Thursday, April 28, 2005

More Country

I should have added that Sandra and I went to the Alan Jackson show. It was her idea and she set it all up. She had a really good time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Country Music

I actually went and saw Alan Jackson and Sara Evans at the Shoreline over the weekend. Who would have ever imagined I'd let myself go to something like that.
I like one or two of Jackson's songs, though he didn't play my favorite. That is an issue with a guy who has so many #1 hits, he just can't get to them all.
He sounded good, but with a 9 piece band backing him up it is hard not to get a full sound.
I also noticed Jackson has not a great vocal range. Most all of his songs sound the same.

Sara Evans on the other hand, has a great set of pipes. She only had a 7 piece band behind her but she didn't need it. She had more range to her music than Jackson did.

One other thing I noticed was that both bands came out and played. Not as quick as the greatest band of all, The Ramones, but one song after another. Neither one of them did all that stupid stuff I've seen at the rock shows, the fan participation garbage. Yeah, let's get the crowd to chant and all of that BS. UGH.

Now, I will say that I like Junior Brown. He is a true Country player who is sadly underrated. I've seen Brown at least three times and have not been disappointed at all. Here's a guy who can play serious guitar. Wouldn't mind seeing him again.


I went to Tuesday's Rivercats day game. It was a hazy day but warm enough to wear shorts and sandals. I even got a bit of pink sunburn on spots I missed with the sunscreen.
Raley Field is a great place to see a game. Sitting on the outfield grass for only $5 is the best baseball deal I know of. The parking went up this year to $7, which beats the $14 the A's charge.
There are two things about Raley that I wish were better. One is that I can never see the ball off the bat when I sit in the outfield. I don't have that issue elsewhere, just at Raley.
That, and there are no bathrooms in the outfield. It takes a full half inning to walk to and from the closest bathroom. It woudn't kill them to put a bathroom in the outfield seating somewhere.
The 'Cats lost to Las Vegas. Matt Watson hit a rope at the right fielder that was almost misplayed into the winner. Ross just stuck up his glove at the last second, Watson had just smoked it. And with two on and two out we were thisclose to bringing home a winner.
Raley is a good place to see a game, if you haven't gone yet you're missing out.

Two and two

First the A's are shut out two in a row for the first time since 1997, then they come back and take two in a row from the White Sox to pull to .500 baseball at 11-11. Today's 2-1 win was a bottom of the 9th special, and last nights was close as well. My A's dispostion has improved a touch today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Erika's drink

As one or two of you may know, I love Starbucks. I do call it the "Devil's Coffee" and other such nonsense, but I'll admit to an addiction to Caramel Frappicinos.
There's one around the corner from the plant, and Erika recommended her drink. It is a Caramel Frap with an extra shot of hazlenut syrup, extra caramel around the inside of the cup and an add shot floated on top, before the whipped cream.
The add shot, which is hot, migrates to the side of the cup and melts its way down the side, melting through the caramel that was squeezed on the inside of said cup.
This makes the add shot extra sweet on the bottom, and as you drink the Frap down, you get the added flavor of the extra caramel, hazlenut and the Frap itself.
It tasted ok at first but got better and better the deeper I drank. By the bottom of the cup my disposition had improved. Erika's drink. Yummy!

Sunday at the A's game

Its a good thing I had Sandra check the Rivercats schedule, as it would have been a long drive to Portland to see them. So it was off to Oakland to see the A's. That sounded like a good idea to a few thousand others as well, the A's drew 36k with a big walk up crowd.
We sat waaaaaay down the left field line in the second deck and watched the good guys win 7-6. Though it was Bobby Crosby bobble head day, the bleachers sold out and there were a lot of people there for the game. Once Mallory got her garlic fries she was happy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A's win

At least they didn't get swept by the Jays. The A's bats are sure silent, last in the AL in extra base hits and almost last in RISP. Gotta take two of three from the Angles this weekend. It is bobblehead day on Sunday so I think we'll go to Sacramento instead and take a look at the 'Cats.

RV is back

About two months ago, I blogged about the RV and how it was in the shop. I got it out this week and things are just dandy. The carpet and subfloor were not damaged, the shades and toilet were repaired under warranty, and the bathroom counter was fixed good as new.
Along with the service work it cost me less than $700. What a deal. At least the dealer, La Mesa in Davis, drained my tanks, vacumned the inside, washed the outside and dressed the tires. That was more than I expected.
I also blogged about the tank of gas costing $100. Well, a 55 gallon tank at $2.50 a gallon is almost $140. Ugh, what a racket. I can see paying up to $3 a gallon, but if gas goes up much more than that I don't think I'll be driving it too much.
Actually, there are a few places to go camp that are not far from the house, so I can see still getting use out of it.
Now I've got the itch to go out in it. Mercey Hot Springs is calling me or maybe the Sugar Barge, which is on Bethel Island.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

an interesting name

About 20 years ago, my late brother and I were on a riding vacation to Canada. We were heading south from Calgary to the US border, and the beginning of I-15 in Montana. We rode by this national park and couldn't believe the name of it.
Take a look.

Why to buy

Keep that in mind when you go to buy a house. You not only want the right house for you, you want the right house that other people will want too.
Posted by Joshua Hall.

This is a good reason why Sandra and I paid the asking price, as is, for the condo we recently bought. Not only is it a desirable piece of property to us, but when we go to sell it in 10 years we're betting that it will be desirable to others.

