Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pete Rose Is A Piece Of Shit

Pete Rose was signing stuff for money at this store at The Forum Shops. Rose is a lying piece of shit who broke the cardnial rule of baseball. He should never, ever be reinstated. He is a pariah.
Mark wrote a letter to the paper in 2002 that sums it up. Here it is.
>>I was astonished to see so many people speak or write in favor of ending Pete Rose's permanent ban from baseball. I couldn't disagree more. Allowing Rose back into the game would set the worst precedent possible. The rule against gambling exists for the purpose of maintaining the game's integrity.It gains all of its strength from its unequivocal language and its indiscriminatory nature. Seeing that players of even the greatest stature(Hal Chase, Joe Jackson and Pete Rose) can be banned from the game for jeopardizing its integrity sends a very clear message to all involved -- nomatter who you are, if you break this rule, you are forever banned from this game. Reinstating Rose would send just the opposite message -- even the most important rules are bendable if you are prominent enough and make enough noise.I am equally astonished to hear so many people say that Rose has "paid his debt." How? What has Pete Rose done to merit reinstatement? Has he admittedhe bet on baseball? No. Has he quit gambling in general? No. Has he stopped associating with cocaine dealers and other felons? No. Well, what has he done? He's done a lot of bitching, whining, grandstanding outside the Hallof Fame, and prostituting himself on the Home Shopping Network. Is that all it takes to pay his debt?Rose's permanent ban should remain in effect. There is no doubt about it.Before any of your scribes tackle the subject of Pete Rose again, they should do their homework. They can start here:
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Sooze said...

I fully agree - how could people be so naive to actually allow themselves to be manipulated by Rose? You hit the nail on the head when saying that reinstating him would ruin the game's integrity.

Pete Rose is pathetic.

Great blog, by the way!