Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today's Bible Lesson

Didn't I post a little bit ago that I thought pot should be legal? Well, according to the infallibility of the Bible, God does too!

Employee Test Drive

We'll hire him!

Charlie Was Here

At least I don't see pieces of my V65 Sabre or pieces of the Comanche County patrol car on the side of the road. Or the wacko we were taking to jail. Charlie and his deer.

I'm Confused

If I understand the faith correctly, aren't all of us going to be judged? Not just the above listed groups? I think the list is forgetting TV evangalists and molesting church leaders.

Snow Globe

Driving home the other day I was listening to Adam Carrola and he mentioned a good concept about people. He said that if you're going to marry someone whose life is in turmiol like when you shake up a snow globe, you need to run! Its the sign of a dysfunctional family. Booze, drugs, yelling and screaming, hitting, sexual abuse, its all part of the shaken snow globe. This advice is only 25 years too late! Like I would have paid attention anyway.

Radio Delay

I forgot to post this, but last week in the Chronicle they mentioned the A's radio broadcasts are on a 17 second delay. What's up with that? The fear of someone saying something into the crowd mike that may get out onto the air. God forbid that ever happened. So now, when you're at the game, you can't listen to the radio broadcast at the same time. Just another reason not to go to the game.

Bud Water

I think this is supposed to be a joke, after all I poached it from College Humor. But, if you think about it, its a hell of an idea for AB to implement. They have the canning factory ready to go anyway, ordering special cans isn't an issue, and when there's a time of crisis (like Katrina) you get to help people with drinking water and get your name out as well.
In the last few years, bottled water has been very popular. I've only seen canned water in one other place. About 30 years ago we took a tour of a small submarine. On the sub they had canned water.

School Bus

I know driving a busload of screaming children can be tough, but Jesus!

Greedy Bastard. Or Just Stupid. Or Both

Here's a story in the Merc about a guy who co-signed a loan on a condo for $2500. I can't imagine my signature being worth that little. This winner signed for people he didn't even know. Never mind the almost $30000 commission the real estate agents made. And, the income on the application was falsified by a front company owned by one of the agents. What a scam! Read the story and just shake your head as to how stupid people can be.
Now, let me tell you a story about a woman I know. (Sorry, that's a line from Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC)
Anyway, I know of a gal who works at the county hospital as a LVN. As you can figure, people who aren't all that well off and/or don't have insurance end up at the county. She hears some gal's sob story about not qualifying for a loan for a car, so for some ungodly reason, she decides to co-sign for this gal she doesn't even know. That's pretty damn smart.
Of course, you know what happens. The gal doesn't make the payments on time or in full. The lienholder starts calling this gal I know and she's all upset. "Why are they calling me" she cries. Well, gee, let's see. You co-sign for a loan on a car for someone you don't know. They move and don't tell you. Of course the bank comes after you, after all its your loan.
The gal tells me that "they told her that her name would come off the loan in two years (of a 5 year loan)" WTF? And, you believe that stupid shit?
This goes on for a couple of years. Finally, to get this over with (to my recollection) the gal just pays off the loan, giving the truck to the other gal. The gal I know even went so far as to call the bank to try and get them to repo the car. They just laughed and told her that she would take the credit hit. It was easier to rack up the late charges and damage the gal's credit rating. Oh, and the gal wasn't even one of the registered owners, to my recollection.
How do I know all of this? Well, lets just say that judgement is a funny thing, and some mistakes you never stop paying for. And no, it wasn't me who co-signed the loan. I'm not that stupid.

Friday, April 27, 2007

What A Scam

Stardust has a link to a story about a guy who got out of jail because he could recite part of the Bible. Oh, and he claimed to be a church goer. I guess the part about "thou shall not steal" was taught when he was out having a smoke.

I Have Issues

Over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, they're talking about cartoon characters that they find attractive. Actually, they use a bit blunter language than that. The link is here if you can resist getting your panites in a crunch. What's worse is that I voted for Lois Griffin, pictured above. Things must be slow over at KSK, as its a football blog and it is the off season.

