Giants

I usually like Jon Miller, the play by play announcer for the Giants. I do listen to the Giants when the A's are not on, after all I do enjoy hearing them lose.
The promo's for the 2005 season have caused me to lose all respect for Jon Miller. In the two I've heard, he whores for Barry Bonds. The first one is the Marlins pitcher crying on the mound while facing the mighty Bonds, the second one is the Rockies catcher pulling out a ball and sharpie and asking for Bonds' autograph during the game.
By doing these horrible ads, Miller has shown himself to be nothing but a shill. I'm waiting for the ad telling about Bonds using the "flaxseed oil" as well as the "clear." Hmmmmm, wonder what that means?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fat again

I've got 35 weeks until I get married. I fell off the wagon a bit when I went on vacation, so I need to reset the fat clock. 50 pounds by November 1st. 35 weeks. I'll settle for 40 pounds in 35 weeks.
I can't drive for 6 days on vacation and eat myself silly, that's for sure. We'll try this again.
One bright spot is I should be cleared to work out again in two months, when my Comp case closes. Not that I can work out like before, but it wouldn't hurt.
Kyle, at Cerebral Misfire, mentioned the working out. He's right.

Media Snow Lackeys

I don't understand the need for a snow report every weekend in the winter. Both radio and the papers report on the ski conditions. I know three people that care about it, everyone else I know doesn't give a rats ass about the ski conditions.
I do know at least 40 people, members of the Daddy Longball Golf Club, that care about the golf conditions. I'd venture to say that the golf industry generates more money than the ski industry. Hell, Palm Springs golf in the winter alone is more than the ski industry, but do you ever hear a report about the golf conditions? I think not!
So, why is the media acting as lackeys for the ski industry?


Next month marks the one year anniversary of Sandra and I buying the RV. In case you haven't been over to to read about two of the trips we took in 2004, click here.
Buying the White House is one of the better things I've done. I've wanted one for quite a while, I thought about buying one to live in about 15 years ago. We didn't have one when I was a kid, we tent camped. Sandra's mom and dad did have one, so she was exposed to it early. She also had one as an adult.
I've told people that "one day I'll have one." Well, after Kurt passed away, Sandra and I crunched the numbers and decided that "one day" would be today.
I have not regretted it for a minute. The trip to Kansas with Mallory was such a good time.
This all comes to mind as I take the RV (a Winnebago 29B) in for service. First off, I'm sure it won't be cheap. These things remind me of a swimming pool, one thing after another.
I'm having the engine oil changed. You would think that Jiffy Lube could do it, and if I could get the coach in through the doors, they would. So, something that cost $40 now costs $90. Camping World has that scam going on. For a Ford V-10 in a pickup they charge $40, but the exact same motor in my 29B costs $90. Ugh.
I'm also having the generator serviced, and a couple of shades repaired while still under warranty. I've been pretty lucky with the quality of the coach. I spend Internet time at and you can read many horror stories about cases not nearly as happy as mine.
One other thing that I'm having looked at is some water damage in the coach. I lost a vent cap in the bathroom and it rained right inside the coach. It could have been one day or three weeks, I have no idea. I had it cracked open a touch for venilation.
I picked up the coach to go to Mercey Hot Springs, (which I blogged about) and thought, "Gee, its awfully drafty in here" as I'm taking the coach to work, and nap in the lot until Sandra comes to get me, then we're leaving.
I get up in the am, go into the bathroom, look up, and oh shit. No cap. Then, I noticed the warped countertop and the trash can full of water. ( at least that wasn't all over the coach as well)
I park the coach on a slight incline, so the water ran back into the bedroom. The carpet was damp. Aaaargh!
I ran the heater for three days, after all it was January. That helped out some. My service writer told me that it looked like the countertop could be fixed without being replaced, and the sub floor in the bedroom was water resistant particle board.
They're going to pull up the carpet and put a heater and fan to it to dry out the rest of it, if needed. I got the impression that they see this kind of stuff all the time. One bright spot is that it doesn't smell like mildew in the coach, nor is there condensation inside. Whew, I may have dodged a bullet with this one.
I've got 15.5k on the coach, Tex told me today that the average RV is driven 2k a year. I don't see ever driving only 2k in a year. Kansas is 3600 miles round trip, and that's straight there and back.
I laugh at the 8 mpg I get. That, and the almost $100 tanks of gas. They're not cheap to buy, fix or drive. Still, a year into it, it has been worth it.


Truly shooting themselves in the head, the NHL cancelled the season yesterday. The WSJ notes in an editorial that the players and owners are not really "labor" and "manangement", but partners. I thought this was an interesting point to make, one I don't disagree with.
What they are now is out of business. ESPN gets twice the ratings with second tier college basketball, and pitchers and catchers report within a day or two.
The NHL is not one of the "Big Four", as NASCAR has passed them up, as well as college football and college basketball.
The gist of this is that nobody cares if the league comes back next year or not. Sorry Todd and Jimmy B, this is the God's truth.

