Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Summer Trip

I went to the Las Vegas 51's site (here) and it turns out that the only 4 days they'll be home in the middle of two long road trips is the weekend we're planning to hang out at the Oasis. (click on the link and you'll see what an RV Resort is like and why we've gone every year we've had the RV. They do a hell of a job there.)
And, they're playing Sacramento, who is the AAA affilitate of my beloved A's. So, its A's farmhands vs. Dodger farmhands. The Sunday game is a 12:05 start, I'm not sure who'se bright idea that was, to start a ballgame in the middle of the blazing August heat.
One year I went to a Father's Day game in Vegas, in June. And it was already hot. They didn't draw very well on a day that they should have. I'll grant that the guilt over Father's Day isn't nearly the guilt over Mother's Day, but still. (I'll add here that I've never bought into the whole guilt bullshit about how you can make up to your parents on one day of the year. Every day of the year should be special to your parents, if you're lucky enought to have good parents like I do. I've never like those two days anyway. What if you don't have good parents, your're on the outs with your parents, you never ever speak to your parents ( a recent topic on or your parents are dead. How happy of a day can it be?)
I may even stay over one more day just so I can go to the Monday night game while Sandra and Mallory head home on the Monday. I've even got two Sacramento jerseys, it may be a bit too hot to wear polyester in Vegas in August. Besides, at least right now, I don't think they fit because I'm such a fat ass.
Oh, what about the rest of the trip? I think we'll start on the Sunday and make it to Reno. Funny how it works out that the Silver Sox are finishing up a home stand against Fullerton, so I guess we'll tough it out and make our way to Peccole Park and take in the game.
Monday I think we'll make the drive across the desert to Elko, where my cousin Judy lives with her family. I haven't seen her since our grandfather died about 15 years ago. We'll dry camp in her driveway as we take a couple of days and look around Elko. I want to take Sandra and Mallory to Lamoille Canyon. And, we'll eat at the Star, which is a Basque place in town. They serve food in the traditional style, family style at long tables. I went there with Josh a couple of lives ago and tried a Picon Punch. Its the national cocktail and it tastes nasty. Here's a couple of reviews about the Star.
Then, we'll go to Jackpot and stay at Catcus Pete's for a couple of days. The RV park is a great value and they have a nice pool area next to the hotel. Of course there's a casino, but Sandra assures me she's done with the slot machines.
Next we'll go to Ely and ride the Northern Nevada Railway. They have two rides, one East of town and one North of town. We'll try and take them both in. Also, we'll go to Lehman Caves which is in Baker, NV, about an hour from Ely.
Finally, we'll head to Vegas for a long weekend. Both Sandra and Mallory want to cook in the August heat by the pool. I'm good with it. Baseball, camping, resort, sightseeing, what a plan!

Its Really A Place

Tracy sent me this. I Googled it myself and its a real place in Austria. Its pronounced "Fooking".
Here's the Wiki link. Snopes, the noted internet bullshit detector, has a link here. Gee. do you wonder why the town sign keeps on getting stolen?

Go Granny Go

I'm sure she reads it for the literary value!


The General Lee

Here's the scooter version of the General Lee, the car the Dukes drive in Hazzard County.


One of my guys got picked up for drunk driving. (no, not on the clock) The laws here in California have changed concerning drunk driving and your CDL (that's Commercial Drivers License) Now, if you get caught, you lose your CDL for 6 months minimum. Your licnese reverts to a restricted Class C. Unless your employer has other work for you, you're out of a job for 6 months. In no way do I condone drunk driving, but to lose your livelyhood for at least 6 months for what is not even a felony, well, that's an awfully steep price to pay. In what other industry is this allowed? Nevermind trying to get another driving job after you get your CDL back, who will hire you with this on your record? And, your personal insurance skyrockets and lawyers, etc. What a mess. Another reason not to drink at all.

Hollywood Hypocrites

Here's a post titled "John Travolta is an Asshole." Well, he is a crazy Scientology guy. His career was in the toilet and he was out of Hollywood until "Look Who'se Talking". But, that's not why he's an asshole. When you read the link you'll see he's all concerned about global warming but he flies in his private jets. That's "jets" plural, meaning more than one.
Seems to me that noted Person Concerned About Global Warming Al Gore (I'll say here that Sandra's related to the Gore family on her dad's side) has used the "carbon footprint" scam and his millions by buying "carbon credits" from companies. Like that's the OK to pollute multiple times more than the average American if you have more money than most everyone else. What a bunch of shit.