Temple Whore

This blog is one that I cruise by on occasion as well, one of the many Athiest sites I frequent. The blogger explains her name here with a Wiki link, so don't get your panties all in a wrinkle. She links to a pretty funny comic here. Don't click on it if you have issues with nudity, sex, comic book sex, God, and/or you don't have a sense of humor. Oh, and if you're a prude, just skip it. In fact, if my blog upsets you in general, there's a million other places on the web to go, don't hesitate. If you do have a sense of humor, have at it.

Thanks Tone

I saw today on Tone's site (here) that she blogrolled me. I've noticed Tone has come by a time or two which always makes me happy that people find this stop on the Internet highway worthwhile. This makes a whole three sites I'm blogrolled on, whoo hoo! Hell, better than nothing!

Adam Melhuse

Melhuse was the backup catcher for the A's. He's had the job for the past couple of years. He doesn't get much playing time because of the facination with Jason Kendall as the primary catcher. For some reason, Ken (Piece of Shit) Macha couldn't find a spot in the line up at DH or first base for a guy who hits when he's in the lineup.
Bob Geren doesn't seem to be any more on the ball. He sent Melhuse to the Rivercats yesterday. Now, Piazza is the back up catcher. Basically, we don't have a back up catcher. If Piazza comes in to catch, we've lost the DH.
Not only that, Melhuse won't get much playing time in Sacramento because the A's are grooming Kurt Suzuki to take over for Kendall. Melhuse is pretty much screwed. He's not the second coming of Johnny Bench, but he deserves better than this.

Speaking Of Pot

Let me tell you a little story. In 2000 I was on workers comp for a shoulder injury that I had surgery on. It took 9 months for the process to finish, 9 of the greatest months of my life. I went to 118 college and pro baseball games in 5 states and one province. (this in itself is another story)
Anyway, the sad part was I was not healed up in time to golf in the Daddy Longball tournament, which is in October. OK, I'm one of the hosts so I still go. Come Sunday morning I'm at Joint Venture, the Valencia/Reardon "cabin" that is the base of operations for the weekend. I'm sitting at the table reading the Gazette/Journal and eating these big delicious cookies that Earl had brought.
I'm thinking nothing of it as I plow through 8 of them, with milk. Josh walks by and sees me eating Earl's cookies. "Holy Shit Dad, how many of Earl's cookies have you eaten?" I figure he's busting my chops about being a cookie hog so I tell him to go to hell. He yells out, "Hey, Dad's eating Earl's cookies!"
This gets the attention of the others in the house. Earl comes over real quietly and asks me how many cookies I've eaten. I tell him "eight" and he just bursts out laughing. He tells me I'm not driving to the golf course today. I'm pretty dense sometimes and I'm still not getting it. Finally, Earl tells me the cookies are, well, "special" cookies. Oh.
Earl steeped pot in the butter, then used the butter in the cookie mix. He told me he used a double amount of pot for extra kick. I'm a pretty big guy, but I have no tolerance for anything. One beer is plenty for me to catch a buzz. I'm a cheap date.
About 20 mintues later the cookies hit the blood stream. Yep, there's no denying it, I'm high as a kite. This was the first time I'd ingested pot, and the high wasn't the same as when you smoke it. It was more of an all over the body high. To be honest, it was tremendous.
They pile me in Earl's car and we head out to the course. Josh is just besides himself, seeing me so very high. Once we got to the course, word spread amongst the 50 golfers we had and everyone wanted to see me high. I don't smoke, I drink about 6 beers a year and I don't do drugs. So, when people found out I was high, they all wanted to see.
On top of this, my boss plays in the tourmanent as well. So, just as he drove up, my nose exploded in a bloody mess. So, I'm high with blood spurting out of my nose. Way to go, Joe!
I get the nose issue dealt with and take my new $650 digital camera with me out on the course. (it was a 1.5 megapixel Sony, a really good camera at the time) Like an idiot, I put it on the seat of the golf cart and drive off. I hit a bump and the camera takes a header right out of the cart and bounces down the paved cart path. What an idiot! Fortunately, there's only a few scratches and the camera works fine.
I end up driving the wrong way down the path. What I need is to lie down, but I'm one of the hosts and I've got to do my hosting duties. At one of the holes some of the guys make me pose for a picture, high with blood all down my shirt. What a mess. (the picture was in my old laptop that got stolen out of the garage)
Finally at the end of the day, I get the fierce migrane. The altitude doesn't help any either. Earl gives me a Soma, which is a muscle relaxant. I promptly pass out on the way back to the cabin. I vaguely remember Phil coming by to see if I wanted to go eat, but I wasn't going anywhere.
Funny, the next morning I feel great! I bound out of bed and head directly to the Red Hut for a big breakfast. Though I've not eaten one of Earl's cookies since.

