Monday, May 30, 2005

Bitter about the A's

I've blogged about how the A's play is so damn sorry this season, but Roman at is plain bitter with a capital B. Take a look

'Cats lose

Sandra and I spent Sunday in Sacramento at the Rivercats game. The game zipped through the first 6 innings at 0-0 until Matt Watson tripled and Jack Cust smoked a ball into the Rivercat bullpen for a 2 run home run.
Things were cruising until the 9th, when Jairo Garcia came in to give the game away. A walk, a single (scoring a run) then the three run bomb and that was the ballgame.
A warm day with a cool breeze couldn't bring home a winner. Still beats working!

Friday, May 27, 2005

I Love Reno

Oh, and one more reason why Hime calls Reno the "dirtiest little city." ( a takeoff on the "biggest little city" line)
After Sandra and I took pictures, we walked back to the chapel, shook hands and walked out onto the sidewalk. I lean over to kiss Sandra, and some young hood asks me for $4. Jesus, can't even get married without getting hit up for money.
The City needs a big firehose to hose down Virginia St.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

To the Chapel

The gist is Sandra and I got married Monday evening, the 23rd of May. The State of Nevada makes it easy, that's for sure. We didn't even have to show ID to get the license. This really surprised me. You need ID for any non cash transaction, but to get married, well, nothing.
Sandra mentioned moving up the date, and after we tossed it around a bit, we approached Nicole and Mallory, who were all for it. We also advised our respective parents, who didn't have a cow that we were considering moving up the date from November.
We still weren't 100% sure, but we brought the matching Aloha shirt and dress as well as the wedding rings just in case.
The drive to Reno was nice, not much traffic on a Monday. We checked into the El Dorado and wandered down Virginia St to the Antique Angel Wedding Chapel, which is next to the Truckee River at the Historic Virginia St Bridge. I found this place on the Internet and liked the pictures of the couples getting married along the river. I had it in mind to get married outside in public. This idea came to me a couple of years ago when my parents and late brother went to Vegas for a few days. I was people watching in the Bellagio and watched a couple my age getting married right out in the indoor garden, in front of God and everyone. That struck me as something I wanted to do, if I ever got married again.
Sandra and I had discussed getting married outside on the beach in Avalon, on Catalina Island. This really appealed to me. Avalon is about the only place within a day's drive that Sandra and I haven't been to in a previous life or two. Avalon is our place to go as a couple.
Well, plans change. Sandra's mom has cancer and she'll be in the middle of chemo in November. I just couldn't see dragging her down to Avalon when she's sick, so Sandra and I decided on Reno instead.
The people at the chapel were on top of things, and could take us for a sunset wedding along the Truckee that very evening. We paid for the service and went across the river to the courthouse for the license.
Having time to kill, we stopped at Cal Neva to shoot craps. One of the things I like about Sandra is that she knows how to shoot dice. The table was cold with only one good pass at the dice. Then the guy to my right got on a nice hand and made back the money I was down. Then it was my turn to shoot.
When it is your turn to shoot, the stick man rolls 4-6 dice out of a shallow tray and you pick two. I like to pick dice that show 7. Its just silly superstition. None of the dice added to 7, and this was an omen.
I rolled a 9 to start, then a 2, then a 7 out. That's it. I waited a whole turn around the table for three lousy rolls of the dice. I am a lousy shooter.
We went to Brews Brothers to eat, at the El Dorado. The brewery fresh beer is pretty tatsy and we had a nice pre-wedding dinner.
It was time to clean up, change into our Aloha wedding duds and get to it. We walked back down to the chapel and then went to the river. We stood in one of the gazebos along the river, and with the sun setting and the river rushing by, said our vows and were married. Whoo Hoo!
We then took about 40 pictures at different spots along the river. And that was that.
Our wedding breakfast was at one of my favorite places, Black Bear Diner. Then it was the drive home. As we're heading out of town, a NHP passes us, then two more, then we see the ambluance getting on the freeway.
A gravel truck had veered to the left and driven right through the guardrail, making a hole in it. I'd never seen this before. I've seen the rail mangled up, but not a head on hole like this. The truck then crossed the other direction of the freeway and ended up on the shoulder of the opposite direction. There was another reminder that you never know.

So we're married.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Charlie and Katy (who I've blogged about before) had their second baby yesterday. Though Charles Lyle Kotcher was born on the She Devil's birthday ( or should I say the day she was spawned!) I'm still pretty stoked about it.
I get to be the Godfather of this baby as well, which I'm also stoked about. The trip to Kansas can't come soon enough, now there's two babies to play with.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

United Airlines

I was disappointed to see the Government is going to allow United Airlines to bankrupt off of its pension obligation. What an easy way to get that off your back, just bankrupt off it and leave the mess for the taxpayers to pick up.
What's to stop the other airlines from doing the same thing? Nothing as far as I can see.
I'm glad my pension is with the Union and not the company. When I went to work at the paper, my grandfather lectured me that my pension wouldn't be there because I'm in the Teamsters and they're crooks.
Well, who is the bigger crook here?

What a shot

The City of Compton contracts with the LASO for their police coverage. There was a case last week where the SO went in pursuit of a suspect and got him stopped. The suspect attempted to ram a patrol car and the SO opened fire.
They fired 120 rounds at the car and only hit the guy 4 times. What the hell is up with that? You're standing no more than 30 feet from a target and that's the best you can do?
KNX in LA had a story about the neighbors being mad because of all the bullet holes in the houses next to the car stop.
I'm a supporter of the police as a rule. But this is pretty sad. The suspect was hit with only 3.33% of the rounds fired at him. 3.33%.


I'm at work listening to the 12-3 blowout at the hands of the Yanks. It is 12-3 so far, I'm no longer confident in our A's. I had blogged a 90 win year, now I'm wondering if I mistook "wins" for "losses."
Tonight's loss will be 7 in a row. At least we brought up Matt Waston, who may be able to hit better than the stiffs we throw out there

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Terrible Baseball

The A's lost in Boston in the bottom of the 9th today 3-2, making this the 6th loss in the last 7 games. They can't hit a lick. I was sure it wouldn't be the bats that were a question, where is the hitting? Ugh, disgusting.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Trivia Question for today

Many of us know that the British Prime Minister lives at #10 Downing St. The question of the day is who lives next door, at #11 Downing St?