Friday, September 28, 2007


Here we are after lunch at the taqueria in the strip mall in Santa Cruz on SH-1. There's a lot to take pics of that I'll do when I take this ride with Sandra. We rode up the coast on SH-1 which was very pretty. Then, we took SH-84 east and made our way past Alice's again before continuing on to Woodside and eventually back to SH-92 and home. We were gone about 6 hours and it was a nice leisurely ride with my pops.

Waiting For The Train

Here's the Big Trees train crossing SH-1 in Santa Cruz.


This is what SH-9 looks like in Santa Cruz County. After Alice's, we continued south on SH-35 and then took SH-9 south to Santa Cruz. I tend not to take as many pics with my dad as I do with Sandra or by myself.

Breaking The Law

Of course the long arm of the law had to come by and let us all know to behave ourselves. Here's a couple of San Mateo County Sheriff's looking at the bikes. There was a total of 4 cruisers in the lot. I heard others talk of an bicycle accident close by. I was surprised to not see any CHP out and about, they have periods of heavy enforcement on SH-35 and SH-84.

Making The Scene At Alice's

We got on the freeway after getting gas and headed across the bay on SH-92. My dad had the seat on the Ducati cut down a bit. That and the rear of the tank sits kind of high. So, what this means is that my boys got a bit squished for the duration of the day's ride.
When we paid the toll I cracked the throttle a bit and pulled the front end right up off the ground. Whoo hoo! My dad wasn't kidding when he said the bike had a lot of power. Ducati's are considered a two wheeled Ferarri.
We rode a bit on SH-92 and headed south on SH-35, or Skyline Bl. This is one of the most popular riding roads in the Bay Area. I hadn't been out this way in years, since before I moved to Stockton. I'd say at least 18 years.
Anyway, at the intersection of SH-35 and SH-84 is Alice's Restaraunt. This corner is THE spot to see and be seen. Normally I don't give two shits about stuff like this, but c'mon now, we're talking bikes.
An example of this is the bottom picture, an old school Norton Commander. Look how skinny the tires are on this superbike of the 60's.
By the time we got off the bikes and got our coffee, at least 40 more bikes rode in to the parking lot. The grocery and Alice's is the spot for Bay Area riders.

Sunday Ride With My Dad

Last Sunday my dad and I went out for a couple of hours on the bikes. I rode the Majesty over to his house (the house I grew up in) and after consulting my dad, he offered me the chance to ride his Ducati while he got out the Triumph.
Bob V came by for a minute, he bought my dad's Harley from him. Bob couldn't make it with us today, so it was just my dad and I.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Atheistic Discrimination

There was a small article without link in today's Chronicle that talked about our latest Defender of the Constitution. His name is Spec. Jeremy Hall and he's an MP at Ft Riley, KS. Hall got permission to pass flyers around the base concerning a meeting of non-Christians and Atheists. At the time and place of the meet up, Major Pall Welborne stepped up and put a stop to it, threatening Hall with charges and not allowing him to reenlist.
This was a 4 paragraph article in the middle of the front section of the paper. It seems to me that if the shoe was on the other foot, and Christians were disallowed from meeting, this would have knocked OJ off the front page. It saddens me that Atheists can be dismissed like this, though Hall has filed suit against the Army and Welborne.
The article didn't say if Welborne was a Christian or not. Which is a shame because I would have plenty to comment on if he was. But, I know Todd would call me out to make that assumption, so we'll let that go for now.

Cheaper Than Therapy: Mum's the Word

Cheaper Than Therapy: Mum's the Word
Atilla The Mom has a good post about keeping Mom around long after she's dead. Oh, and probably living on the Social Security as well. Take a look before you eat!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Teams Cheat In The NFL?

Poached from Kissing Suzy Kolber. This kills me but doesn't make up for the "Fucking In The Snow" that the Raiders got a few years ago.

Sammy Sosa

Since I've been off helping Sandra the last few days, I've got to watch the A's and Texas play on tv. Last night, Sammy Sosa hit a 3 run homer to left field. I noticed that he's sure a lot less muscular than when he was hitting 60+ hr's with the Cubs. Hmmmm. I wonder where all his muscles went?

I Like This

I'm a sucker for old Caddy's. One of the guys I used to work with, his son had a Cad convertible like this with the plate "JEZEBEL" which is a hell of a cool name for a car.
When I was going to school at SJDC one semester, there was a 1970 Cad convertible parked near where I parked. I'd drool on it every time I saw it.
At the Riverside Casino in Laughlin is a car museum and they have a 1962 Cad convertible that is restored to new condition. I drool over that one every time I go to Laughlin, which isn't as much as it used to be.