Party Time

I don't think they're growing hemp. I know of someone who had a grow house like this. He told me afterwards, knowing I'd have had a spasm about it. This person (lets call him the Ingrate) and a couple of his friends rented a house for a couple of months and turned the entire house into a grow house for one or two harvests. To his credit, he didn't get greedy and continue in the same place.
I'll add that the Ingrate and one of his friends also spend $250 each for a seminar telling them that growing pot was legal in California, and he could sue the law enforcement officers who came on the land to take the pot and bust him. I asked him about Federal Law and what the seminar hosts said about the Feds. Uh, er, ah, nothing. It was like talking to the Christers at the door, just repeat the same old song and dance. I then told the Ingrate that there was a pending Supreme Court decison about the legality of States overruling the Feds on growing, selling and posessing pot. I told him the Court would rule that Federal law overruled the States, and sure as shit I was right.
Against my better judgement, I'll say here that I think pot should be legal. I think its a waste of millions of dollars to persecute pot users in this ill advised "war on drugs". Meanwhile, Budwieser and Miller have baseball parks named after them. Go figure. I don't know of anyone who got high and went out and beat up people or shot them up or anything else that drunken idiots do. If nothing else, pot should be used as medicine. If you don't think so, wait until someone you love is wasting away from some hideous disease and you're helpless in watching it happen. Its known that pot stimulates the appetite, as well as its pain killing properties. Have I smoked pot? Of course! Do I do it now! Hell, no. I have drug testing in my job and I'm not losing my job over something stupid like this. Did I ride my son's ass over his daily pot smoking! Every day. Does excessive pot smoking kill initiative? Absolutely! I've seen it in my son. (when I saw him, its been over a year since I've heard from him)
Still, the scourage of meth is where our enforcement dollars should be spent. Oh, and from what I've read, pot is still the number one cash crop in this country, surpassing wheat and corn combined. Its about time we legalize it and tax it.

Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is one of the greatest film made to date. There's just no doubt about it. Though I don't think I understand it all, even after reading the Wiki link. Still, eggiewegs and steakywakes just kills me.

This Reminds Me

Its not like anyone is upset when the meter maid gets towed. When I worked at the alarm company, we got to know some of the Oakland cops that we went to calls with. We wouldn't BS with them at their hangouts, but we would BS at the call.
Anyway, we're shooting the shit one night and this parking enforcement guy drives by. The cop spits out his coffee and has nothing to say good about the guy. The cop had parked in a red zone to go into a store and the parking guy gave him a ticket. The cop had to eat shit fot it and he was on a mission for payback. He looked for the guy each and every shift to no avail. This went on for a while, but the cop was not to be denied. One night he caught the parking guy double parked in front of a store getting something inside. The cop got out the ticket book and pencil fucked him (blocking a traffic lane, illegal parking, etc) then had him towed. Isn't payback a bitch! sometimes?

Mercury Tank Driving School

Another prospective employee!

My New Bumper Sticker

Can we be talking about Iraq?

A Raw Deal

This is going to be an expensive purchase when this seller gets pennies on his dollars.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jessica The Beast

OK, you're Jessica Simpson. For some reason, the vast majority of American men think you're hot stuff. So, why do you allow yourself to be photographed wearing whatever it is that you have on? Look at the pants, Jesus, is she 80 or what? And, last time I noticed, she was rather chesty so why does it look like she's stuffing her bra? Horrible.

This Is My House

Yep, if guys at work had thier way. Here's over 200 christmas trees dropped off at this guys house. Here's the blog about my adventures with the Christmas Tree at the Mercury.


