Wednesday, July 27, 2005

First Fan Email

Look at the blog under this one and click on the comments link. Somebody wrote "Your blog stinks." I'm so humbled. My first fan letter!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Plans Coming Together

The 20 day extravaganza of vacation is only 5 weeks away. I think I put the plans together too early, as now the trip is at the forefront of my daydreaming activites.
I get almost a week to myself before Sandra, Mallory and Amy (Mallory's friend) fly to Denver and meet me. Then we're heading to Dodge City for two days to see Charlie and Katy and the babies, then we're all going to Lake Coldwater to another two days to swim in the lake. Last year it was rather dreary and we only got one day decent enough to swim. We didn't get to swim in Dodge at all, and that was a shame as the Gunsmoke Campground has a nice pool.
A few weeks after we all went last year, Charlie, Katy and Leandra went again to Lake Coldwater and they suffered some straight line winds that blew them right out of the campground. That, and it was hot as hell for them camping in the tent.
Anyway, after Lake Coldwater, the 4 of us are heading west. We're planning on stopping at Royal Gorge and then to Tiger Run, this is one of the top spots to RV in the country. We'll take that plunge for a couple of nights before we really start heading home on I-70 and I-15 to Vegas for a few more days at another top tier RV park, the Oasis. We stayed at the Oasis last year and its about as good as RVing gets.
The trip really came together quite easily once I get the girls. It took me about a half hour to plan it out and be happy with the results. One thing about planning a trip like this is that you don't make the time that you do in a car. I figure about 400 miles a day is about all we're good for, and that's pushing it. I learned this last year when we pulled into a couple of campsites after 8 or 9 at night, and up and at'em the next morning. Hell, that's not RVing. So, this year will be at a pace more sedate.
All I'm looking at now is the week to myself. I'm still unsure what I want to do. I stayed in Jackpot, Nevada last year at Catcus Pete's RV Park and it was $14 a night for a nice pool and green grass. I wrote about last year's trip at so take a look if you want.
I can stick a few more states on my sticky map that's on the back of the White House if I went to Wyoming and Nebraksa. That also isn't out of the question. I plan to be in Limon, Colorado on Day 7 of the trip, then I get the girls on Day 8 and we're in Dodge on Day 9 and you know the rest.
I'm really getting the itch to go.

Giants do something good

On KNBR, the day's Giants loss is replayed at midnight. There's only a minute between half innings and the ad's are either promos for the Hall of Fame or some in house BS for KNBR. I listen to it on the way home Sunday morning, after all what a nice way to end the workweek but to hear the Giants lose.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

nice shoes

Its bad enough that Mariah is a crazy wacko germaphobe, but golfing in high heels, well, that's just sorry.

4th of July

Our 4th was spent at the ballpark in Stockton. We sat on Homerun Hill and were saddened when the hated San Jose Giants beat our beloved Ports. Over 5700 people came to the park, which I think is a record for a ballgame in Stockton. Opening day only drew 5300.
Behind right field is the deepwater shipping channel, where the fireworks go off. As the game was winding down, the channel filled with pleasure boats all waiting for the fireworks.
The game ended, and we waited a while, then we were told to vacate Homerun Hill. This rubbed us the wrong way until we saw we were able to sit on the field itself. Well, hell, this is better.
The grass was so nice, I've never walked on a finer field. It felt better than carpet.
I don't know what it is about the field, but many of the kids were running themselves silly on the grass, getting rid of all that pent up energy. Mallory and I raced a couple of times and the old fat man still can run like a gazelle.
The fireworks lasted a good while and it was worth the effort to make it to the ballpark for the 4th of July.