Just In Case

Earlier this week, one of the Kansas City based blog writers that I read, Greg Beck, suddenly passed away. (Death's Door is blogrolled to the right)
Though I never met Greg and only knew him through his writings, I'm saddened about his passing.
He wanted all the gals at the service to wear a red dress and this got me to thinking about the "what if's?"
I've already instructed all of you to have a good long happy life if something happens to me. I'll add to this now.

1) No goddamn black at the service. I want everyone to wear the loudest print (hawaiian or other) shirt that they have.
2) None of this solemn shit. Have a BBQ outside with a live band or something like that. Make it more of a celebration than something so goddamn depressing.

Not like I'm planning an early demise or anything like that, but just in case I don't see the asshole turning left in front of me in time, or something like that.

USA Today Poll

I occasionally pick up USA Today and did so last Wednesday, when Sandra was having her surgery. There was an article on page 2A that talks about a poll taken. This poll says that 55% of Americans polled believe that our Founding Fathers established a Christian Nation with the Constitution. That means that 55% polled failed Civics in school. This sure disappoints me, that so many Americans don't know shit about what our Constitution really says. "Christian Nation," Jesus, what are these people thinking?
58% believe that public school teachers should be able to lead prayer in class, and half believe the Bible should be used as a factual history text.
What the hell is wrong with our country? I'll grant the small sample size of the poll, but still, I'm not surprised that our nation is veering towards a theocracy. Freedom of religion (and from religion) is one of the founding tenets of our nation. To see this high of a percentage of polled Americans not recognize this saddens me. And, it scares me. Will Atheists and Agnostics like me be forced to flee the country one day?

Sandra's Surgery

Sandra came through the surgery with flying colors. I brought her home yesterday and she'll be off work for a while. I'll also be off on FMLA leave for a few weeks, at least until Sandra can drive. Thanks for the kind thoughts.


The Beautiful Baby came by and I got to babysit her for a few hours while Nicole and Sandra got pedicures. She was a good baby and eventually fell asleep on my lap.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Not As Much Posting For Now

Sandra's going in for surgery to remove her female plumbing. Please leave positive feedback for her in the comment section.
I'll be blogging a bit less for a week or two as I take care of her at home. I'll still be here, and reading the blogs of my regular readers, so don't disappear forever.

Who Could This Be?

I think my son was valedictorian of this class. Thanks to Greg for this one.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mercury Tank Driving School

We'll hire him.


Yeah, I'd do this to my sporty car.

I Love The South

This wasn't my prom.

Red Light = Pull The Fuck Over

Here's a link to a story about a low speed police chase. The Harley rider wouldn't pull over so the cop knocked him off the bike with his car and then ran him over, killing him. I guess the lesson here is to pull over and take your ticket.
I have no problem with cops using the PIT move. But to knock a rider off his bike and then running him over, well, that seems to be a bit excessive for a traffic ticket. Of course, why the hell are you fleeing the cops in the first place. Are you drunk? Is your license valid? Are you a fuck up with drugs or on probation and you're fucking up?
Still, a death sentence for crossing the double yellow seems a bit harsh to me.

We Hire Them All

Let's see. You're a new hire. You're on probation. You're on my dock for a week of training. So, instead of pulling carts and learning about what product is what, you sit down and read the paper for 2 and a half hours. Then, you get up off your lazy ass and pull three, count them, three carts before you sit back down and re read the comics for the fifteenth time.

I didn't say a word. This was my integrity test and this guy failed. I've had him for two days and I already know my vote is "no." You cannot teach a work ethic.

What Dress Code?

This was on the t shirt that one of my crew wore into work tonight. And, he wears it when he's out in the field dealing with the public.

From The FFRF

“The God of the Christians is a father who is a great deal more concerned about his apples than he is about his children.”
-- Diderot, French writer, philosopher (1713-1784), Addition aux Pensees philosophiques, c. 1762

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How Many?

Just how many people do we know like this? Thanks to Greg Beck for this one.

Only 12 Days

Thanks to Reed for this one.

Hell Yes Its Me!

Thanks to Bjorn.

Is This Any Different?

Here's a link I got from Poodles. Nepal's state run airline sacrificed a couple of goats to help fix one of thier planes. Go ahead and laugh, but is this type of prayer any different from praying to Jeebus? I think not!

Still Rural

I stopped at the Safeway in Clatyon on the way home Sunday after work. Lo and behold I saw these two horses and riders coming up the parking lot and they rode right to the front. It was about 3 in the morning or so. Clayton sits right at the edge of the urban limit line and there's lots big enough for horses. First time I've seen them in the middle of the night, however. I got to pet them and take a pic. I didn't use the flash as I didn't want to spook them. Real live horses. At the Safeway. Who'de of thunk it.

