Friday, August 31, 2007


Killboy is a site I came across that takes a lot of bike pics for sale and posting. Here's an old school Triumph TR-6. I've always liked these though I've never driven one before. My brother, Randy, had restored one from the frame up and lost it in a fire. Danm shame.

Read Your Bible

If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son ... Then shall his father and his mother ... bring him out unto the elders of his city ... And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die.-- Deuteronomy 21:18-21 (AV)
From Positive

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Worst Rock Song Ever

Turn The Page by Bob Seger has got to be the most god awful piece of shit that I hear on the radio. What's worse is that someone covered it and I heard that abortion on The Bone while driving into work today. Ugh, supreme piece of shit.

Its Not That Hard To Poop In Peace

Yeah, yeah. Here's the link to this weeks scandal du jour. OK, how hard is it really to go into a stall, drop trou, and do your business. I'm 46 years old and have been pooping in a stall for I'd guess about 42 years. Not once has a man in an adjoining stall violated the sacredness of the wall of separation. Not once. I guess I'm not that attractive to gay men.
Nor have I violated the sacred wall of separation. Usually the stalls are wide enough to not have to stick your feet into the next stall. So, Larry Craig, what's up with this? Can't you poop without violation of the sacred wall? I guess not.
Then, like an idiot, you plead guilty to a lesser charge and hope it goes away. WTF is wrong with you? If you're as innocent as you claim, you should have stood up and fought the charge to the death.
It is hard to believe you're not gay when you're caught trolling for gay sex in a bathroom and then plead guilty to a lesser charge. Just come out with it. You're lying to yourself and that's the worst lie of all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here's a good post from Allison about High Fructose Corn Syrup. This shit is bad for you and is in everything damn near that we eat. And, she mentions the ethanol scam that is supposedly going to free us from the Arabs, but in fact is a full employment act for the corn growers of this country. Since so few of us give enough of a shit to pay attention to stuff like this, we, as a country, deserve the screwing we're getting.

Rehab And Jesus

I saw that Mike Vick has "found Jesus". Hell, I didn't know he was lost. Is it me, or do all scallywags that get caught with thier hand in the cookie jar turn to rehab and/or Jesus. What a scam. If I told Sandra something like that, she'd be showing me Jesus with her right fist on my nose.

Its Not My Birthday, But...

I poached this from Sacred Slut. Hell, this applies almost every day.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Planes Mating

Hmmm, so this is how planes are made.

Soon To Be A Member Of My Crew

This is the kind of shit I deal with at work.

I Agree With This, And So Does Todd

I've been ruffling Todd's panties of late, so here's one that he will appreciate. Remember, Gun Control means hitting your target!

Scooter Trike

Here's a Suzuki 400 Burgman trike. This looks way cool. The manufacturer is here. This may be better than a side car to keep one's balance. They didn't have a pic of the Majesty or Reflex, but they do make them for both my scoots. Its gotta weigh a ton. I don't think I'd do this with less than a Honda Siverwing 600.

Breaking The Law

40 on 2 has a good post here about speeding at Tail of the Dragon, which is a road back east. Like Skyline Bl in San Mateo County, its a popular road for sporty cars and riders to partake of. He talks about how we all speed and you have to take your comuppance when you're caught. But, the cops need to be honest and not make up your speed when you putt on by. Its not speed per se, its guys like the bottom pic that pass unsafely over the double yellow that bring on the heat. (this means you, Charlie and Rich)
Of course, if you have blue lights on your car I guess you can cross the double yellow with impunity. (see top pic)
This is one reason I like riding during the week. Sure, you miss the social aspect of talking with a hundred riders at Alice's, but the lack of traffic and police is appealing.

I Love Curvy Women

Infedelius Maxiums has a really good post here about how curvy women are beautiful and that was the standard of female beauty for hundreds of years. IM's post shows a 1959 Playboy Playmate and it may not be safe for work, so look at it at home. All it shows are bare breasts, remember it was 1959.
I love curvy women. I always have. Don't ask me why, it just is.

Doesn't This Remind You Of Someone

I won't say which first ex wife this reminds me of, but I bet you can figure it out.

Stupid People

Why are people so damn stupid? - Watch more free videos

More Juxtaposition

I love stuff like this. I don't have a link for it but a few years ago I tore an article out of the LA Times that said 2 out of 3 Promise Keepers were addicted to porn. I never did get to use that against the She Devil.