I've had this trivia question rattling around in my head for a while. There are three cities in the world that were specifically built to be the capital city of the country of wherever they were built. You've heard of the countries certainly, we're not talking some esoteric place. One hint is that they're on three different continents. Don't Google it, think about it.

Bible Sex Quiz

Here's a quiz from the Landover Baptist Church, my new favorite church. I took the Bible Sex Quiz (here) and got 7 out of 10. Take a look and tell me how you did.

Deal Or No Deal

Here's a post from a KC gal who tried out for Sandra's favorite show, Deal or no Deal. This post is mostly for Sandra. I can't stand the show myself, contrary to Sandra's opinion.

53 Year Old Rookie Cop

Here's a link to a story about a KC Metro guy who is a rookie cop at 53. Unheared of in California, but Charlie had told me he went to the academy with a number of men in their 40's who had retired from the military and were getting into police work. This guy is a hammer.

Greg Is Unhappy

Here's a post from Death's Door. Greg is a KC guy who I found during my travels on the net. In this post Greg is very direct in his feelings about parents who won't be parents to their kids. And, the position of some who want to further censor what's on tv. I've blogrolled Greg, take a look.

Problems With Section 8 Housing

Here's an article out of the CC Times that talks about the number of Antioch Police Department calls that go to Section 8 housing. It really reflects badly on the poor who aren't hoodlums and this isn't a poor bashing post.
I don't have much problem with the government helping out people who need a hand up. But, that's not a hand out and certainly not one for years and years. And, if you're on Section 8, don't scam with having people living with you, selling and using drugs, and all of that other BS.
The rental we sold was Section 8. The gal had a nicer TV than Sandra and I. Her baby daddy lived at the place illegally. When she moved out, she had yet another baby (making 3 babies under the age of 3) and needed a bigger place. All of this on our tax dollars. We found a crack pipe when we cleaned up the pigsty she had left it. Thousands and thousands of dollars of damages. And, what could we do, sue? Sure, we would have won, but how do you collect from someone who has nothing and never will?
And, you wonder why the percentage of APD calls to such places are so high? Its my opinion that renters don't have the same stake in a community as owners do. This isn't a bashing on renters, we've all rented when we started out in life. But if you own the place, you have much more stake in the community than if you can give 30 days and find somewhere else to live.
As soon as this kind of transient housing takes root, you've got a neighboorhood going downhill. This is due to the small minority of people who are taking advantage of the welfare system and ruining it for those who are looking for a hand up.
I blogged here a while ago about how to solve this problem, it makes me out to be such a hard ass. So be it.

Spank Them Now. God Says So

Here's a front page article in the CC Times about a Pastor who implores his flock to spank their children for any transgression, as its God's way. I like this quote: "We guide our lives according to the Bible, not (Children and Family Services)," he said. "We believe (CFS) was wrong." (to take a child from an abusive household) If they truly lived thier lives according to the Bible, we would of course see unruly children stoned to death, as God commands. Oh, and no lobster either. Don't get me started.
Look, I don't have a problem with an occasional swat on the butt. I spanked Josh a few times and he got the message. Just knowing that I would put "The Doctor" to him was almost always enough. By the time he was 4, I didn't have to resort to spanking, he knew better. His mom always beat him, later in his life he told me that my making him stand with his nose in the corner was more punishment than taking a violent beating from his mom. Don't miss this, I was a hard ass dad. It was worth it when we were eating at Porky's when he was about 16 or so. There was a family by us and the kids were out of control with the parents doing nothing about it. Josh wondered what was up with that and at that exact moment I knew I was right. I told him "now you know why I was such a hard ass on your behavior. You never did this shit with me and we could go places without having to worry about you acting up." Point made.
I recall my dad spanking me with a belt once, when I was about 6. I said a word I shouldn't have (that I didn't even know what it meant) and my dad taught me a valuable lesson. (my youngest brother got the same lesson at the same time) One time with the belt was plenty for me. My dad used to make us 4 boys stand in the hallway with our noses on the wall until he deemed it enought punishment. It worked for me.
Actually, my dad had voice control over us. He took a tone and we all knew what that tone meant. It was a matter of respect. One Christmas, Josh was acting up and my dad used the "tone" on Josh. It didn't work on him but it sure as hell worked on me. I leaped up and dragged him into one of the back bedrooms to have his nose in the corner. I couldn't believe I was like Pavlov's Dog as a grown man.