Friday, February 11, 2005

The "Royal" Family

What is the facination with the British Royal Family? First off, we threw the yoke of Royal Family silliness off over 225 years ago. Secondly, they're GERMANS! Yep, they're of German ancestry.
This mornings Merc has a front page article on Ol Big Ears himself planning on getting married again. Ugh, who cares?
When Princess Diana got killed in the car wreck, why was it front page news here? Arrrrgh, what a waste of trees. The Royal Family is a leech on the British Government's budget. Hell, they're rich enough without having to get thier taxpayer handout every year. If you think taxes are bad here in Taxifornia, ours are a Holiday in the Sun compared to the Brits.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


At work, we distribute the LA Times two days a week, and on other special, or "bonus" days as we say in the trade.
Anyway, Tuesday's edition shows up for day late delivery, and I read through the copy that they're so kind to leave me.
There's a case where a car thief is fleeing LAPD pursuit, and crashes. He then backs up right at the officers. Of course, the officers fire at the car that is trying to hit them, and they kill the driver.
Only afterwards do they find out the felon is 13 years old. Hmmmmmm. There's a big outrage amongst the "community" and the "leaders" of same. There's a lot of hand wringing about how to prevent this kind of incident. Hmmmmmmmm.
By the time I was in kintergarden, I knew not to take what wasn't mine. And somewhere along the way, I knew not to steal cars. And, I don't think it takes lot on the ball to know not to try and hit a police officer with your car. It isn't rocket science.
But yet, these "community leaders" are blaming the police. Boo Hoo, the kid was only 13, he was a good kid (aren't they always?), and so on.
Just another case of not holding one responsible for their own behavior. Hell, I was held accountable at 5, much less 13, or 44 for that matter.
If you don't steal a car, flee the police, crash, then try and run them over with the crashed, stolen car, you don't get shot. It really is that simple.

Thoughts about Kansas

Well, I'm back to work. The trip to Kansas and back was spiritually refreshing. I mentioned the anniversary of my brother's passing in a January blog and I was more upset about it than I had realized. I looked on the vacation schedule at work, saw that last week was a good week to ask off, and took the week without pay.
I found it mind clearing to travel by myself. You damn well better like your own company if you go on the road alone. Eventually, your mind travels to your past, your present, and your future. Mine did all three.
That, and I did burn through 71 different CD's. Putting in a 12 disc changer in the Suburban wasn't a bad idea, I think I need one in the RV as well.
It was good to stay with Charlie, Katy and Leandra. I was the best man at their wedding, and I'm Leandra's godfather. Charlie is like a brother to me and I refer to him as such to most everyone.
I spend three days in Dodge and got to go riding, hang out and play with the baby. Leandra is 14 months old and is a darling baby. We went to Witchita one day and she didn't make a fuss the entire day in the car. She does travel well.
On the way home I stopped in Albquerque for a couple of days. I had checked out the CHL schedule and found the team in Alb was home for the weekend. Since I don't really need an excuse to stop and visit a town, being able to watch hockey for two days certainly is enough. I got to eat at Waffle House, which is a treat in itself. I also made my $40 donation to the local tribe at one of the casinos.
I do like to watch hockey. This is curious. I didn't play it as a kid, and I can't skate to save my life. On TV, hockey is a terrible game, but live I truly enjoy it. I don't understand all of it, and I can't really tell how to judge a players skills, so as a casual fan, I go to enjoy myself.
The Chron had an aritcle on hockey in Fresno, and I've gone a few times a year for the last couple of years.
Alb has an old town and I walked around that one morning. There's more to town that I didn't see, it may be worth a visit back. Certainly when the Rivercats play at Isotopes Park.
It was two days home from Alb, I stayed in Kingman Az for the one night. I was eating in Carl Jr, reading the paper and a lightning bolt hit right outside. My hair didn't stand up or anything like that, but it was very, very bright and the thunder came right after the flash and it was quite loud. Ha, God missed again!

A's again to SJ

The Merc this morning had a front page story on the Mayor's comments that he's working on bringing major league baseball to San Jose. This is code for the A's moving to San Jose. As I've said in an earlier blog, this isn't going to happen. Still, trees are chopped down for newsprint to publish this silliness. If, and I mean if, the A's moved, Las Vegas and Portland have a greater chance than San Jose ever will.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Snow Riding

Charlie and I went for a ride today around Dodge and Ford County. He rode his KLR 650 and I rode Katy's DR 200. There was still snow on the ground, and once we got off the pavement, it was mud bogging time.
Katy's bike is brand new, 165 miles on it, so I didn't want to drop it in the mud or anything like that.
The mud on the dirt roads was inches thick. We almost bogged down in it a few times. I'm sure out of shape to wrestle a bike in the mud. That, and it was 35 degrees today. I've never ridden on purpose in weather this cold before.
We got so muddy that we went to the car wash to hose the bikes and ourselves off. Who would have imagined I'd ride in the Winter in Kansas.

I left for Kansas Saturday after work, and made it as far as Kingman. No matter how I look at it, it is 2+ days to get to Dodge. Sunday's drive was Kingman to Santa Rosa, NM. The drive was uneventful, but earlier in the day I-40 was closed just east of Albuquerque for a couple of hours to clear all the people who had spun off the icy roads. By dinnertime, there was no sign of any problems. I only found out about this on the news.
Sunday and Monday I hit a touch of snow. It is winter, after all.
North off I-40 on US-54 to Minneola to Dodge.
We're going to Witchita tomorrow. I've never been there before. I know taking my goddaughter, Leandra, to Chuckie Cheese is on the agenda.