Another quote

“One should not go to church if one wants to breathe pure air.”
-- Freidrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886

I read a bit of Nietzsche in a Philo class when I was still in school. It sucks to get old, becasue I remember that one of his views was pretty much up my alley, but I for the life of me cannot remember what it was. Geeeez, I know it wasn't the quote " I love baseball" or "some mistakes you never stop paying for." HellifIknow.

Speaking of churches and foul air, Cardinal Law gave a mass in honor of the recently deceased Pope J2P2. In case you don't recognize the Cardinal's name, he was one of the most responsible Catholic priests in the molestation scandals. Here's Law, hiding his pedophile preists from the police, moving them from parish to parish instead of treatment or arrest. Meanwhile they're free to ruin more lives of children by molestation.
After the scandal hits the front pages in this country, Law lands a cush job at the Vatican and gets to give a mass in honor of the Pope, which in itself is an honor.
The Church just doesn't get it. If I were Catholic, I'd be having a crisis of faith. Much less not giving them another dime of tithe.
The Catholic Church is the largest molestation organization in the country. And people wonder why I cannot stand organized religion.

A's on losing streak

Three losses in a row doesn't bode well for our boys in Green and Gold. Zito gave up a 7 run inning to the Rays of all teams, and with the loss tonight on Hinskie's (ex A farmhand) three run bomb, well it looks bleak in A'sville.
The Angels are coming in for the weekend and Sandra and I are either going to sit in the bleachers in Oakland on Sunday, or drive up to Sac and sit in Homerun Hill while watching the 'Cats.
Not a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than going to the ballgame.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A's open up

Watched the opening game at the House of Faeg. Boy, did we look sorry. Zito did not look stellar, nor like a #1 pitcher. However, when you score exactly ZERO runs, Cy Young could be pitching and you won't win.
Game 2 found the A's winning 9-0 when I got to work. Gotta beat up on the second rate teams on the road. Saarloos' 6 innings of shutout ball fits the bill today.

That, and the Trolley Dodgers got one back against the Geezers by the Bay. I'm still saying the Giants don't play .500 ball, in fact I've got a dinner bet and a soda bet here at work. When I win I'll let you all know how good dinner was.

Friday, April 01, 2005


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Why Boston won the WS last year

Here's a story I got from stick and ball guy's blog.

When Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees, he came to spring training and took the whole team out to dinner. After dinner, he made everyone on the team kiss his Red Sox World Series ring. And he made this proclamation.Boys, the Red Sox have been winning World Series. But, they have made a grave mistake. Now, the Yankees will start winning World Series, and the whole world will be kissing the rings of the New York Yankees.Sure enough, the Yankees started winning World Series. And every year, the Babe would hold his Ring Ceremony. And anyone in camp who didn’t have a World Series ring would have to kiss Babe’s ring. After Babe retired, the tradition continued. The players who didn’t have a ring had to kiss the Captain’s ring. And any Yankee player who had retired with a Yankee World Series ring could come and all the current players without a ring would have to kiss each and everyone one of the retired player’s rings. The tradition had continued since 1921 uninterrupted until this very day.The Ring Ceremony was seen as part of the initiation into Yankeedom. And the players, being a superstitious bunch, believed that it held the power of the Red Sox curse. As long as the Ring Ceremony continued, the Red Sox would never win.Then came 2004. Alex Rodriguez came to the Yankees, but for some reason, he was unwilling to kiss Derek Jeter’s ring. He kissed all of the retired Yankee rings, but he would not kiss Derek’s ring. Needless to say, the Yankee players were mortified. How could A-Rod fly in the face of this custom. From that day forward, A-Rod was not seen as a true Yankee. And when the Red Sox won the World Series, the Yankee players, past and present, blamed A-Rod for refusing to kiss Jeter’s ring.Needless to say, Moss and I were spellbound by this story. What was A-Rod thinking? He had upset the chemistry of the entire franchise. I began to think that chemistry was very important.Then, I asked Art how he knew this. And he said that he was a friend of Jeter’s and Derek told him the whole story. I was incredulous. How could this bald, fat, middle-aged man be a friend of Captain October? Well, he claimed to have been Jeter’s hitting coach. I told him I didn’t believe it. He said, come around tomorrow at 10:00AM and I’ll prove it.The next day, Moss and I came at 10 and Art took us in the Yankees stadium. The Yanks were all there, taking batting practice. And there was Jeter. I told Art about my website and asked him if Jeter might be willing to play Pepper! He said that Jeter would do it for Art. As soon as Jeter saw Art, his face lit up and he started chatting it up with Art. Art asked him about Pepper! and Jeter said sure. But before that, Art stepped into the batting cage and damn he could hit. Over the fence. Repeatedly. So I had a chance to talk to Jeter and this is the exchange.Topic #1: Yankee PinstripesThe best uniform in the world. Unless you play for the Yankees, you aren’t playing at the highest level. No other team can hold a candle to playing in the Bronx.Topic #2 Red SoxThe enemy. Should never have won last year. The entire order of things has been interrupted. The darkest event in the history of the franchise.Topic #3 Alex RodriguezGreat player. Not a Yankee. Doesn’t understand the tradition of the Yankees. Refuses to be a Yankee. Not one of us.Topic #4 Ring CeremonyThis discussion is over.Clearly, Jeter was upset. Apparently, he himself had violated the Yankee code by telling Art about the Ring Ceremony. Moss, Art, and I were all forcibly removed from the premises.