Sandra Won't Let Me Have This

About 30 years or so ago my mom got me a pillowcase with Raquel Welch's face on it. One of the better xmas gifts I got as a kid. I loved it and kept it for a while. Somehow it disappeared. I wouldn't have minded a RW pillow like the one above, I may never have gotten married!

Not Quite A Beast

Jessica Simpson looks fairly decent in this very patriotic pic. Usually she looks like a she beast.

Men Are Pigs

The caption I saw for this was "don't make it obvious or anything." I don't think the excuse that men are hard wired for this stuff is going to fly.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Gotta be careful when you're showing off on the freeway pulling wheelies.

Chest Deep In Shit

Here's the Yahoo link to Mike Vick getting suspended from the NFL. One of the things that killed me about this was his supporters claiming it was pure racism for Vick to be in so much trouble, and how innocent he was. Well, it looks like he's chest deep in this shit, though his confession hedges around a lot of it. and, his three co conspirators were black as well. Racism? Nope, I don't see it.
This doesn't get him off the hook, the State of Virginia could go after him for more dogfighting charges as well.
I think Vick is an idiot and deserves the prison time he's going to get. To throw away tens of millions of dollars for ghetto shit like dogfighting is just plain ignorant. Sometimes, justice is served.

More Tattoo Issues

A couple of pics of people with more issues than I do

Needed In Jackpot

I guess Catcus Pete's needed a sign like this for the pool.

What An Idiot

OK, you're a Federal Police Officer. You work at a beautiful military base in Central California. You're 56 years old and cruising to a government pension. So, what do yo do? You illegally kill a couple of elk and then leave them to rot when you're spooked by Fish and Game.
Here's the link to the Monterey Hearld story. This winner is getting 20 days in the can. All for stupid shit.
I wanted to be a cop for a long time and part of me still does. So, here's a guy who is doing what I've always wanted to do and he acts all stupid like this for a couple of goddamn elk.
Also, Charlie and Katy were offered jobs at Hunter Liggett, where this guy worked. So, guys, this is the quality of officer you would have been working with. You're better off in Kansas.

The Best Speed Limit Sign Ever

Here's a speed limit for Rich, Charlie and I.

The Crazyest Rider I've Met

Here's Rich O with his Buell. Another supermoto. Supermotos seem to be the bike of style these days. He told me he never thought he would have a Harley powered bike, but here ya go.
I've blogged about Rich in the past. Rich, Charlie and I have gone dual sport riding back in the day. I've seen Rich do some crazy shit on the bikes. He's always had fast bikes and has ridden them very fast. I seem to recall he got two tickets in the same stretch of SH-120 one Sunday afternoon, I guess one wasn't enough of an attention getter. Rich has great physical abilites in the dirt. He's able to stop his Yamaha XT-600 by mashing the front brake and lifting the rear tire way up off the ground. This is called a "stoppie" it seems to me.
I think getting married and having a baby has settled him down a touch. I miss riding with these guys. You never knew what you would see next.
Oh, and when we went dual sporting, Rich was as armed as Charlie. Yep, we packed the heat when we were way off in the desert. Even did a little target shooting as well, exercising our Second Amendment rights. I miss that as well.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Memmmmories, Like The Corner Of My Mind.

Yeah, I thought my first wife was only mine but little did I know she was everyone's pal. Thanks to Michelle, who I poached this from. No, I didn't get VD from #1, but I sure could have. Boy, isn't hindsight 20-20?

Poached From Xavier

Thanks, X, this kills me and is so true.

Tom Brady's Baby

This made me laugh over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. I've gotta warn you that its pretty direct and if you have a clenched ass and no sense of humor, well, go to the "Puppies and Kitties" blog.

The Good Mother Theresa

Reed has a good post here about what a scammer Mother Theresa was. Here's the gist of it.

>>The simple facts:
Mother Teresa was a hypocrite.
She ordered the Catholics in Ireland to vote against the repealing of an anti-divorce law in that country.
Within a year she was quoted in Ladies Home Journal, condoning the divorce of Princess Diana, solely because they were unhappy.

She used her reputation to get Charles Keating, a rich, right-winging Catholic, out of trouble in a LA court. This same man gave her $1.25mil and use of his private jet. The LA judge demanded she return the donation because the money was the product of theft and embezzlement. She never did.