The head of my department, Tom W, is retiring at the end of the month. The night crew put together a feed for him. One of the Viet guys, I think Richard L, went and got the pig. You have to special order such an item, you just can't pick one up at Safeway. I don't know what they do to the pig in the Viet style, but the pig was really tasty and not dry.
The bottom pic is Marlene A and Scott W in the back of the truck with the food.

My Dad's Ducati

I eat with my parents and brother every Thursday. My dad was out riding today with Bob V and Ray V. He made it to my late brother's house in Fremont in time to eat. This is what he sold his Harley to Bob V to buy, a Ducati GT 1000. I hand't seen it before today and I didn't realize that Ducati had "naked" bikes. Most of the sport Ducati's are covered with plastic. My dad really likes this bike, and he told me he's already had it over 100 mph without any issue. I'm sure I'll ride it one day.

I Mow La Russa's Lawn While He's Drunk

Here's a poach from Fire Joe Morgan, which in itself is a great site that all baseball fans should be reading on a regular basis.

>Managers's Jon Heyman lists his top 10. And away we go:
1. Tony La Russa. He put to rest the notion his players tighten up come October with one of the great managing jobs of our time last year. It's no easy thing to make an 83-win team believe it can win. Now he's made me believe. He's an original thinker who's unsurpassed strategically. "I have tried to guess along with him on what moves he'll make next,'' David Eckstein told me in spring training, "and it just can't be done.'' (this is from SI, the FJM comments follow)

If you haven't already, I invite you to read Buzz Bissinger's book 3 Nights in August, about La Russa. The purported aim of the book is to show how brilliant La Russa is as a strategist. The actual accomplishment is to make one feel like one wouldn't trust La Russa to take care of one's cats, much less one's baseball team. It starts with an anecdote about how Albert Pujols has a severe arm injury -- one that allows him to swing a bat but not throw. La Russa wants to play him anyway, to like intimidate the other team (which doesn't know about the injury), so he puts him in left field and tells him to casually underhand the ball to the SS if it gets hit to him. A doctor has told La Russa that Pujols, the most important player on the team by a factor of fifty, is risking severe like career-threatening shit if he throws a baseball. This is a not-super-important game. I mean, what the hell?Avid readers of this blog might remember many months ago when I wrote that I was going to do a lengthy review of this book. I started reading and making notes. By page 80 I had filled ten notebook pages with scribbles and exclamation points and frowny faces, and decided the task was just too big. And before we go talking about how La Russa is a master strategist because his crappy team won the WS after winning 83 games last year, let's all remember that he controlled three of the most disappointing WS teams in recent history -- the 88 A's (104 wins, McGwire/Canseco, 3 16 game winners and Eck, blown out in 5 games by the Dodgers), the '90 A's (who got humiliated by the Reds) and the '04 Cardinals (who won 105 games and got brushed aside like sidewalk trash).

Let me comment that I knew the Reds would kick the A's ass in 1990. In fact, I was so sure of it that I put my money where my mouth was and went to Reno and bet money on the Reds at 2-1. In spite of that overrated asshole Lou Pinella, the Reds were a powerhouse team that embarassed the A's.
As for the 1988 A's, they should have put the beatdown on the Dodgers. To La Russa's eternal credit, he "managed" the A's to the greatest whipping of them all, the glorious sweep of the Shitheads. I was fairly new at the Merc when this happened and I let everyone in the place know I was an East Bay boy and the Giants could bite my left nut.
Still, La Russa is severly overrated.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What A Hammer!

Here's a guy who 10 years ago when he was 90 made a bet with bookies in the UK that he would live to be a hundred. Sure as hell, he lives that long and collects. What a bad ass.