Its Time

Driving to work both yesterday and today, I heard baseball on the radio. The most magical time of the year is here again. Opening Day is Monday, and my beloved A's travel to Seattle. I haven't blogged at all about Spring Training, but the real time is here.
Predictions? I don't quite know about the A's. They already have some injury issues and the season hasn't even stared yet. I think they'll win the division and win at least 90 games. My expectations are for getting to and winning the World Series.
The A's radio guys were talking about the overrated shithole the Giants play in. I think this week its called "Telecommunication Company of the Month Park" or some such nonsense. They were saying that the builders had time for a trophy case, but not a shower in the manager's office. Then, Fosse said that they really didn't need a trophy case as there's nothing to put in it. Ouch! Doesn't the truth hurt?
As for the Giants? Another season under .500 and the Chronicle and KNBR crying about why their old, talentless team can't win. And, the player who used to be Barry Zito won't save them from mediorcracy. Zito is just not a winner and he proved it by signing with the Shitheads. Mark my words, he will never, ever go to the World Series with the Giants. He whored that chance for a few million pieces of silver.


This is how you fight idiots like the KKK. You don't get all worked up about them marching in the street, you mock them and laugh at them. Getting pissed just fuels the fire and they go home and laugh at you.

Bullet Through Chalk

Here's the impact of a .22 shot through colored chalk.

E Pluribus Unum

Above is our National Seal. Notice the motto in the eagle's mouth. E Pluribus Unum. From many, one. This used to be our National Motto until religous silliness changed it to In God We Trust. Here's a post from Freethought Guy that sums it up. I'm thinking about another tattoo, one of our real Motto across my upper shoulder blades, above the other two.

A Good Story

I just got told this story, but its at least 10 years old. We used to service the racks and stores with employees, of which I had one of these jobs for a couple of years. I really liked my job in Single Copy Sales. I had a truck and a run and it changed every day as I worked on the regular guy's days off. We split most of the runs on Sunday and I had half of a run. I kept busy and still had time for my on the clock nap.
Anyway, one of our guys, Steve B, took one of the runs in North SJ, in the industrial area. There was one rack that was getting the coins stolen from on a regular basis. Steve thought it was the guys who fix our racks, the Rack Room. He left a nasty note in the coin box that said if he caught the thief, he would do harm. There was rougher language used, trust me.
Another Teamster is working the run one day and clearing out all the money from the racks. He sees the note and turns in the note to Supervision. Why is a mystery.
The Supe calls Steve in and Steve admits the note is his. The Supe tells Steve that he's going to get written up for the note. Just then, the Supe is called out of the office for a minute. When he returns, they talk again about the note, that was left on the desk.
Steve says, "what note?" Oh, oh. The note's missing. Its not in the trash and not in Steve's possession. The Supe wanted him to re-write the note, and that just wasn't going to happen. Well, no note, no write up. Steve walks out of the office.
What happened to the note? Steve ATE the note! Jeez Louise, what a hammer! I don't know if I would have been that on the ball, but Steve was Johnny on the Spot and took care of business.
Even though we call Steve "Launchpad" he's now my hero. What a great story!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm Not The Only One

Here's a cut and paste from Hip Suburban White Guy expressing his feelings about NASCAR. He's right on my page.

>>That left the NASCAR thing. I’m not NASCAR fan. A bunch of hillbillies wearing unnecessarily complicated eyeware driving around in circles in cars plastered with bumper stickers just doesn’t excite me. I even went to a race at the Kansas Speedway once thinking maybe it would be more exciting live and in person (plus I was invited by a hot chick who had tickets, it wasn’t costing me anything, and who knows what might happen?). WRONG. Actually attending a race gives you all the same boring activity you get by watching it on TV, but with the added bonus of baking in the hot fucking laser-like sun and being surrounded by sweaty, beer-swilling rednecks who really, REALLY need to look in the mirror before they leave the house. Weight appropriate clothing people, please! I’m just saying.<<

My Workspace

The upper pic is the Main Dock at the paper. This is my home sweet home during the press run. We have three docks here at the paper. Only the Upper and Main docks are connected, the Low dock sits by itself. We didn't do a very good job in the planning.
The lower pic is one of my six cart loading machines. These replaced the tray system and us having to physically take the bundles off a belt and place them into a cart. I have to say my shoulders sure feel better. In my 20 years at the paper, things sure have changed. I'm hoping to hold on for the last 6.5 years and retire with Sandra. The Plan. I dream about it every day.

