Thursday, October 27, 2005


I've not really blogged about the pending trip to Hawaii, but Sandra and I are taking our honeymoon week after next. So, I'll have pictures and text when I get back.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


After a home game following the bye week and playing the Bolts who were traveling on a short week, well, the Raiders came up with a yawner that shows how not into the season they are. We are the most poorly coached team in the league. Norv Turner and his staff need to go. Our play calling on offense is terrible and predictable.

I'm sure glad I don't own property in Alameda County. The PSL's expire after this season. I know two season ticket holders, long time die hard Radier fans, who are not going to renew thier season tickets. Albeit a small sample size, I still think it is indicitive of the large number of season ticket holders who are not going to renew. This puts a bigger tax burden on the property owners of Alameda County, who are obligated to make up the cost difference between the the PSL's and construction bonds.

I love the Raiders and all, but they're a terrible team that would have served purpose staying in LA. At least we would see all the games on TV with the NFL package on the dish.

A's and Macha

I had waited a bit to blog my happiness at Macha and the A's parting ways. My joy was cut short when the A's rehired the idiot for three more years. Ugh, disgusting. Its as much the way he can't manage a pitching staff as it is the amount of at bats he gave two of the worst hitters in the league, Hatteberg and Kendall. Kendall should have been hitting 9th by May, and Hatteberg should not have made the roster out of Spring Training.
Under Macha, we've decreased our win count over the three years and gagged at the end of the season to Anaheim the last two seasons.
My expectations are to win the West next season and to go the the LCS. At least. We just won't do these things with Macha at the helm.

Nice Place to Park

Here's a nice place to park your Porsche

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bill King

It is a sad day today as Bill King passed away this morning. As the voice of the A's for the last 25 years, he was a Bay Area icon. He also was the real voice of the Raiders and Warriors. Greg Papa can only hope he's 1/100th the voice that King was while doing the Raiders.
KNBR had a two hour retrospective of his work and played many highlights. Listening to the old Raider games made me a bit misty eyed. I never tire of hearing the "Sea of Hands" call. There's no explaining it, either you get it or you won't. Sea of Hands still brings up the goosebumps, as well as the Heidi game and the Holy Roller in the end zone against the Chargers. All these and more were played on KNBR. I'm kind of surprised they did anything at all, being the Niners and Giants mouthpiece.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thanks Todd

One of my friends at work, Todd, (he got me into the blogging) reminded me to reset my settings to stop the blog spam. I wasn't sure how to stop the mind numbing spam, but you'll see how the spammers are defeated (for now at least) when you go to post a comment. You'll see a word that you'll have to type into the box provided and that will allow your posts to be posted. So, don't be shy.
Oh, and though Todd rarely writes on his blog, here's the link. He has a number of righist links on his site that you may be interested in. Also, Todd is a proponent of the Second Amendment, as am I. We joke that our real president in Charlton Heston, who was the president of the NRA.

Daddy Longball Weekend

This last weekend was the 12th edition of Daddy Longball. Moon, Hime and I started Longball because we were tired of moping around about Donny's (Moon's brother and Hime's cousin, my friend) passing.
The first year we had 16 players in one flight. This year we had 42 players who came up for the weekend, paid thier $250 and had a damn fine time.
I took the RV up to Tahoe and camped at Campground by the Lake, which is the munincipal campground that the City of South Lake Tahoe runs. For electric only they charge $30.50 a night, which is outrageous. But, they get it. Even in the Fall, with the Tahoe camping season about over, the place was mostly full of RV's for the weekend.

Anyway, we had a practice round at Eagle Valley West in Carson City on Friday. I never play that course well, and since my game has gone to hell, this round wouldn't be the one I break 100 on. I ended up shooting 120 and posted 108.
Saturday began the Tourmanent and we played at Silver Oak, also in Carson City. This is a course that winds through some houses on the back 9 and is off in the sagebrush on the front 9. Our shotgun start was at 8:30 and we were off and running. I played the best round of the three days at Silver Oak by shooting 50-52 for 102, which is also the score I posted.
Posting scores is part of how handicaps are figured. I cannot take a score higher than 8 on any single hole, so if I shoot a 10, when I post my score I have to take off two strokes. I was happy with my Silver Oak score becasue I didn't have a hole over 8, and had only two scores of 8 on the card. I didn't break 100, but was close.

We had the Players Dinner on Saturday night at Harrah's buffet. This was the first year we've had the dinner at Harrah's, normally we have it at Ceasar's or Harvey's. Harrah's hasn't been able to guarentee seating our group of 40+ together at the same time, but this year they were able to meet our needs.
The food was better at Harrah's than at the other two places. I had a couple of bacon wrapped filet mingons and they were really good. That, and the view from the 18th floor at Harrah's can't be beat. Many of the golfers who went expressed a positive outlook on Harrah's buffet.

Sunday, our round was at Dayton Valley, in Dayton. This is an Arnold Palmer designed course that has water on most all the holes. Even with the water, the course is mostly fair. You know where the trouble is and there are a few holes that have no water and are easier than most.
I took the gas at Dayton. I lost a bunch of balls, four on the 8th hole alone. I shot 117 and posted 108. I did par the hardest hole on the course, the 9th. I hit a second shot over 160 yards of water and then two putted the green. Whoo hoo!
The greens were in the best shape I've ever seen Dayton in. They were like a green carpet.
My friend from work, Steve F, shot a 79 from the blue tees and won the day. Shooting the 79 allowed Steve to win the Daddy Longball GC club championship as well as the Sunday competition. His game has really improved over the last two years.

Camping at the C by the L wasn't too bad, even for the money they charge. I had managed to top off my propane on the way up the hill. This shouldn't have been such a chore, but the two propane dealers in Jackson close at 4pm. 4pm! I rolled through about 4:30 and found them both closed. Damn! Then, I remembered this happened last year. Doh! The last gas station on the left side before the wilderness had propane and they were more than happy to sell it to me. I knew I'd be running the propane furnace at night and didn't want to run out.
The low temps dropped into the high 20's at night. It was a bit brisk in the morning, but breakfast at the Red Hut puts all things on the side of goodness.
My campsite was in the middle of the trees with a view of the lake. A short walk and I was on the beach. The location can't really be beat, with the bus stop right out in front. In fact, the BlueGo bus goes up and down US-50 and up to a half mile off the main drag to pick you up or drop you off. If I'm up for more than the weekend, I may have to give it a try. I still don't have a way to tow my Bug with me.
The bathroom/shower room had hot, hot water for the showers. I took full advantage of this. Yes, the RV has a shower and a water heater, but not having access to refill my tank I decided to conserve my fresh water and use the facilites provided.

All in all, another successful weekend.