I've Been Here

Ara and Spirit were out on Nevada SH-375 the other day and he blogs about it here. I've been on this stretch of highway a couple of times, most recently with Rich O in 1998. The hamlet of Rachel is on this roadway, and the Little Ale Inn is in town. They even have RV hookups (but no dump) for $12 a night. I think one day Sandra and I will make it out this way, just because. Click on Ara's site and take a look.

Police Trap

I drive the same way into work most every day. I cut off I-680 in Fremont to get to I-880. The plant fronts I-880 in San Jose. Between Fremont and San Jose is Milpitas. From Day 1 at the Merc, we all knew not to speed or drive like an idiot in Milpitas.
I'm driving into work Tuesday night and see the blue sign. Hmmm, that's new. Must be for the morning commute traffic that cuts through the same way I go at night. I don't think much of it. But, as I see today, the sign is put up by the Milpitas PD in the city of Fremont. Hmmmm. Usually, I Hollywood through the above intersection turning right, if its safe. Yesterday, there's a car in front of me also turning right. I get that feeling and turn my head way around to the right. Hiding in the bushes is a Milpitas PD motor unit parked right on the sidewalk in the bottom pic. The hedge hids him from traffic turning right. Goddanm you rat bastards!
Sure as hell, there's another motor unit down the block making someone's day. The street, Dixon Landing Rd, is the border between Fremont and Milpitas, as well as being the county line between Alameda and Santa Clara counties.
What's this world coming to?

Jimmy B

I had blogged about Jimmy B, he's my friend at work who went to Vietnam to meet his future wife. I get to work tonight and I find out Jimmy is in ICU. He got a fierce headache for a couple of days and went into the hospital to find out he's got blood on the brain. A stroke or some kind of hemmorage.
Its not like I need a wake up call to see the doctor about my stutter and why my head has hurt every day for the last three months. I see the doctor on Monday. No messing around with this.

Another Prospective Employee

This has gotta say Mercury on the side.

More Croc

Here's another great pic I poached today about the guy whose arm got taken off by this badass croc. These killing machines scare the hell out of me, no doubt.

Bush's Greatest Vision

Can this be Bush's greatest vision of himself? I think so!

Rude RV'ers

This is what you don't do as an RV'er. This asshat has taken up two pull thru spots so he can put out his slider. He could have taken the spot closest to the curb and still put out his slider. But, that's too polite. This kind of asshattery gives RV'ers a bad name and pisses off the truckers.

Wayne's Estate

My mom has posted a few pics of the auction and property in Spreckles. The link is here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cheating In Baseball

Here's a site I got from Babes Who Love Baseball. Its the Cheater's Guide to Baseball. Its worth a save if you like the game. If you don't, skip right past this to the next post.

Carbon Footprint

I blogged a bit ago about Al Gore's "carbon footprint" and what a scam it was for rich people to feel better about telling the rest of us working schmoes how "green" they are and how we all should do better.
Xavier has a post about Sheryl Crow and how she's joined the Al Gore Hypocrite Brigade. This whole "carbon footprint" and "carbon offsets" are nothing but scams for the rich to feel better about themselves and to show off.
I watch my energy usage, my "carbon footprint" because I'm cheap! I hate paying PG&E anything I don't have to. I nag Sandra and Mallory all the time to turn down the goddamn heat. I drive a 47 mpg car. I ride a 67 mpg scooter. Hurrah for me! Why do I do this? Because I'm a cheap ass. Being "green" comes along with it. Hypocrites like Gore and Crow are shameful millionaires who need to follow the teachings of thier Savior and give it all to the poor. Yeah, right.

For Sandra

Here's a link to Tony, who has nothing but good to say about Sandra's favorite TV show, Deal or no Deal.

Baby and Eeyore

Sandra and I had gone to Target earlier in the day for a stroller and car seat. I saw a Classic Eeyore on sale and no baby can be without her own Eeyore. (I have a couple of Eeyores out and about) Here's the beautiful baby clutching her Eeyore in her sleep. This is after we played with her, took her for a stroller ride, fed her, and put her in the sin bin, Sandra gave her a bath and we wore her out. Then, Sandra took her home all clean with a new diaper and everything. I really love this grandpa stuff. As if you couldn't tell.