She travelled to places like Albania and Haiti in the height of their most oppressive regimes to praise the brutal dictators of those countries and take money (stolen from the poor of those countries) with her back to India to "help the Indian poor."
That money was rarely used to help anyone. She merely built nunneries with special wings off of the side to house the sick and dying. Instead of being cured of anything, they were merely forced to lie on cots and suffer so that Teresa and her nuns could feel inspired by their pain.
When people were treated medically in such places, they were given no anaesthesia and no medicine to dull pain. The nuns administered a few vaccines supplied to them for free with metal syringes that they reused after running them under a cold tap.

She saw her dirty and over-stuffed orphanages full of starving children as a success story. Not as a success in keeping homeless children off of the street, but as a success in the war on contraception and abortion. Rather than practise safe sex and not have unwanted children, parents in India and other countries where her orphanages operated were urged to abandon their unwanted kids at these putrid buildings where they would most probably die from disease or starvation.<<

Reed cites the link to his post at his post, take a look if you're panties are all crinkled up. You should be reading Reed's blog on a regular basis anyway.

Football For Old People

Here's a link to a story of a 59 year old scrapper who is going to play college football for a year. What a hammer!
I mention this because about 10 years or so ago this thought had crossed my mind as well. I was going to community college in Stockton (San Joaquin Delta College) and one semester was taking a night class. I was walking from the parking lot to the campus when the football team was ending practice. I fell in step next to some of the players and I noticed I was every bit as big as they were. They didn't look to be any more built than I was. Damn, this was an idea.
I worked with a guy who coached with one of the Bay Area community colleges and he told me it was possible. I wanted to talk to one of the coaches about this but every time I went to the football offices there was nobody there.
I was in fairly good shape and could bench almost 300 pounds at this time of life. I could press 100 pound dumbells more than once or twice. I talked about this with my friends and they were all for it.
What held me back was that I was working full time with over an hour commute each way, 5 days a week. My wife (at the time) and I had bought a house and I had a mortgage to pay for. And, I couldn't get my employer to work with me on getting the time off for the games. This was during my rabble rousing period of life and there was no way in hell I was going to get any slack.
Its not like I regret missing out on this, but if it would have worked out for me I would have never regretted it.
Though the guy in the story sold his house and moved to play for his old team. That just wasn't going to happen in my case.

Arrogant Pricks At Work

We have three editions at the paper. The first edition goes out to the furthest reaches of our circulation area, from SF to Pebble Beach to Tracy. I get two products up on the first edition tonight and all is running well. Everyone has shown up to work and the press ran good and I had enough papers. I run to the bathroom and while I'm having a sit I hear on the two way radio I wear that the pressroom is ordering plates for the edition we just ran. Hmmmm, this doesn't make sense.
I also hear the inside supervisor calling for me rather urgently. OK, I'll be there in a minute.
I get back to the dock and Vince (who doesn't really like me and says I'm hard to work with. Yeah, I'm hard to work with when his crew is so incompetent, but that's another story)
tells me that we printed and shipped 17000 bad papers. OK. Then, he tells me I have to recall all the trucks and swap out the product.
Hell, I can't call people out on the road. My guye don't all carry cell phones and there's dead spots on the way to the drops. Some of my guys have been out on the road for over half an hour. So, I tell him that the papers are not retriveable.
This doesn't seem to register. "You need to recall the trucks." "No, that's not possible." "The product is bad, you need to recall the trucks." This is like a chant. Ohmmm Ohmmm, recall the trucks, recall the trucks.
I feel my temper coming up and I tell Vince that I don't get paid enough for this and I'm calling my boss. And, I do. I wake him up and tell him the scoop. He says for Vince to call him and they talk. I guess we won this one because we didn't recall any trucks. 17000 customers got bad product today.
What pisses me off about all of this is the arrogance and lack of respect for what I do. If I say the papers are shipped and not coming back, that should be the end of it. Instead, we wake people up who make the same decision I had already made. Its just the arrogance to think that at the snap of a finger I can make 10 trucks appear back on the dock and change out 17000 papers while running the rest of the second edition and the two presses of contract product. What the hell am I, chopped liver? Maybe its just me, but to arrogantly expect the impossible to happen at the snap of a finger just pisses the shit out of me. There must be an arrogance competition between the press room and Editorial.
Oh, and what was wrong with the papers? The pressroom had swithed the plates for page 4 and 17. So when you turned the page from 3 to 4, you got 3 to 17. Pages 4 and 17 are on the same side of the same sheet of paper.
Mistakes are made by the pressroom. I catch one or two every year when I have time to proof the product. Last year I caught them printing the previous day's comics for the first edition.
But, part of the presspeople's job is to pull papers off the line and inspect the product. It looks like this wasn't done when the proof was taken, nor at any time during the press run.
I'd love to be in the daily production meeting to hear the dayside press people explain thier way out of this one.

