Saturday, September 30, 2006

One more thing

Disneyland is about the cleanest public place I've been. They have an army of people sweeping up. They even sweep up any individual leaves that happen to fall. And, there's a trash can about every five steps.

And, it took me almost the rest of the week to recover. I don't really fit in the RV very well, and between the walk and the drive home, well, I'm getting old. I've blogged about my comfy bed before and trust me, it felt really good to climb in it when we got home.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


They finally clinched the West last night, after farting around for a couple of days. First they let the Monkeys beat them two of three at home, then they choke off a game to the Mariners while the Monkeys won. That all ended Tuesday night when the A's hammered the M's and the Monkeys lost.
First round is either agains the Tigers or the Twins. I prefer the Tigers and I'm hoping the Yankees beat Minnesota. We never play well in the Twins hellhole of a football stadium faking it as a baseball park. I like our chances against the fading Tigers in the first round. Let's see if we can't get past the goddamn first round and go deep into the playoffs.


As shown by our pose with Eeyore, we made it to Disneyland. Sandra's birthday was Friday, so after we had a nice birthday dinner, we hit the road for a couple of hours. Living in Clayton, there's no easy way to get anywhere. Its at least an hour to I-5 out Marsh Creek Road to Byron Highway to Mountian House Parkway to I-580 by Patterson Pass Rd.
We topped the tank at Joe's in Westley and pressed on until we got to Harris Ranch, which is at the intersection of I-5 and SH-198. There's a big truck parking lot between the Harris Ranch buildings and the airstrip. We nudged up along one edge of the lot, extended the slide and hit the hay. We weren't the only RV'ers parked here, and do I need to add it was free!
The next morning we pressed on down I-5. At the top of the Grapevine we got gas at the Flying J. Chapest gas of the trip at 2.599. They also have a dump station and I took advantage of that. While waiting for the guys in front of us to dump, well, I saw what not do to.
First off, they made a small lake around the dump hole. Then, they filled their fresh water with water marked non-potable. Then they drug their fresh water hose through the small lake they made while dumping. Then, they buttoned everything up and left. Jesus.
The traffic was not bad unitl we got into LA proper. Stop and go traffic for miles. Only when we got into Orange County did the traffic let up and by that time we're at exit 110 and Disneyland.
We stayed at Travleler's World which was within walking distance of Mickey's. When we made the reservations they didn't give us a confirmation number and wouldn't take credit cards. This was odd and had me kind of wondering what we would find once we got there. What we found was a park that was closing for good in less than a month. Another urban park lost to condos.
The bathrooms were clean and close by. The spots were as close together as any park I've seen. We were thisclose to the other spots. Fortunatley for us they didn't put anyone next to us and we had a nice spot after all.
Sandra took Amy and Mallory to Downtown Disneyland while I took a nap, read the papers and cooked dinner. We all hit the hay early and Mallory and Amy were the only ones to get up for the fireworks. I sure heard them! I'm sure that will be a big selling point to the condo owners. That, and the 6 gunshots I heard right out in front come Sunday morning. Didn't seem to faze anyone.
After breakfast we headed to Mickey's. For one day at one park it was $63 a head. And an adult price is for everyone 10 and over. We got in the park about 15 minutes after it opened. We headed to the Matterhorn first to find it closed. So, over to Space Mountain we went.
After that, we found our way to the refurbished Pirates of the Carribbian. We skipped the closed Haunted House and moved to Splash Mountain. It was just after 11 by now and the park was filling up. We had a $53 dollar lunch and by now the girls wanted to split up and look at boys, so we parted ways for most of the rest of the day. Amy is 12 and Mallory 11. They're old enough to go together and with cell phones it wasn't too hard to keep in touch.
Sandra and I moseyed around, rode Small World and Casey Jones, as well as the best ride there, Mr Toad's Wild Ride. We got to ride in Toady's car, woo hoo!
It must have 90 degrees and water and soda was $2.75 a pop. Bring lots and lots of money when you go to Disneyland. Yeah, I know, what a cheap ass. (upon re-reading this, I do stress how much stuff costs at Disneyland. Was it worth it? Sure it was. After all, it is Disneyland and Sandra was happy. Just don't be surprised as to how deep Uncle Walt digns into your pocket)
While Mallory and Amy were riding Splash Mountain over and over, Sandra and I found a spot to watch the parade. We wandered around the shops and managed to find a shady spot to sit on a bench and watch the parade head back the way it came.
We met back up with the girls for one more ride on Space Mountain, then it was time to head back. We took a short cab ride to the White House and went to bed, fully exhausted.
Monday found me cooking breakfast and we headed back onto I-5 by about 10 in the morning. The traffic wasn't as bad on the way home and we pressed on and made it home. .