This Is Not Me

Sandra's on a mission that we don't look like this when we ride our scooters. She's got us eating better and has banned me from Mc Nuggets and french fries, as well as a host of other good stuff. I'll grant that I've packed on 30 pounds since I met her and its gotta go. I've tried this a hundred times but I'm going to take a couple of different tacks. One is that I'm not getting on the scale. I'm going to see how my clothes fit to see if I'm doing well or not. I've fixated on the scale before and I think that's set me up for negative results. I've got some xxl shirts that I'd like to wear this summer as well as a number of pairs of shorts that I'm too fat for currently.
GNC sells a drink called "50 Gram Slam". This has 50 grams of protien and balanced amino acids. My mom has told me in the past that I probably don't eat enough protien in general, much less when I'm trying to diet. So, I think I'll drink one of these every day and see if it helps.
Sandra and I are also going to eat better. I'm going to try and watch the fried foods and the sugar. And, sadly, the Mc Nuggets and dollar Double Cheeseburgers.
And, I'm not going to use the word "diet". Let's try another term, maybe "eating better" or something like that.
Many of you know, and I've admitted on this very blog that I have food issues and its always been a struggle. Yeah, I'm 6'5" tall and a big guy anyway, but I should never weigh 300 pounds.
One other thing different is that Sandra and I are doing this together. This should help greatly.

Beats Me

I stopped at Mr Chow's by the plant last Saturday on the way to work, and this was parked in front. I looked for a name badge but didn't recognize what the badge said. The plate refered to being built in 1948. Last weekend was a big hot rod show at the fairgrounds, I guess this car paid a visit.

Dean's Not The Only One

Here's a link to a story about Circuit City cutting their higher paid sales force for lower paid people. I thought that you wanted to pay your sales force well so you can get better sales people, sell more and everyone makes more money. I guess I'm missing something somewhere.
This also shows that Dean Singleton isn't the only one who comes in to slash and burn. Just ask the Pressmen and Mailers at the Santa Cruz Sentinal, who lose thier jobs within weeks as we take over those operations here in San Jose.


Here's a link from America's greatest paper, the NY Post about a guy driving 142 mph on the Interstate in New York. I won't say which one of my brothers hit that speed not too long ago on I-5 in his BMW roadster. I"ve admitted to 143 on the Sabre, but that was waaaaay out Nevada SH-375. No more of that stuff.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Helen Mc Keever

Helen was the daugher of Marie, a gal I used to work with at the paper. Helen was beset with a number of serious illnesses and never had a real chance in life, though she lived well into her 20's.
When I met Helen, I didn't pick up that anything was really amiss, though Marie was grateful that I was so nice to Helen. When I would send postcards from vacation spots, I would always send Helen one, addressed to "La Renya" (The Queen). She got a big kick out of that.
A couple of the things that made Helen special was that even though she was so sick, she had a great BS detector. She knew who was naughty and who was nice. That, and the Light of Purity shown from Helen's eyes.
I got a call over the weekend about Helen's passing and wrote a letter of condolence this morning. I'm saddened that I didn't find out about the service in time to go. As I saw with my parents, there's no greater sadness than burying your child. Its just not supposed to be.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

RV.Net Censors Me

I blog a bit at and I decided to put a link to this blog in my signature. When I came back to work tonight I signed in and had a private message from the Admin that told me my link was "inappropriate" and was deleted.
Can you believe it? This blog? Jeez, what a farce.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Old Bridge

Here's an original bridge on the Alaska Highway, which was built in the 1940's. Here's the Wiki entry. This bridge is no longer used by highway traffic but you can cross it on foot. Here's a short blog on this as well. Sandra and I can't wait to do the Alaska thing.