People Suck

Sandra met me at Carl's Jr to visit before I left for work. She wanted a soda so I got up and went to the counter to order her one. There was a gal at the counter, kind of off to the side a bit. I stood 4 or 5 feet behind her directly in line with the reigster.
This gal turns around and snidely askes me, "Do you want something?" WTF? Do I Want Something? I told her that I was waiting in line, waiting for her.
She finally got her head out of her ass and ordered. I really wanted to say more, but I eat at this Carl's about twice a week and I don't need to have a problem at one of my usual hangouts. I guess its me, but what a fucking bitch. Fucking People.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love Afire

This is harsh. What's up with angry Russian women? Remind me not to piss off Sandra's BFF, Galina.

Two From Nightmare

I poached these from Nightmare. I like the Hillary nutcracker. The million dollar idea is to put ex wives faces on the nutcracker and sell them custom to angry and bitter men, or at least men with a sense of humor.

A Good Blogger

Infidelis Maximus is a site that another blogger (who I can't remember to give credit to) recommended. He's got a couple of really good posts on spanking kids, Jesus, and spanking your wife. (No, I don't know what's up with the spanking)
The link is here, and its worth a visit. I've blogrolled him to the right.

Breaking The Sound Barrier

I poached this from Stardust. This is a F-18 Hornet just at the point of breaking the sound barrier. Pretty cool stuff. Here's a link to her post.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Raw End Of The Deal

This gal kicked the bucket the hard way. Here's the link. And to think my late brother liked to ride camels. Thanks to Tommy for the link.

Military School

I'm behind the times and all, but I did buy a DVD player for the bedroom yesterday and got through season 3 of the Soprano's. I had to laugh at the scenes with Paulie and Christopher in the snow trying to kill the Russian. When Paulie said "I lost my shoe" I busted a gut.

In the shows at the end of the season, Tony and Carmela consider military school for the fuck up son AJ. Well, guess what? I thought of it for my fuck up son as well. The Ingrate has always had a bright mind, but an enabler of a mother. So, he didn't have to give that much of a shit and I couldn't do it by myself. So, after yet another meeting at the school I looked into a couple of schools. My wife (at the time) was all for it and we were willing to foot half the bill.
Sadly, the She Devil wouldn't have any part of it. She told me, "the rules are different for Josh" and that was that. (Remember, he's not my bio son and I had no legal say over him)
I was in Roswell, NM one time and I ran film at the New Mexico Military Institute. I told everyone who saw the film that "here's where Josh will be shoveling horseshit at 5am" and such witty quips as that. It would have done him a world of good.

20 Years

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of my hire at the paper. About the best non-marriage thing I've done. Certainly in the top three. Having a good job has allowed me to do most everything I've wanted to do. If the pension comes through, so much the better. About 6.5 years left to go.

$30 Million For A Bikini

This is the very yummy Molly Sims sort of wearing a 30 million dollar bikini. The SI link is here. I saw this on Tony's Kansas City.

Another Good Blogger

Atilla the Mom came by and I had forgotten about her blog, so I've put it on the blogroll. I'm sure there's a few more good ones I used to go to before the pc at work went tits up and lost all my saved sites.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not Paying Attention

Isn't Salad Tossing illegal in New York? And, the 10th one free? How much and where's the end of the line?

From The FFRF

“A religion, even if it calls itself the religion of love, must be hard and unloving to those who do not belong to it.”
-- Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, 1921

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Love Shit Like This

Thanks to Xavier ( I think) for this one. Its pretty bad when you can't remember where you poached something good from.

