Friday, August 12, 2005

T- Zero Days!

This will be my last blog for a while. Acutally, for 21 days as I'm off to see the West as soon as I'm off work.
$900 later, the coach is ready to go. I got the airbags in the back replaced and the inside dual tire replaced as well. The tire and air bag had rubbed on each other and ruined both the bag and the tire.
I'll have pictures and commentary when I come back.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another good baseball blog is a site that reams Joe Morgan of ESPN something fierce. I didn't realize that Morgan is such a Pete Rose apologist. The guy broke the one rule you cannot break and he should never be in the HOF.
Anyway, the ESPN and Morgan bashing makes this a worthwhile site. I've got it bookmarked.


"Not one man in ten thousadn has goodness of heart or strength of mind to be an atheist."
This is from Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

gas woes

First off, $3 a gallon for diesel is just an outrage. That's 40 cents a gallon higher than regular unleaded for a fuel that takes less to refine. Ugh, makes me sick.

Speaking of fuel, the pumps at Costco shut off at $99. I know this first hand as I put in that much gas in the RV yesterday. Then I reinserted the card and topped off the tank. It figures that only now, when I'm leaving on a 3500+ mile trip in the RV that gas has hit record highs in California and elsewhere.

I also found out I need a new tire on the RV. I had valve extenders installed yesterday and as they pulled off one set of duals, the inside tire had wear spots down to the core, and the air bag on that side had a hole in it from rubbing on the tire. So I've got a bad tire and bag. The tire is replaceable, the shop ordered me one and I'll have it installed this week.
Next door to the tire shop is the brake and chassis repair shop that does work on RV's. They told me that they could order a new bag and install it this week as well. If need be, I can get by without the bag while on vacation, it means the rig will sway a bit, but since I've not put air in the bags (it looks like the line wasn't run out to the outside, I'll have this addressed as well) it shouldn't handle any different than it already does now.
Less than a week to vacation.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Craig is killing my employer!

Yep, look at the size of your classified section in today's paper, assuming that you even still read one. The Merc used to have one of the largest class sections in the country, now its just a shell of what it used to be. That's quite a bit of quid that is no longer being generated.
Craigslist is one culprit. Why pay for an ad when Craigslist is free? That's the question that the Merc, and any other paper can't answer. There are also a number of job web sites, like Monster et al that have killed our help wanted advertising.
Again, during the dot com boom, our help wanted ad lineage was the highest in the country. Now, pfffffft.
Tough times in the paper business.