Friday, April 28, 2006

Delmon Young

Young is a AAA ballplayer in the Tampa Bay chain. He was given an open ended suspension yesterday for flipping his bat at the home plate ump and hitting the ump in the chest with the bat. This after Young was unhappy being called out on strikes and wouldn't leave the box.
Normally I wouldn't blog about something like this, but I've got a Delmon Young temper story. At the Fall League in 2004, Sandra and I were sitting at the ball yard with some old friends of mine from the bleacher days, John and Diane.
Young was playing in the Fall League that season, and he was at the plate. He was not happy with the home plate ump's strike zone and when he was called out on strikes, (sounds familiar doesn't it) he had a hissy.
He was cussing the ump out and telling the ump he was "going to kick your ass." (I'd have tossed him right there) Note that at the Fall League (the best baseball expierence ever) you can sit wherever you want and we were in the lower deck, about 5 rows up. We, as well as everyone else, could hear every word.
In the middle of the tirade, I said quite loudly, "Aw hell, Delmond, you're not going to kick anyone's ass. You're going to take your sorry ass back to the dugout and find a seat." We laughed a bit as Young turned his attention to me and told me "you're next." Hell, I laughed out loud at that, which only fueled the fire.
Young has a million dollars worth of talent and a ten cent head. Guys with a temper like this are easily taken out of their game. I'd give my right arm for that kind of talent. I guess God works in mysterious ways.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Paper Sold

The announcement came today that the Merc was sold to Singleton's Media News Group. This is the guy that put me out of a job in 1985. He claims that he'll recognize the current unions and the contracts at the 4 papers he's buying. It all sounds good but I haven't forgotten the Singleton beenie beenie.
We got drug into a meeting and most of this was explained to us. We also got a handout. I am hopeful that it will be business as usual for me, retiring with Sandra in less than 8 years is such a goal for the two of us. I guess we'll see.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

4 in a row

Yep, 4 series lost in a row for our beloved A's. Three of those at home no less, all of this right before a road trip. No hitting (save for Chavez and Swisher) and no starting pitching from Zito and Loiaza. Zito stunk up the place again tonight, serving up three home runs in 6 innings. I've got a bet with Sandra. A's vs Giants for most wins. Loser treats to a long weekend in Palm Springs. She's two games up on me so far before tonight's probable A's loss.
For whatever the A's do, the Gia...I mean the Shitheads will tank this season. Too many old players and Bonds hurt, well that comboed with Alou being as bad as Macha as manager, well, I'll be lounging in PS before too long.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Sandra switched a Saturday for a Monday, so we had a day and a half off together. In the midst of record rainfall, we took a chance and went camping in the RV last weekend. We stopped at Safeway and Blockbuster before venturing out to our destination.
Solano County has two campgrounds, one of them is just west of Winters off of SH-128. We took the RV out there for our very first outing. The second campground is in Rio Vista, right next to the Coast Guard station. Sandy Beach campground has a day use area, boat launch and about 40 rv sites.
Sandra and I made the short drive to Rio Vista, its about 40 mintues from Clayton. We chose spot 36, which overlooks the boat ramp and has a view of the Sacramento River. After setting up camp, we threw a couple of steaks on the Q and relaxed. The bill at Safeway was almost $100, we do eat well when we go out in the RV.
After dinner we watched Brokeback Mountain. I can certainly see what the big deal was about it. you don't see movies with men kissing each other too often. One thing I noticed in the reviews about the movie was the lack of mention that in this love affair between these two men, that they both were married to women, (remember this is the 60's and 70's) and they were commiting adultery against their wives. Hmmmmmm.
Anyway, we got up the next day and got the papers. I do have a habit of reading the paper every day and we drove into town to appease the jones I have for the paper. Sandra had some errands to run back in town so she took off. I watched Jarhead, which was interesting enough, though I wouldn't rent it again. I don't rent movies at home, nor do I watch much tv, so it is a treat when I do it in the RV.
Sandra came back with Mallory and I put boneless chicken breasts on the Q and we again ate well.
Tuesday morning came and with Sandra having to go to work, and Mallory to school, they left by 6am. I got to sleep in until after noon. The rain had let up but the wind was blowing the rv around enough to wake me up. I got cleaned up in the bath house (the water heater in the rv was acting up. First it wouldn't light, then the next day it decided to. Gremlins) broke camp, dumped the tanks and headed for home.
Sandra and I decided that we should try and do something like this once a month. Even if she doesn't have Monday off, she can still get to work without too much of an issue, and we're using the rv on a regular basis.
I really need to bring out the camera and take a few pics when we go out like this.

More on the Protests

Just a quick observation on the immigration protests. Since I posted the blog about how many Mexican flags there were being waved by the protestors, all of a sudden there is a sea of US flags being waved in the last batch of protests. Hmmmmm.