Never Too Far Away

After Angels Camp, we continued on SH-49 and ate in Jackson. We then got on SH-88 and headed west. The CHP was running radar and as we rode by we saw him take off and make a u turn to come after someone. Well, it wasn't us, it was the guy right in front of us.
After that, we took a county road off of 88 and made our way through the vineyards of San Joaquin County. The road ended up in Walnut Grove and we rode down the Sacramento River and made it home. Of course we had to stop at the bathroom in Isleton, though we only sat on the picnic bench for a while instead of our usual bathroom visit.
We ended up riding about 220 miles for the day and we were ready for a cool shower and climing into the comfy bed afterwards.
Its always a good ride when you make it home with undamaged bikes and bodies and no tickets.

Cantalinni Wants His Hand Back

Continuing north on SH-49, we stopped for a soda in Angles Camp. There were a few riders getting sodas there. Two guys and a gal were on BMW's and they snubbed us. I'm used to Billy Bad Ass Harley Image Riders snubbing me, but I've not been snubbed by BMW riders before. I guess we just weren't good enough to say "hello" to. The gal said hello but the guys were too full of themselves.
The other rider was on a Honda. He had this hand on the back of the bike. This shit kills me. It remined me of the line from Mad Max, the line that makes up the title of this post.

Scenery on SH-49

Here's a couple of shots of lakes that SH-49 goes by. You can't see it in the middle picture, but there's a boat ramp next to the far side of the bridge. When I was taking these pics, Sandra make an exectutive decision that we were going swimming at the boat ramp. So, we recrossed the bridge and rode to the boat ramp, changed into our swimsuits in front of God and everyone and took a nice dip in the lake. Sandra had to nag me to do it, but I'm glad she did. It was refreshing.
There were two guys on KZ's who also pulled off for a dip in the lake and they were from San Jose. They had nothing good to say about the declining quality of the Mercury. Hell, I can't disagree with them.


We took SH-49 north out of Coulterville. Here's a nice curvy spot of the highway.

Jeffery Hotel

In Coulterville.

Nice Ferrari

This guy was parked a few spots down from us in Coulterville, in front of the Jeffery Hotel. I appreciate the mechanical side of a car like this, but I've always liked bikes more than cars. I like the luxury cars much more than the sports cars. An old friend of mine had a Corvette and she took me for a ride. I was so unimpressed, the ride jarred my kidneys all to hell. And with radar being used almost everywhere anymore, you can't really drive a car like this as its meant to. Its the same with bikes, that's why I ride a scooter. I can crank the throttle to the stops as much as I want and not risk a big ticket.

Old Train

I need to shave. Look at the gray in my face, Geez, I'm old. What's even sadder is that the carpet matches the curtains.


At the intersection of SH-132 and SH-49 is Coulterville. The top pic shows some riders, one on a BMW, one a Harley and one on an Indian. The BMW had street tires on it, the rider mentioned how hard it was to find guys to go dual sporting with. I felt for him.
The bottom pic is downtown Coulterville.

Merced Falls Rd

I've not been out this way before, so it was all new roads to me. We found Merced Falls Rd and took it to SH-132. It was a nice road that went through some gently rolling hills. It was nice enough to pick up some speed and really ride for a little bit. Here's Sandra tearing up the roadway.

Downtown Snelling

We got up and it was already warm. Denny's was packed so we ate at Mc Donalds for our morning repast. We took SH-59 out of town and rode to Snelling. The bottom pic shows all the Billy Bad Asses in the bar. Sandra mentioned that we should have ridden over to pose for pics with all the image riders. Admittedly, the thought crossed my mind as well. There's not even a Wiki entry for Snelling. This is were SH-59 ends.

Old Bridge

We found River Rd and took it for a while. Here's the 1910 bridge over the Merced River. I think this is a local hangout as I heard music coming from under the bridge and there were a few cars parked close by.
River Rd went on for a while and we hooked up on another marked county road ( I don't have my map handy here at work) and headed east until we got to SH-99. We snuck Sandra on the freeway for a short spell and took the frontage road to Merced, where we got the last non smoking room at the Motel 6. (I'm such a big spender)
We took a cooling dip in the pool, ate a bit and read the paper before lying down. Sandra was almost as tired as I was, beats the hell out of me why we were so worn out. Riding in the heat tends to wear one out as well. Both Sandra and I love to ride, but the heat can take it out of you.

Las Palmas Rd

Last time we rode through Patterson, we headed west out of downtown. This time we took one of the county roads east and Las Palmas Rd is palm lined for few miles. I had to stop and take a picture as Sandra is wondering why we're stopping in the middle of the road on a hundred degree day.

Beautiful Downtown Westley

We made our way from the end of Morgan Territory Rd through Livermore and the Altamont Pass. Winding our way on rural roads in San Joaquin County, we found ourselves on SH-33 and stopped in the hamlet of Westley for a soda. It was almost 100 degrees by this time of the day.
Westley also has some business on I-5 about 3 miles away from the grocery and post office.

