Saturday, June 30, 2007


We moseyed up US-99W until the road construction, then we jumped on I-5 and rode the 25 minutes to Willows and ate at Black Bear Diner. Here's the Sunshine posing with Mama Bear out in front. We ate and fueled up before heading east on SH-162 and south on SH-45 until we got to Woodland. With Mallory on the back I was getting about 50 mpg.
We got gas and continued on back to Rio Vista. We took SH-84 in West Sac and rode to camp through the Delta and crossed the Sacramento River on the Real Mc Coy Ferry. Somebody on Ryer Island had bought a double wide modular home and it was being transported as we were approaching the ferry landing.
The bottom pic is us back at our Sandy Beach campsite. We rode about 280 miles this day and it was a nice way to spend the day with the Sunshine.
Friday we broke camp and I got the Honda in the garage, the Yamaha in the shop for the 600 mile service, the trailer and RV parked back at Rodies and both cars out in front of the townhouse. All this in time to go to work. Ugh, this work stuff sure gets in the way of living a good life.

Still On SH-16

After passing the casino, we continued on SH-16 riding along Cache Creek. The creek is spanned by a 1920's era concrete bridge in the middle pic. There wasn't a good place to get a side pic of the bridge. On our way out we also crossed another bridge like this over Cache Creek that was all grafittied up. It was a big deal back in the day for a county to invest money for a concrete bridge.
The bottom pic is on SH-16 as the road follows the creek into the hills. We rode on SH-16 until we got to SH-20, then we headed east and rode through pretty countryside until we got to Williams. When I suggested we detour north to Willows and Black Bear Diner, Mallory was all for it.


We headed west out of Rio Vista on SH-12, then north on SH-113 through Dixon and out into rural Yolo county. We rode through Winters (home of the Buckhorn, we ate there for my birthday last year.) and headed north on old US-40N until we got to SH-16 and rode through the pictured downtown of Esparto. We did make a pit stop in Winters.
These towns on SH-16 were all sleepy hamlets until the casino got big. Cache Creek Casino(here) used to be a bingo hall in a portable building back in the day, now it looks like a regular Vegas style casino.

Old Ford For Sale

This scrapper was getting gas in his old Ford when Mallory and I got gas at the start of our day. Notice the fluid on the ground in front of the car. I did point this out to the driver. We spoke a bit and he said the car is for sale if I was interested. Yeah, I really need to buy an old car that leaks. The scooters and RV are plenty of toys for me.
This would be Mallory's first day ride with me. Her summer camp got evacuated in the Tahoe fire and she came out for the rest of our time camping. I told her I'd take her riding and she wanted to go. So, we had a father/daughter day.

Fire In Rio Vista

Coming into Rio Vista from the Real Mc Coy ferry, I saw the RVFD working a grass fire right on the river. I didn't know that the RVPD had a bike. When a town buys a motor unit like this, you know that they're looking to write enough tickets to justify the cost of a bike and an officer to ride it. There's a new part of Rio Vista just to the west of town, about a mile or two. This is the best place to run radar, as the road is SH-12 and very busy. Also very dangerous. I made it to camp after riding about 220 miles for the day.

Heading Back To Camp

From Angels Camp, I took SH-4 to Copperopolis, then turned on Rock Creek Rd. (top pic) This was a patchy road without a lick of traffic. The next two pics are of the scenic town of Milton. There's not much left. I then rode to Valley Springs and headed back towards Rio Vista.

A Triumph Rider

I doubled back to Angels Camp for gas and a soda. This guy was also getting something to drink, the temp was just over 90 degrees. Not too hot to ride, though.
This is a Triumph Truxton. I don't know much about it, it is a bit bigger than my dad's Bonneville. We talked bikes and riding a bit, then another guy came up from the motorcycle shop across the street. That's one thing about riding, sometimes people you don't know will talk to you and you to them. And I'm an unsociable fuck, but I always talk and wave to other riders. Its part of what riding is.


Just a few miles up the hill from Angels Camp is the Gold Rush town of Murphys. I rode up SH-4 a bit and took a look in town. There is quite a few towns like this in the Sierra foothills, or "Gold Rush Country." Murphys has a long downtown that would make a good place to get out and walk a bit. I didn't do this, riding was more on the agenda.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Angels Camp

Yep, Angles Camp (here) is the home of the world famous Frog Jumping event. (here) Downtown is typical of surviving towns of the Gold Rush era. A few of the businesses had pained frogs in front like the top pic with the Majesty. Even the street signs get into the act.

Day 2

The plan was for Mallory to be at camp for the week and my parents to come out for a day or two. My parents had a sewer problem at the house and couldn't come. Their house was built in the mid 1950's and, well, shit happened.
Mallory was at camp in Lake Tahoe and the entire camp was evacuated due to the fire. She got home about 2 in the morning and my parents saw her on TV that a.m.
So, that left me alone for the day and with a new bike. Gee, what else is there to do but ride. I rode up SH-160 and headed east from Walnut Grove. Taking county roads (J-11 I think, I left the map in the coach) got me around Lodi and onto EB SH-88. It was all country road riding to this point and all the way to Jackson.
The top pic is a Gold Rush era building. I can't recall the name of it. CRS is setting in.
The bottom pic is Mokleumne City. These were taken on SH-49 on the way to Angles Camp.