Here's My Sign

I don't think the City of Clayton would let me put this up on my front door.

Here's My New Harley

Yep, this is a real Harley. Its 46 years old and was sold on ebay not too long ago for about $5000. I'd love to have this just for the day, so I could ride to the Harley hangout and show off my Harley.
Harley also imported two stroke enduros in the 70's. That would be another good bike to take to these "lifestyle" riders.

Matthew 6 5-6

Here's a story about Good Christians who refuse to obey the direct teachings of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray behind locked doors in private, not as the Pharisees. This is one of the many reasons I just can't stand this pious shit.

I Love Pat Robertson

Here's my boy Pat blathering on about a Mulsim takeover of the US. I just can't believe that people in this country still give him money. He needs to punch a timeclock. He's ok with a Christian takeover of our government, but god forbid anyone else steps up. Time and time again I ask why God has such poor representation here on Earth.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I Need A Hundred

I need at least a hundred of these for work. I tried to print this and I couldn't make it work. I'd probably get in trouble leaving this on people's timecards.

This is funny

Scott W sent me this.

Ohio State

Jeremy, the Fleet Manager here at the paper, played football at THE Ohio State University. Of course I sent him this. The Alum's from OSU just kill me. Its not "Ohio State University" but "THE Ohio State University". Pompous asses.

Pot Meet Kettle, Kettle Meet Pot

If there ever was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, click here and you'll see it. The gist is that the Consul General of Mexico has called out the San Jose PD for abusive behavior towards Latins.
OK, let's look at this for a sec. I'll grant that I'm a supporter of the police in general. San Jose is one of the safest big cities in the nation, and the SJPD certainly deserves some credit for that. Are there bad apples in the SJPD? Of course, just like anywhere else in life. Should the SJPD be exempt from critical commentary? Of course not.
That said, it takes a lot of balls for anyone in the Mexican government at any level to say anything about police procedures in this country. All levels of Mexican law enforcement reek of corruption. The local police in Tiajuana had their guns taken away department wide by the federales in a big crackdown not too long ago. The city of Ciudad Juarez cannot keep a police chief alive for more than a few days due to the drug gangs that rule with impunity and kill chief after chief.
Don't think for one second that police all over Mexico don't look at American tourists as nothing but easy pickings for the Mordida. (The "bite" or the bribe to the police to let you go) My brother and his wife were in deep Mexico and a bus pulled out and hit them. When the police came, they wanted all my brother's money to keep from taking him to jail for hitting a public bus when it wasn't his fault. The only thing that saved them was that my sister in law speaks Spanish and caught a glimpse of an ID number on the ticket book and the police let them go.
Do you really think this is a one time event? Hell, this happens every day all over the country.
Never mind there's a civil war in the southern part of the country, and the federal government is also stinkingly corrupt. You can't even trust that you'll get a gallon of gas at the Pemex station when the pump says so. Never mind the last election for President.
So, where in the hell does this representive of the United States of Mexico get off saying anything about the SJPD, or anything else in this country when he's a representive of such rampant corruption? Sure, he's got 1st Amendment rights like anyone else. But he's got no ethical position to criticize anything in this country.
Pot meet kettle, kettle meet pot.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Decider

Here's a post about an explosion in 1844 that killed the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of State. There's a bit of Bush bashing in it as well. I never knew about this explosion before. Can you imagine the news it would make now if two high ranking people got killed like this today?

This is worth the click if you have any interest in history.

Every Single Name

I put this up in my office at work. Its out of last Sunday's Chronicle. This is a list of every US military person killed in our Iraq fiasco so far. 3211 lives snuffed. This entire affair is because Hussein tried to whack Bush the Elder and failed. So, Bush the Younger had to extract his pound of flesh to avenge the slight against his father and his family. This is Soprano's Mafia bullshit. Its not about democracy for the Iraqi's. Oil is a part of it, as is war profiteering. We seem to forget that we were in bed with Hussein back in the day when we had our troubles against the Iranians. And, who sold him the vast stash of his weapondry? Uhhhh, you get one guess. The USA.
This entire episode is shameful.
If we really wanted to avenge 9-11, we would be attacking two places. Afganistan, which we are, and the House of Saud, of which we don't have the courage to do so. The Saudi's are not our friends. The majority of the attackers were Saudi's. I belive that the House of Saud knew about the attacks and are complicit in the 9-11 attacks.