Morgan Territory Rd

This rural road is within minutes of the house. The first part of the road heading south is two lanes with ranchettes. Then, the road turns to a one lane goat trail like the two top pics. The middle pic shows the trees making a nice canopy over the roadway.
Once the road crosses over the small pass, the topography changes and the road gets a bit smoother. The trees change into open grassland. You can't ride too fast on this road, as it is easy to have an unpleasant meeting with oncoming traffic on this one lane road. Still, Morgan Territory Rd is a nice way to start or finish a ride.

Getting Ready

The plan was to get out of bed about 10 or so, but I couldn't drag my sorry ass out of bed before 12. So, we got a later start than I had wanted. Here's Sandra after we rolled the trusty steeds out of the garage. It was already hot.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Saturday, September 01, 2007

This Is Why I Don't Have Plates

>>Colorado: Gardening Truck Accused of Speeding 102 MPH Over Limit
Fort Collins, Colorado photo radar unit accuses a landscaping truck of driving an impossible speed.
A speed camera in Fort Collins, Colorado accused a truck belonging to Earthpower Landscaping of barreling down a local road at 132 MPH. According to citation records placed online by the Coloradoan newspaper, a ticket camera photographed a GM pickup truck at 4:07pm on May 9 and accused it of violating the 30 MPH speed limit at 1400 West Vine by 102 MPH.
Such speeds are unlikely in a commercial work vehicle. Even one of GM's most powerful trucks, the $45,000 GMC Sierra Denali, is limited to a top speed of just 99 MPH.The city did not pursue the $300 ticket and six license demerit points against the truck's owner.
Fort Collins Police Sergeant Mike Trombley told the Coloradoan that it was probably an error, but he refused to say how many more innocent motorists were wrongly accused. In the past twenty months, the system has issued more than $540,000 worth of tickets with Redflex, the Australian company that operates the program, pocketing $181,000.Source: Citys photo-radar system keeps speeders in check (The Coloradoan, 8/26/2007)

Again, its not about traffic safety or anything like that, its all about the Benjamins. And you wonder why I left the plates off my car for so long.

More Scam

Here's a guy in Britian who got popped for warning motorists about an impending speed trap. So, as in America, its not about traffic safety or anything like that. Its about enhancing revenue for the government. I wish they would scratch my balls a little when they had thier hands so deep in my pocket extracting more of my hard earned money.

More Toll Roads

Here's a link to a story about Pennsylvania wanting to charge each motorist who crosses the state on I-80 a $25 toll. Mind you the freeway has already been built and paid for. I think I read at this site that its agains Federal law to make an already paid for road a toll road.
Y'know, if its not the toll roads its the rise in fines for simple traffic infractions. I guess we don't pay quite enough in taxes to keep our government happy. I feel the mordida digging deeper and deeper into my pocket.
And, here's Texas wanting to make interstate freeways toll roads. What the hell is this world coming to. Thanks to 40 on 2 for this info.

Opinion On Reagan

Infidelis Maximus has a good post here expressing his view of Ronald Regan. I didn't vote for him and some of the quotes in the post don't make Ol' Ronnie shine that brightly. One thing about him that I don't think is all that well known is that he was a Union Leader. Yep. Regan led the Screen Actor's Guild. Here's the wiki.
I did agree with his firing of the air traffic controllers. They were not allowed to strike and they did. Reagan had no real choice in the matter. I worked with a couple of guys fired and they told me that they were assured by thier union leaders that Reagan would never, ever fire them and they were all safe and would win. This is a case of playing a bad hand of cards waaaaaay too long into the hand.
Here's three quotes just on civil rights.
“If an individual wants to discriminate against Negroes or others in selling or renting his house, he has a right to do so.” (in 1966 while running for governor of California)
“I would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”
“[The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is] humiliating to the South.”<< (note that there's no supporting links to these in IM's post)
Take a look if you're so inclined.

Knock Knock

Who'se there?

Silly Constitution

I've said on the blog before that I'm usually a strong supporter of the police. However, asset forfeiture is something I don't go along with. The Constitution is pretty strong in the 4th Amendment about search and seizure.
Its not seizing the assets that I disagree with per se, its the lack of due process. Law Enforcement goes after this in civil court, where the defendent has to prove his assets were legally gotten instead of the police having to prove they weren't. What happened to "innocent before being PROVEN guilty?"
This type of seizure can cloud a PD's mission. They shouldn't be out looking for assets to seize, there's a lot more to it than that.
Don't get me wrong. I don't think criminals should profit from criminal enterprizes, but due process is such a fundamental part of our country that it shouldn't be set aside in a lust to drive Cadillac Escalades that used to be owned by drug dealers.

Pot Is So Cool

And there's a reason you're on the wrong side of the glass? Hmmmmm.