More Baby

Various pics of Kyleigh in the playpen, or "sin bin". The third picture shows the baby with a look just like her mom, Nicole. Kyleigh really is a beautiful baby. Nicole is a very pretty woman and Chuck is a good looking guy. I've blogged this before, they're going to make beautiful children together.

With The Baby

We got to watch the baby on Monday, here's a couple of pics with Grandma and Grandpa.

Mortgage Bailout

In Sunday's Chron was a story about the State proposing to spend taxpayer dollars to bailout sub prime borrowers who are in over thier heads. Here's a Monday column that explains what a bad idea this is.
I agree with the writer. Its just too damn bad that these people didn't use due dilligence before being suckered. The Sunday column talks about a couple who make $300 a week buying a $720k house. As if you couldn't realize that was not going to be sustainable. There's greed all the way around, from the lenders out to make a quick buck in boom times to the borrowers who think they can make a big score.
Let it happen. Let there be massive forclosures. Let the marketplace work. Don't spend my tax dollars on helping out gamblers who sevened out.

Even The Cops

Yep, even the cops can't keep it in thier pants. Here's an article out of the Chronicle about the San Mateo County Sheriff and his undersheriff who were caught in a Metro PD sting in Vegas. As if you didn't know it wasn't what you thought it was. Get real.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm Dialing What?

Uh, huh, I'm dialing 999 on a phone that only has 1, 2 and 3? Youbetcha!

I'll Take The Stairs

Taking the escalator to go to the gym. You just gotta love it.

Unitl An Eye Gets Poked Out

You would think this is a no brainer, but I remember this case in the CHP in-house magazine, The Highway Patrolman.
>>Officer George F. Butler
Golden Gate DivisionDecember 8, 1986
Officer George F. Butler, 52, was flying as an observer in a CHP helicopter that was taking aerial photographs of a double traffic fatality on Interstate 80 near Dixon. After finishing the photographs, the helicopter set down a short distance from the accident scene in an open field adjacent to an irrigation canal. Butler exited the left side of the aircraft and proceeded to walk up the edge of the canal's raised berm when he was struck by the helicopter's main rotor and was hurled into the empty irrigation canal. The 21-year veteran of the CHP was killed instantly<<

Now, you talk about screwed. Officer Butler didn't know what hit him. It doesn't say it on the CHP website, but the rotor hit the officer square in the head, decapitating him.

Clayton Is Anti-RV

Earlier in the week the local paper, the Clayon Pioneer, had an article that said the City of Clayton is passing an ordinance prohibiting RV parking on the street without a permit. This is pure and simple horseshit. Here's the letter I wrote the Pioneer and the addendum for the City Council members. Not like I'll hear back from them or anything, but this is pretty sad. There are RV's at Rodies that are nicer than people's houses.
>>Here's the text of a letter I wrote the Clayton Pioneer. >>I'm disappointed to see the Clayton City Council discriminate against RV owners in town. There is a 72hour time limit for parking your vehicle on the street that is already a law. So, nobody in Clayton should b storing thier RV's on the street. If there is an individual problem, the Clayton PD can certainly enforce current law. How big of an issue is this really? I've seen two other RV's in town besided my own, one is stored out of town and one is parked in the owners driveway.I store my RV at Rodies. They close at 7 pm. Once this law passes, I must make sure to get home from any trip in time to unload the RV and get over to Rodies beforethey close. If there's an accident, I get a flat tire,or any one of a hundred issues than can delay a traveler, and I don't get home in time, well, what should I do? I can't park on the street, I can't park in my townhouse complex, I can't take it to Rodies,I'm stuck. And, with one phone call I'm getting a citation.Perhaps allowing a 24 hour grace period would be a better solution. This allows an RV owner to arrive home later in the evening, park overnight, then unload the next day. Common sense instead of blantant discrimination should be the rule of the day.<< Now, let me add that I'm fully disgusted that this ordinance is even being considered. My RV listed for$77000 and I don't see anyone in Clayton complaining about $77000 Lexus', BMW's or Porshe's parking on the street. This is discrimination and reeks of snobbery.Passing this ordinance is embarassing to our city and reinforces the perception that Clayton is a city of snobs. I urge the Council to alter the ordinance to allow 24 hours before the Clayton PD comes out to take money our of RV'ers pockets for parking on the street overnight if they get home late. Actually, I urge the Council to not implement the ordinance at all and tell those snobs who are anti-RV to get a life.<<
Clayton is Snob City. Y'know, it takes money to have an RV. They're not cheap to buy, drive, store, insure and maintain. I'll assure its a pretty chunk of change each and every month. Is it worth it? Hell yes!