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Raiders on the other hand, are the worst team in the NFL. This collection of sad asses may be the worst team that Davis has had a hand in. We may not win a game. I've told everyone I've talked to about this that we'll tie Tampa's 0-14 record, but then beat it when we go 0-16. I can't see a single team we have a hope of beating. This is a shame because we play the Shitty Niners this season and I can take a 1-15 season as long as we beat the Whiners.
This is the Dark Ages for all Raider fans. This could last for years and years. That's how much confidence I have.


The A's magic number is 6. We're in the drivers seat for the playoffs. We can still take the gas and let the Monkeys pass us. I blogged earlier in the season that if Frank Thomas has a good year we'll be in the hunt and I wasn't wrong. Getting past the first round of the playoffs would be nice, getting to the World Series would be nicer and winning the whole damn thing is actually what my expectations are. I don't think we have that good of a team, but getting hot at the right time of the year, namely playoff time, can sure brighten up a day.


Sandra's birthday is Friday, so we're going down to Disneyland for a bit. We're driving part of the way on Friday night, after we go out and eat for Sandra's birthday. Mallory and Amy want to take the RV, so we'll park someplace on the way down and sleep. Saturday we'll get up and finish the drive down.
The RV park we're staying at has a pool, so we'll go swimming once we get there. We may make it to Downtown Disney later in the evening. Sunday is the day we'll spend in the Magic Kingdom. Mallory and Amy are old enough to go off by themselves, so Sandra and I will have no ankle biters to worry all that much about.
Monday we'll break camp and head home. Now is a good time for gas to have gone down .30-.40 a gallon since the trip to Oregon. When I top off the tank I'll blog the mileage and gas cost for the Oregon trip. It seems the longer I wait to gas up the cheaper it will be.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


From God is for Suckers:

“He [god] seems way too cowardly to tell me to my face that he is real and what’s more, he has to send people in my path, many of whom are just the most arrogant, argumentive, self-righteous, judgemental sons-of-bitches imaginable, to ‘witness’ to me.”

I'd like God to come to me face to face, I don't like who he sends to witness to me either. Does Fred Phelps come to mind?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dave Meniketti

Dave is the lead guitar and singer of the great band, Y&T. I've been a fan of Dave since the late 70's/early 80's. JB sent me this picture. What a great band.

My godson CJ

Here's a picture of my godson, CJ. This was taken after his first haircut. The pics of him I have show him as a big butterball, he's lost some of the baby goo and his face has taken more of the Kotcher look. Poor kid, I was hoping he would take after his mother. I don't think I'll get to Kansas this year, maybe next year.


Before the Raider game Monday, the A's were on from Minnesota. The A's face the worst pitcher the Twins have and manage one run, on a Thomas HR. Pathetic. Trust me, Monday was a looooong night to watch sports.
Then the AAA's go and lose Tuesday night as well, and only score 1 run in a 1-0 win on Wednesday. They are 5.5 games ahead of the Monkeys, but I recall a couple of seasons ago having a three game lead with ten to play and taking the gas. We're in the driver's seat.

Oh, at least we're 10 games in front of the Shitheads. I'm going to let Sandra off the hook for Palm Springs, I'm taking her to Disneyland for her birthday. Maybe I'll make her buy me a t-shirt or something for my glorious betting victory.