My brother Randy brought this home today. Its a Husqvarna SM 510. This type of bike is called a Super Moto. They look like a Dual Sport with street sport tires and wheels. This looks like a blast to ride. My brother told us last week that if he was only going to have one street bike, it would be an exotic. And, he put up.
Husky's used to be made in Sweden but are now made in Italy. I don't know what happened to the company.

The Secret

Here's the secret to baby sitting. Tire the hell out of them and they go to sleep. Here's the sleepy baby working the binky. She's adorable.

Grandpa and Baby

We all went to Mallory's practice and it got a bit windy so I took the baby home and we watched tv. She started to fuss and I had to succumb and change her diaper. At least it wasn't full of poo. She just giggled when I was changing her. Little does she know that one day she'll be changing my diaper.

Sandra and Baby

We got to watch the baby on Monday and I took a couple of pics.

Muslim Silliness

Todd blogged about this, and its worthy of comment. Here's a story about Muslims that work for Target refusing to check pork products becasue pig is "unclean". This follows the story in Minnesota about the cabbies who won't pick up people with booze or dogs, due to this "unclean" bullshit.
Target seems to be catering to this crap. They're opening themselves up to so many problems when the Christian workers get together and refuse to work on the Sabbath. Hell, how's the store going to open?
And, didn't I blog a couple of times about this very subject? Yep.
The solution is simple. Termination. Send this bullshit packing. Gee, my religion prohibits me from breaking a sweat, as that's against God's will. So, I want a check sent to me every week while I stay home. God, what crap.

Watch Your Coffee

Here's a link to a story where the 8th grader put pee in the teacher's coffee. This is nothing a good ass whipping wouldn't fix. Kind of like at work, there's a few people here who need a good beatdown.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wild Hogs

Sandra and I went to see Wild Hogs on Monday. I did nothing but laugh at the sophmoric humor. Sandra won't admit it, but she laughed a bit as well. There was a bit of talk about how great it is to ride, you all know how I feel about that. Though, I'm not a Harley kind of guy and I don't think it much matters what you ride, as long as you do. I enjoyed the film.

I Need This At Work

I'm having a bit of a struggle at work, I guess its nothing out of the ordinary. This sign is what a few of my crew need to see each and every day.

This Is Not Me

I don't own a pair of Speedo's anyway. I've seen this pic today on three different blogs.

Family Circus, Or Not

Here's a link to Kissing Suzy Kolber, of which I've blogged about before. The link is to some Family Circus cartoons that, well, aren't what you'll expect. So, be warned before you click, though I laughed my ass off.

A Great Prank

Baseball and Spring Training have a great history of players pulling pranks on each other. Here's one of the best one's I've heard of. Laird is an ex-A's farmhand who I've seen play in Modesto and the AFL. The hat tip goes to Babes Who Love Baseball.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bong Hits 4 Jesus

Here's a link to the story on the SCOUTS taking up this very important 1st Amendment case. Here's the Wiki entry, which has more background to the story.

The gist is that a student went across the street from the school and unfurled a sign that said "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" as the Olympic Torch was passing by. The school principal suspended the student for 5, then 10 days for violating school policy. You'll notice that I mentioned the student was across the street from the school, not on school property. The student and principal have also had a few previous run-in's.
It shouldn't be a surprise to any of you readers that I think this is a horrible case of a school official violating the 1st Amendment. To suspend a student for free speech of this type is just not acceptable. I've been in the Dean of Boys office a few times in my HS years over 1st Amendment rights, so I can really feel for this. I wore a t-shirt a time or two that was rather upsetting to the teachers, and I refused to stand for the Pledge. (the whole "under God" thing is not a recent issue, trust me)
The best thing would have been for the school to just ignore it. That takes away the power. But, its an ego driven thing and look where it gets the involved parties, to the Supreme Court. But, any challenge to the Bill of Rights is worthy. I suspect a slam dunk for the student.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Someone Should Die For This

Here's one of the sadder stories of life. Someone kidnapped this girl's dog and killed him, then wrapped up the head like a present and put it on her porch for her to open. I wonder who the family pissed off. There's gotta be more to this than meets the eye.