What A Scam

It is awfully nice of the Pope to get rid of Limbo. (here) I remember in high school spending a day or two on Islam and weeks on the various Christain faiths. We went over Limbo a couple of times. I so badly wanted to jump up and scream out "bullshit" over and over. Hell, I should have.
I don't recall seeing one thing in the Bible about Limbo. In the Wiki link, more ancient beliefs have a similar concept. Yet another unoriginal part of the Faith, copied from someone else. That, and the Catholics made it up, plain and simple.
It certainly isn't the first thing the Catholics made up. The Pope himself is the biggest scam in the Church. Celibacy, the clothes, Saints Days, Nuns, geez where does it end?
I worked in a Convent for three years and believe me, it was an expierence. Limbo, what a joke.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Lee's Ferry/Navajo Bridge

Lee's Ferry is a famous place in Arizona. This was the only crossing of the Colorado for hundreds of miles. I poached these pics from an RV couple's blog. Wiki has two links here and here. I was here in 1998 with Rich O, on my last big ride on the Gold Wing. (in fact my last week long ride period. I'd love to take a week or two and take the scooter somewhere. Those were the days. But, RVing is a good solution. Camping and towing the scooter is the way to go.)
We had stayed in Utah the night before and headed down US89A (the old highway, before Glen Canyon Dam was built, creating Lake Powell and the city of Page Az.)
We hit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which in itself is worth the hassle to get to it. Then, we headed back to the highway and had decided to make Page our stop for the night. We cruised along and got to Lee's Ferry and the Navajo Bridge.
I don't know why, but I've always like bridges. We rode across the new bridge and I walked the Wing through the stantions and took some pics of the Wing on the old bridge. Hell if I know what happened to them. I did run over two hours of video but the camera had taken a dump and the footage was all no good. The bridges are majestic.
We didn't go down to river level where the ferry was. When Sandra and I retire. we'll have time for that kind of exploring. Lee's Ferry is the put in point for rafting through the Grand Canyon. The "mileage markers" that rafters use to navigate this part of the Colorado all start from Lee's Ferry.
I'll add that the motel we stayed at in Page was one of the biggest dumps I've ever stayed in. Rich is a cheaper ass than I am, and we found the cheapest place in town. For $2 more, we could have stayed in a nicer place. The "motel" was modular trailers put together. We did get to park the bikes literally right in the alley at the front door. I even took viedo of the room it was such a dump.

Construction Pic

Worse Than Porky Pig

Part of my job is to answer the phone. We staff the 24/7/365 contact number for our departments. While I was loading the SMCT the phone rang and I went to answer it. I couldn't get a single sound out of my mouth for a solid 60 seconds. Its called a "block" when a stutterer "locks up" his mouth and freezes up. Not a sound. I tried all the tricks to unblock myself and not a damn thing worked. I ended up just hanging up the phone.
The next time it rang it was one of the Supes who I've had words with and hates my guts. I could barely get out a "yes" and I'm sure I'll hear about it later today.
I've had a harder time for about the last 10 weeks with my speech. It came on like a light switch being turned off and on. I thought today it was getting a bit better, but no such luck.
I'm wondering if I had a stroke, or if this is a precursor to a stroke or some other event.
For those of you who have known me for a while, this could be the most you've ever heard me mention the stutter. I guess for you all it hasn't been an issue. Trust me, for me it has. Its hindered me in so many ways. Its a miracle I was able to meet any gal who could put up with it, much less marry me. I'll admit that I don't have the patience to listen to another stutterer (which makes me a piece of shit) so thanks to you all who read this for putting up with it for as long as you've known me. Beats the hell out of me as for what to do next.

Thursday, April 19, 2007