Its taken me a couple of days to vent about the Raiders. I watched the game with the fellas, what little bit of game there was. When your team gets shut out 27-0 there's not much to watch. We might not win a game this season. No clue on offense and the defense just ran out of steam.
What makes it worse is that the game was sold out, not blacked out and on national tv. Just the quality performance needed to sell tickets. Aaargh, more blackouts this season.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Answered a bit earlier

This was a comment on one of my blog postings:

rppd981 said...
Coburg PD is running radar on the freeway as a way to generate revenue. I see that happen here in Mission, KS (a city in the KC Metro area). They have about a 1/2 mile of I-35 running through their city and are constantly running radar. Usually they will have a motor unit on the overpass with LIDAR (laser radar). Then there are about 3 or 4 cars on the on ramp just waiting. With LIDAR, they can just pick the car and shoot. LIDAR is extremely accurate and precise. Another way to generate revenue here in the Metro is when you come in to fight your speeding ticket, they will reduce the speeding ticket to a parking ticket and make you pay double the fine. Hmmmm, now you see how Coburg PD can afford the nice BMW...

I was lying in bed last weekend watching the Channel 2 news and they had the usual traffic on the holiday story on. What made this one different was that the CHP in Oakland are using LIDAR now. The story showed speed enforcement with the LIDAR, the bike cop getting the speeder on the LIDAR and then the car cops running down the errant driver and giving the ticket. The same as they do with the airplane. So, faithful readers, be careful while driving on the freeway in Oakland.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sundial Bridge

Here's a shot of the Sundial Bridge. You can see the sundial at the end of the bridge.

Sandra and Mallory

A nice pic of Sandra and Mallory on the Sundial Bridge.

Sandra and I

Not a bad shot of Sandra and I. We're standing on the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA, overlooking the Sacramento River.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Mallory and Sandra are on the pathway. We got to climb the 100+ steps to the top of the lighthouse.

Covered Bridge

This is in Lane County, Oregon. About 5 miles east of I-5, south of Eugene. Locals were swimming under the bridge. Out of the covered bridge tour of Lane County, you could only drive across one of them.

Sandra and I

This is the best of the bunch for Sandra and I. We took a bunch of unflattering pics that got deleted. One plus for digital photography.

Waterfall Pic

Sandra and Mallory at one of the many waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge.

Bonneville Dam

Sandra and Mallory at Bonneville Dam in the powerhouse.

Mallory at Seal Lion Caves

Here's a good shot of Mallory. The elevator to the caves is down below.

Crown Point

Looking west down the Columbia River towards Portland.

Crown Point

This is a view looking east from Crown Point up the Columbia River. The freeway below is I-84.

Sandy Beach again

Sandy Beach overlooking the Sacramento River

Sandy Beach

Here's a shot of the rest of Sandy Beach campground. The sites are really big and there is some shade.

Pic at Sandy Beach

Huzzah! I've got picture availability.
Here's a pic of the coach at Sandy Beach with the slides out. The front slide is the living room slide and the rear slide is the bedroom slide. You can also see the white water hose hooked up.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Todd answers the last blog.

Here's a couple things to read that may help explain the items that are referenced ....

Todd emailed me these links. I believe in an opposing view having say on my blog. Hat tip to Todd.

Bibles at Wal Mart

This is a letter to the head of WalMart asking them to stop selling the Bible. Click on the link.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mercury Test Drive

Another Mercury employee test drive!

Sandra and Monday

Sandra told me yesterday that starting in October they're going to work her T-Sa instead of M-F. Her boss told her that Sandra is doing them a favor by working on Saturday. Hell, they're doing her and us a favor by having her work Saturday. This gives us more time together, which when a couple works opposite shifts from each other, becomes more valuable. I see us going camping a lot more. Sandra took a look a a campground guide that I have (we're going to Disneyland at the end of the month for a quick trip to celebrate her birthday) and she noticed a number of private campgrounds that are close by us. (Sugar Barge is a private place while Sandy Beach is a Solano County campground.)
I'm looking forward to Sandra's schedule change.

Upon Edit

If you click on the link in the last post you need to scroll down through the whole month until you get to the right post. There seemed to be a problem, one I didn't see at work. Hat tip to Todd, my helper and gererally good guy for fixing it for me.