RV Fire

This guy lost his rig and posted on Fortunately nobody was injured and after all, its only stuff and that's why you have insurance. It was a toy hauler and he had just filled the gas tank that is in the hauler for the toys (after all, you can't exactly fill up your quad in the middle of the desert).
The cause of the fire is unknown. This is a case of youneverknow.
One time Mark and I were driving to Reno in the Deville. Driving up I-80 we were caught in a huge traffic jam. As we got past the scene, we saw a Class A burned out. The fire fighters couldn't really fight the fire as the driver of the rig told the responders he had quite a bit of live ammo in the rig.
This was the trip that right after the scene, we were at the rest stop taking a pee. When I started the car back up the battery literally blew its top and we were stuck. Right as I'm getting ready to call AAA with phone in hand, a wrecker comes cruising in the lot. Hell, we're all set. I've got AAA+ and he'll tow me straight to Reno, no problem. Along the way the driver tells me he went into the rest stop because he was looking for someone to two, as a traffic jam in the summer usually means someone's overheated, and he gets paid for the tow, not per hour. It was a win-win situation. He make a good chunk of change and we got to Reno ok and make it to the baseball game on time. How bad could life be? And, I didn't get gouged on the repairs. The shop cleaned up the acid, checked the charging system and sold me a new battery. When you break down on the road, you're ripe to be taken to the cleaners, and I wasn't. What a deal.

On The Loose

Here's a link to a Youtube clip that shows a fleeing felon driving an RV. A big Class A no less.

Happy St Paddy's Day

Hey, it made me laugh. So, sue me.

Here's The Way To Go

This is Toni Hogan. She's a nurse. She and her husband live in their RV full time as they travel the country. Here's a blog about them. Sandra has this kind of skill as an X-ray technologist. And, with her specialites and expierence, well, she'll be in the driver's seat when we're ready to hit the road.

HIgh School Papers

Here's an article out of the Contra Costa Times that I read today at breakfast. There's two issues at stake. Issue 1 is the discussion of what the school paper can and cannot print. I'm not up on the legalese of this, but it seems to me that a public school paper is protected by the 1st Amendment. I don't know what editorial control the school principal or school board would have over the content of the paper, as long as the content is legal.
Issue 2 is what the content was. School officials took a disruptive student's cell phone away from him, which I agree with. But, school officials then read the text messages on said phone, and played back the voice mail messages as well. Oh, and they did this without a warrant, in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. Then, they punished the student for what was on and in the phone. This is what the student paper wanted to write about it.
My God, these two issues are so much more important than Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith, but hardly a word about it. Shameful.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Scooter In The Sticks

If you click here, you'll see I'm not the only one who lives for this stuff. This bad seed rides in the winter where it really is winter. He rides a Vespa 150.

3 Wheel Scooter

Here and here are two stories about this three wheeled scooter that Vespa sells in Europe. When Sandra and I were at the dealer, the sales guy gave us literature on this scooter. But, with a price of over $7000, I think its a little bit out of range. Still, it looks like a blast to ride.

The Biggest Scooter

Here's a story about an Aprilla 850 scooter. Wow, what a machine. I'd probably kill myself on it.

My Beetle Mods

This is what I want to do to my Beetle. I remember reading about this guy who put a turbine jet engine in his Bug. What a hammer!

How Does This Happen?

How does the firehouse catch fire? Who isn't paying attention?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Old Truck

Here's a pic of how trucking used to be. This really drove like a truck. I guess the trailer is about 30 feet long. The industry standard now is 53 feet with a three axle tractor.

Maybe This Is Me After All

This Is Not Me

Now you all know that I'm not exactly skinny or anything, but Jesus. How does this happen? Once you can't wipe your butt without a mop, doesn't that tell you something? And, I know I've got food issues but still.

How Is This Possible

What do you all think, is this Photoshopped? If not, how the hell do you get a full sized jet airliner into the forest without crashing into said forest?

