Friday, June 30, 2006

We'll hire him

Another Merc soon to be employee!


This is about an Atheist family in Oklahoma who was beared false witness to by one of the good Christians of the area. Read this. Then wonder how the xians can claim such perscution in this country. Baaaaaah


Two weeks and a day until the three week vacation. I can't wait. I've got two weeks of camping reservations already made, in fact I made the ones at the Oregon State Parks months ago. Like last year, I've got a week to myself at the front end of the trip. Sandra and Mallory are driving up to the Columbia Gorge to meet me about a week into the three.
After we look around the Gorge a bit, we'll head to Eugene for a couple of days and stay at a resort type of place. The Emeralds are in town for the three days (funny how that works), and Civic Stadium is my favorite place to see a ballgame. I'll make sure to take some pics.
Then we'll head out to the coast at Newport for 5 days before stopping at the Rogue River for two days then in Redding for three days to visit family.
I've been working like a dog to get some extra money for the trip, remember that 8.5mpg in the RV is a good tank, and a tank is $180 to fill up.
I'm not sure where I'm going the first week. I'm leaving on Saturday the 15th and I think I'll just jump up the hill to Reno for the first night. I want to see the Silver Sox play and they're in town for Saturday night. I may even consider staying for the Sunday day game then heading out of town. I do like Jackpot as a destination, though it is out of the way if I'm heading into Oregon. I don't have to be at the first Oregon campsite until Friday, so that leaves me a few days to putz around.
This trip will remind me that I can't retire with Sandra soon enough.

Flag Burning

I was glad to see the floor vote in the Senate was short by one vote to allow the states to decide to amend the Constitution to ban flag burning. I don't agree with flag burning, but I do believe it is constitutionally protected free speech, and that cannot be outlawed.
I was hoping that our government would have more important things to worry about like immigration, the war in Iraq, the ballooning deficit and a host of other issues.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More A's

After a solid 10 game winning streak, our beloved A's take two consecutive shutouts in Colorado, of all places. Loss #2 found the A's getting one hit. IN DENVER! Geez Louise, that is sad assed

Saturday, June 17, 2006

More Religion

US District Court Judge Frank Damrell is one of the stupidest men in America. In Mike Newdow's case against the government to remove "in god we trust" from our money, (an outstanding idea if I say so myself) Damrell said that the motto was secular. How the hell can something about God be secular? What a damn idiot! And the Christians claim they're persecuted in this country. I'd like to see "in reason we trust" on our money.
The bright spot is that Newdow is going to appeal.

While I'm on this issue, I'd sure like to see our national motto change back to E Pluribus Unum instead of In God We Trust. Hell, WE all don't trust in the invisible sky daddy. Grrrrrrrr.

Pay Attention

The Merc should hire this guy to drive for us.

Monday, June 12, 2006

More A's

Of all the things, the A's swept the Yankees in New York this last weekend. 5 of 6 in Cleveland and NY. We're two games out of first place and tied with the Shitheads in wins. PS is looking better and better

Saturday, June 10, 2006


The A's have won 3 of 4 on the road trip of death, to Cleveland and New York. Injuries have depleted the good guys, but yet we still beat Randy Johnson and the Yankees last night. The A's are a couple of games under 500 and still behind the Shitheads, though I assured my faithful few readers that the A's were in like Flynn. I still have confidence that by the end of the season all will be right with the world and Sandra will be treating me to a trip to Palm Springs.


Mallory is in the 5th grade and this last week she was awarded the Presidential Fitness Award. She made sure to stick the bumper sticker on my Beetle. I only had my ACLU window sticker before Mallory attacked the car. I'm really proud of her.
Also, she was asked to play softball on the league all star team as a catcher. She's been playing for the last three seasons and has had success at it. She also seems to enjoy it.