More On The Road

We made our way to West Sacramento on SH-84. I needed a new Rivercats had that fit, so we stopped by Raley Field. $31 for a sized wool hat. The Rivercats have always charged major league money for a minor league team. But, its a nice place to see a game and they've led the minor leagues in attendance for all 7 years they've been in West Sac.
After a bite to eat, we cruised back down the Sacramento and cut over on J-12 to J-8 and headed back to the outskirts of Lodi before heading west on SH-12.
Right at Flag City was this freshly washed Yamaha trailer. Hell, since I'm riding a brand new Yamaha, what a photo op.
We made it to Tower Park (here) and took a look around. The campground is a KOA and they have a pool but no cable tv. The spots are not nearly as spacious as Sandy Beach, and KOA always charges top dollar. So, I don't know if we'll stay here one day or not. If they had cable, maybe. They do have a very busy marina here as well.
Sandra and I rode about 180 miles this day. She got 80 mpg on her tank and I got 40 mpg for the first tank on the Majesty. Every bike I've owned got horrible mileage on the very first tank, due to the motor breaking in.

Out And About

Look at the spelling in the top pic. Shouldn't it be "advised?" Way to go, Caltrans!
The middle pic is your humble blogger on the new Yahama crossing on the J-Mac ferry. (SH-220) Its about time I got a pic on my own blog.
We took the long way around Ryer Island and got on to SH-84 heading north towards Sacramento. The bottom pic is Sandra crossing off Ryer Island on SH-84.

Out For The Day

Sandra and I got up Tuesday and headed out from Sandy Beach. She wanted to take a look at Tower Park, which is a marina and campground on SH-12 about 15 miles from Rio Vista. As you can see from the top pic, there was an accident just before the bridge at Terminous. I didn't feel like sitting in traffic for hours, so we turned around and headed for Isleton.
The middle pic is Sandra posing by the bikes across from the grocery in Isleton. Of course we both had to stop at the loo in town, note the bottom pic. You've seen bikes here before.

Zero Miles

Its hard to see but the odometer has zero miles. I rode it around the circle twice before getting it in the trailer. I put 668 miles on it in three days and took it in for the 600 mile service today.

Sandy Beach

Here's our campsite at Sandy Beach. The pull through spot is big enought for the car, RV, and trailer with a little room to spare. I like camping here, the spaces are pretty big and some of them have trees inbetween the sites so you get a sense of privacy.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Get Outta Dodge

Today is the 18 day I've worked out of the last 19. Suffice it to say I've had enough of the happy homestead for a while. Sandra and I are going to Sandy Beach for a few days of riding the scooters and camping while Mallory is at camp. My mom and/or dad may come out for a day or two as well.
This means I won't be blogging for a few days, though I will have plenty of pics to post when I get back to work. Don't stray too far away, you loyal and faithful readers!

What The Hell?

If this is real, you really gotta wonder.

Sandra's Tag

Sandra decided to pick 9 things about us as a couple instead of herself. She wussed out. Here's the list:

1.We eloped ......we ran off to get married in Reno, no family or friends present, very romantic.....we plan to reaffirm our vows some day just the two of us with Elvis officiating in Las Vegas.
2. The first time we met face to face, we kissed before we conversed...
3.We both planned to retire in our early 50 s. We each had this plan independently before we met.
4. We have both been married 3 times and firmly believe third time is a charm.We definitely know what we want in a partner.
5.We have been to nudist resorts and find it very relaxing.
6. Catalina is our special getaway place.
7.We both like to sleep late and stay up late. Getting up early is a sin........we love to get up at the crack of noon.
8.Our favorite weather is hot hot hot......Nothing is better than palm springs when it is a 110.+. if its under a hundred we are disappointed.
9. We work as hard as we vacation. We have the same work ethic and vacation ethic. .....traveling in the motor home is our favorite past time.

So, there you have it.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

They Are "Real" Motorcycles

Here and here are two good posts by Musings of an Intreped Commuter about scooters. He talks about how people look at them as toys and not "real" motorcycles. I've run into this often. I tell people I ride a scooter and they act like its a toy and not "real". Yeah, I've ridden for 30 years and have had many "real" bikes. Hell, to me they're all real. When you're rolling down the roadway scraping off your skin, does it really matter if the bike is "real" or not?
I don't really care if people think I'm a puss for riding a scooter. I'm happy with mine, and get great enjoyment out of the Refelx, and I'm sure the Majesty as well. But, they are "real" motorcycles.
And, the writer is correct in saying smoothness is the key to riding a scooter. They're much more twichy than a bigger wheeled motorcycle. Its great for darting in and out of turns, but too much ooomph and you're doing the road roll. If you ride the two posts are worth your time.


