Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hockey Live

It is a rare occasion that Sandra and I have a matching day off. With Mallory out of school on Winter Break, it is even more rare for the three of us to have the day off. So, what did we do? Why, of course we drove to Fresno to watch our beloved Stockton Thunder play our second favorite team, the Fresno Falcons.
I've gone to Fresno to watch hockey for the past 5 or 6 years. I'll grant it is a bit of a hike to Fresno, and not many were as happy as I when the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies moved to Stockton to begin play as the Thunder for this season.
A long time ago, Moon took me to a Sharks game at the Cow Palace. We sat close to the glass and I didn't like the seats. I thought they were too close to the action and all I could see were the skaters wooshing by and that was about it. Not very impressive.
When the Falcons played at Selland Arena, I found that sitting up in the cheap seats in the corner allowed me to see the entire ice and not be too scrunched up. Two seasons ago, the Falcons moved to Save Mart Center and now I like to sit at the end of the netting on one end of the ice and high enough up to see the entire surface and also see over the glass that surrounds the surface.
When Sandra and I went to the new Stockton Arena to see the Thunder for my birthday, we sat in the cheaper seats on one side and fairly high and I was happy with that. Both the price and the view of the action on the ice.
Because I'm a softy, I let Sandra and Mallory talk me into sitting low. We sat on the blue line in the second row off the ice. You do see the game up close, and if there's a check into the glass by you, you can hear and feel it. The action is as close as you can get sitting that close.
I was hoping that Sandra and Mallory wouldn't like sitting that close but they loved it. Mallory told me she wants to sit in the very front row so she can bang on the glass.
As for the game, Fresno won 2-1. Stockton is in last place and have lost both games I've been to.
I like watching hockey. I can't tell the skill level between the first line and the fourth line so I'm not really worked up about it like I am at the baseball game, where I have a keener eye for who has talent and who is a stiff.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

For Todd is a UN site that talks about the WMD that we still haven't found after our visit to Iraq. This link comes from Todd E and I put it on my blog to show the other side of things.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Scared of Santa!,0,2245506.photogallery?coll=sfe-events-headlines&index=1

This is a "Scared of Santa" photo gallery, what a hoot!

Tookie again

There was an article in today's fishwrap about the funeral/celebration for Tookie Williams. A couple of pictures showing Snoop Dog and all that shit.
In the old days, when executions were at Folsom, the family didn't get the body back. There's a cemetary inside the gates with headstones that only show the prisoner number, not even their name. Once on Death Row, they became not a man, just a number for not only as long as they lived, but long after that.
I wonder how many Tookie fans went to the funerals of the people Tookie gunned down? Hmmmm, something tells me not too damn many.
Oh, and Snoop reminded us all that Tookie was "innocent." Yeah, rrrrrright.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I found it interesting that the A's traded a quality prospect for Milton Bradley. (and another major leaguer who'se name is escaping me) Bradly is a head case coming off injury, though he is only 27 years old and should be entering his prime years as a hitter. I think he is a good gamble. He killed the ball for Cleveland a few years ago and has a huge upside.
But, he has a huge downside, that being he's a head case.

The A's also signed Esteban Loaiza to a three year contract as a free agent. Here's a guy who can replace Zito (if we trade him in his last year under contract) or he can add to what could be the top 1-5 pitching staff in the league. Part of me feels that Beane is going for the whole pot of gold next season. If we sign Frank Thomas (another injury prone risk) to an incentive laden contract, and he produces, we can really have a top flight team that can finally get past the first round of the damn playoffs.


I think after a season where we sit at 4-10, its time to get rid of a few people. First off, Coach Turner needs the boot. He may be ok as an offensive coordinator but as a head coach he's lacking. I don't understand the idea of holding on to Kerry Collins as the QB. Once the decision was made to go with Tuiasopopo for the last 4 games, that should have been it for Collins, both for the season and his tenure with Oakland.
Sadly, after one game, Tui was given the bench and we're back to Collins. Due to the blackouts I've hardly watched a game this season, but the Sunday Night game agaisnt SD a couple of weeks ago showed me that Collins just can't throw accurately. He's either behind or in front of the receivers, or he throws them too high and too low. Yep, he missed everywhere but in the hands.
Once Turner went back to Collins, that shows the entire season has turned into a waste of effort. If I were playing the Raiders, I'd key on Lamont Jordan running the ball and dare Collins to beat me with the pass. He just can't do it. It is a miracle we've won the 4 games this year we have. Another season down the tubes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Tookie Williams got the needle this morning. For all the good he's done while in prison and how he's changed his ways and all of that, he never did come clean about what he was found guilty of. And, we're not talking one murder but two robberies where four people were murdered.
Tookie and his supporters have had 25 years to prove him innocent, 25 years to present evidence that the jury was racist, and all that other stuff his supporters are claiming.
I read a number of articles about this case, and not one article related to the lack of evidence or the racism of the jury. Cannot the claim be made that Tookie is a racist, after all he killed an Anglo and three Asians?
What it came down to for my opinion on clemency was what do you tell the families of the victims who have waited 25 years for the execution to take place? Gee, too bad for your loved one, I'm sparing the person who shotgunned your loved one in the back and laughed about it later. And, the one who has had 25 years to come clean and refuses to.

Yet more of the Baby

And here I am holding Cecilia. I'll yet get a picture of her awake. We're going to see the baby on Christmas in all her finery. I'll take more pics then.

More of the Baby

Here's Sandra holding the precious baby, Cecilia.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A good quote

"Baseball never lets you down." Mark M

New Camera

I bought a new Sony to take pics of Cecilia with, Sandra and I went to hold the baby earlier in the week. Once I fiugre it out a bit I'll post the pics.

Oh, wait

Ooops, upon further review of the contract, we don't get severence with a sale of the paper. So I could be out on my butt with nothing but a "howdy doo."

Friday, December 02, 2005

Job in Question

Well, maybe some of you have seen in the Business section of the paper that the three majority shareholders of Knight Ridder (the parent company of the Mercury) are pressing for a sale of the company. They're wanting a sale to drive up the stock price so their own portfolios can show increased performance.
Next week is the informal deadline for interested companies to submit proposals. There are a few interesed groups.
What this means for continued employment at the paper is up in the air. I don't think any buyer has to uphold the union agreement and that means we all could be out on our butts.
When I came to work at the paper, I was fairly sure I would retire here. Now, I'm doubtful that will occur. One of my life fears may yet occur, that being middle aged (I'm 45 next Wednesday) and unemployed.
One bright spot is that since I have a class A CDL, I should be able to get another job in the Teamsters and keep my pension going. Still, I have a pretty good gig going on here at the paper and I'll stick it out till the end.
One bright spot is that we'll get two weeks pay for each year worked, up to 26 weeks. I wouldn't bet the rent on it, but it would soften the blow. Sandra has already told me without me mentioning it that I'm not going on some long vacation if I get laid off. Too bad, or too bad for her, I've not yet decided.
Safeway or Yellow Freight may yet still be in my future. I'll miss the Merc, that's for sure. Can't beat blogging on the clock while I'm watching the office.

Ryder Quality

This is why you should hire Ryder for all your
transportation needs.


No, this isn't me, at least not yet!