More From The Teapot

I haven't posted a poach from the Teapot in a while. The site has been down the last few days, I wonder if Jebus had a hissy and worked his will on the server.

I Don't Have Issues Like This

OK, I've got a couple of tattoos. And, I've have issues. Nothing you regular readers haven't already figured out, and I've fessed up to this as well.
But, I don't have a tattoo of a huge erect penis shooting ejaculate on my back. Nor do I have a tattoo of the devil playing with himself tattooed on me either. What the hell is up with this? I've posted this before, but its good to see there's people out there with greater issues than I have. Jesus, a big hard dick on the back. You just gotta wonder. "Yes, Mr Tattoo Artist, I want a big erect penis on my back."

Not The First One

This isn't the first billboard I've seen of the strip club and the Jesus club sharing the same pole. I think the term is "juxtaposition" and that's from 10th grade English with that tight ass Mrs Casey.

Topless In Public

This is in Iowa, of all places. In public no less. There's a topless statue in downtown Sacramento as well that I remember getting a picture taken of me copping a feel.


How can this gal even stand up straight?

Worse Job Than Mine

Yep, this is why she went to college. To put her arm up a cow's ass.

RV'ing Is Dangerous, Sometimes

This can be a vacation ruiner.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Closing

The trip went well. We went to the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur and watched the jousting and stuff. We didn't go on the Strip this time, nor did we go Downtown. Sandra and Mallory rented a PWC for a couple of hours on Lake Mead and they had a good time. I'm too big of a puss to go out myself. $65 an hour to throw up doesn't exactly thrill me.

I paid between $2.579 and $3.209 for gas. The cheap gas was in Bakersfield and the expensive gas was in Battle Mountain. I haven't paid less than 2.60 for gas in a long while. Except for the tank of gas that I ran the generator in Elko, I got betwenen 6.31 and 8.97 mpg, with an average of 7.20. It looks to me that towing the trailer cost me about 1 mpg. That may not seem like much, but the difference between 8 and 7 is 12.5%.

What's Missing?

This is the Nevada Landing casino in Jean, which is on I-15 betewen Primm and Vegas. Look closely and tell me what's missing. Hmmmmmmm. Well, I'll tell you. PEOPLE! Yep, there's no people here, no cars, no nothing. How the hell does a casino close? Makes one wonder.

Baseball In Vegas

The three of us took in the Friday night game and I went to the Monday night game. Sacramento was in town agains the 51's. Sacramento is the A's AAA team and Vegas is the Dodgers AAA team. They both play in the Pacific Coast League, which has been around for over 100 years.
The Rivercats won both games I went to, in fact they swept the four game series. The tickets were $9 each and parking was only $3. And, we had pretty good seats. At Monday's game I sat next to a group of about 60 Mormon youth. I didn't have the heart to tell them that Joe Smith stole the Mormon Bible from one of my ancestors. It must have been Mormon night at the ballgame as when the scoreboard announced the groups in attendance, there was at least 10 different wards represented.
Daric Barton is the next A's first baseman and Danny Putnam has decent skills himself. You may see both of these guys in the major leagues within a year or two.

On Top Of The World

Well, not quite the world, but we took the $10.95 ride to the top of the Stratsophere. I don't think its something you do every time you go to Vegas, but you gotta do it once. The 360 degree view is impressive.
Mallory and Sandra rode the three rides they have on the top while I looked around. They have an enclosed viewing area as well as an outside viewing area. The elevator goes 21 mph that takes you to and from the top.

On The Strip

Sunshine and I in front of the Luxor.

Stills From The Mountain

Here's a couple of stills from Mt Charleston.

Video From Mt Charleston

Here's the panoramic view from the scenic view on Mt Charleston. You wouldn't think there would be alpine scenery within an hour from the Strip, but here you have it. It was 25 degrees cooler along the mountain than in the valley.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

White River Narrows

Still on SH-318. This highway is the home of the Silver State Classic. (here) The Classic was the first open road race on a public highway in the nation. Now, there's a few of them. In fact, Kevin (my cuz Judy's husband) is putting together a car to run in a different race from Battle Mountain to Austin. He's got a RX-7 with a Corvette engine and transmission in it.
When I had the Sabre I wanted to run in this race. If I had the RV and trailer like I have now I probably would have given it a crack. Just to be able to ride at 150 mph without fear of a ticket would have been worth it to me.