One of my guys must have hit something and not known, or just not said anything. Beats the hell out of me.

I've Been Tagged

Poodles Rule has tagged me here for 8 Random Things About Me. You may know a few of them just by reading the blog on a regular basis, but here goes.

1) I stutter and always have. I don't know why, it just is.

2) I always wanted to be either a truck driver or a cop. Tried to be a cop, the stutter got in the way of that. So, driving trucks for a newspaper became the job of choice.

3) If I had to choose one favorite book, it would be Bill James' Historical Abstract. The best book on the history of baseball in America. If you like the game, you must have this book.

4) I've never been more embarassed in my life than having to tell people the She Devil was leaving me for the kid's bio dad. 25 years hasn't dulled that a whole lot. I look(ed) like an idiot. What a fool.

5) There's something attractive about almost every gal. Even if she's not blessed with the best looks, there's something. Personality, spark, hair, demeanor, brains, something. I used to work with a gal who admitted she wasn't the best looking fish in the lake. So, she learned to cook, drive a stick, and liked sports. She told funny jokes, could hold a conversation, read the paper and voted. I thought she would have been a catch, but someone else beat me to the punch. For me, its really not about looks, per se. Its the whole package. After all, I'm not much to write home about in the looks department either.

6) I've never, ever believed in God, or gods. From my earliest recollection, I've though it was all stories. Of course I can't prove any of them are wrong, I can't prove them right either. I just don't care. Baseball, motorcycles, camping, the love of a good woman, these are what makes heaven on earth.

7) Hitting a woman is cowardice. No real man ever raises a hand towards a woman.

8) I suffer from depression and take medication for it. There. I've outed myself. I'm mentally ill. It sucks big time. The drugs help and are a lifesaver to me. I've always known there was something wrong upstairs. Hell, there could be more, it wouldn't surprise me knowing what's in my X and Y genetic makeup. This is why I'm glad I've never made a kid. I just couldn't subject someone to this hell.

So, there ya go Poodles Rule. There's your 8 things randomly chosen out of the abyss.

And, I'm tagging Todd, X, Greg Beck and Sandra. Go for it!

A Bit Late

Last Thursday was the anniversary of the Constitution being ratified in 1788. This was the true formation of the Nation as we know it.
And, Happy Belated Solstice. One of the 4 natural holidays. And my birthday makes 5!

Friday, June 22, 2007

This Made Me Laugh

The guy dancing with the snakes just kills me. When I see that shit on tv I always root for the snake to bite one of the idiots.

Picked Them Up

My dad is going to Vancouver BC next month for a Triumph rally, so against my better judgement I put the bike in the new trailer and met him at East Bay Motorsports for a bike exchange. I was afraid I'd bang up his nice bike in the trailer like I've banged up my Relfex.
We met at the shop and the moment of truth came when I opened the back ramp door. Whew. All was well with the Triumph, not a scratch on her.
This is one of the reasons I bought the Suburban in the first place. I wanted something to hold 8 people and tow a little bit.
Once we got the trailer empty, the crew brought out the two bikes and my dad, Bob V and I got them into the trailer without a problem.
There was a slight hitch with the Majesty. There's a recall on them for a faulty fuel pump gasket. I had the choice of leaving it with them for a week or picking it up now and having them fix it when I bring it back for the 600 mile service. I fiugred I'd have 600 miles on it by next week and I'll just bring it back and have both things done at once.
Having the tie downs in the floor makes a big difference. You just can't anchor a bike to the walls, you need to tie them to the floor. The Majesty (what a fem name for a bike) didn't move at all. It occured to me that since I bought a bigger bike than the Reflex that they both might not fit in the new trailer. Once I got the Majesty in, I think that both scooters won't be a problem.
I've got the itch to take the Majesty out right now. If I get up in time on Sunday, I think Sandra and I will ride for a couple of hours before I go back to work.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rating The Blog

DOF and X had their blogs rated and I did too. I guess using "hell" once or thrice does it. I have also used "fat fuck", "fuck", "shit" and "damn" and that didn't get me a more mature rating. Maybe I should name this blog "Flowers and Cute Kittens".

Visit From Baby

The beautiful baby came by for a while today and we got to discuss camping. Her mom and dad took her to Mendocino County over the weekend and they camped in a cabin at the KOA in Manchester. That's where Sandra and I took our first weekend in the RV.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Asking For It

I poached this from Scooterscoop. Yeah, its getting to be summer time and a jacket and pants is hot and all. Still, road rash hurts and I can speak from past practice on that. Even a low speed get off is going to really hurt. No real shirt, short pants and no shoes. Just asking for it.

A Good Looking Woman

These pics of Halle Berry were in Esquire. The last time I spent a couple of days in the RV, I bought the issue with these pics. For as beautiful as she is, she's got the same problem so many of us have in picking the wrong partner. It took me three times, I think she's been married twice and has sworn it off.
The third pic was in the NY Post on Page 6. I sure miss the Post, I can't wait to get it in Vegas when we go in August.

"The Last Picture Taken"

right before the bull fucks you up.