I Don't Care

I must be the only person in the country who doesn't give one shit about "March Madness". What a waste of bandwith and dead trees. All this bullshit when spring training is going on. Whoopee! NCAA basketball! Ugh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brad Delp

Here's the NY Times article on the death of Boston's lead singer. I'll admit here and now that I love Boston and never ever get tired of hearing their first couple of albums. They had a sound like no other when they came out in 1976. This in itself makes me an old fart. Or at least a middle aged fart.

Yet Another Reason Rose Is A Piece Of Shit

Here's the link to a Yahoo story. Here's a link to some commentary. No matter what he ever says, he broke the only unbreakable rule in baseball. The fans do not want him back. He knew the rule and thought he was above any rule, including the Tax Code. (yep, he's a tax cheat as well) He's like OJ, they both need to just go away. Not one bit of dead tree or bandwith should ever be spent on either one of them ever again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Safe In China

According to this site, Joes' Big Blog has yet to be banned in Communist China. Hell, I must need to bash them some. Here's my first bash: China+WalMart=ChinaMart. Let's see if this does it.

Custom RV

This guy is building a custom RV on a city bobtail chassis made by Mitsubishi. Here, here, here and here are four posts with pictures detailing his progress. Fuso is an arm of Mitsubishi, like Hino is an arm of Toyota and Izusu is an arm of GM. I don't think any US car maker makes the small city bobtails. The Chevy's are re-badged Izusu's.

The Weekend

Sunday was Chuck and Nicole's one year anniversary and they went to Palm Springs to celebrate. Sandra got the precious baby on Saturday night and we kept her until Monday night. The upper pic is of the sleepy baby waiting for our table at Black Bear and the bottom pic is the baby with my mom.
Kyleigh has reached out for me a couple of times and she giggles when I make her fly and sing "Flight of Icarus" to her at the same time. She's 5 months old and is a darling baby that we're all in love with.
We enjoyed lunch together and went home and played with the baby some more. She slept through the night ok, but she talks in her sleep. I got up when I heard her making baby noises and she was asleep.
Monday the three of us got up and went to Black Bear. Afterwards, Sandra wanted to sit on a Vespa, so we went to the dealer in downtown Walnut Creek. They didn't open until 11, so we walked around downtown for a while while I held the baby. We went window shopping and talked to the baby.
The dealer opened and we went in. They pulled out a couple of scooters and we were sad to find out that Sandra's not tall enought for a Vespa 250. Even the sales guy said that a 150 just isn't enough bike for what we want. So, a Vespa won't be in our future.
We then went to the Honda dealer. They didn't have any scooters in stock and they sell Honda and Suzuki. Actually, they had two Metropolitans in stock, but they're only 50cc's and they don't count.
Sandra sat on a Rebel 250 and she can get both feet down without a problem. The Rebel is lighter than the Relfex. Sandra wants a blue scooter and the 2006's are only blue. The dealer did a search and he can get us one with ABS. Very few bikes come with ABS and its a good thing to have. Mine has it. The Rebel does not have it.
The sales guy told Sandra that she'll learn to ride on a Rebel-like 250. This is a good thing. Once she passes her class on a 250, and then takes my scooter for a spin, she'll then be able to make a more informed decision as to what she wants.
By this time the baby was sleeping and we all needed a nap so we went home. The baby was an absolute joy to have.


And why are we praising God? Because Black Bear Diner has opened up in Walnut Creek! Yee haw! Here's the obvious pic of Sandra and I with one of the bears out in front while we were waiting for our table. My parents came out on Sunday and we all ate together. The service wasn't top dog, they were extremely busy and still have a new staff. Sandra and I went Monday morning (with the baby) and they were more on the ball.

Pete Stark

Who would ever have imagined that a standing elected Representive would come out as an Atheist. Here's just one of a hundred links amongst the Atheist community discussing it. Of course he's killed any chance of re-election.

More Loop

Here's the pic that Todd linked in the last post. And, here's the Wiki link to a good article on the Loop.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tehachapi Loop

This is an overhead shot of the Tehachapi Loop. The Loop is where a long train can cross over itself as the track circles. In train circles, this is a big deal. The location is on SH-58 just outside of Keene, between Bakersfield and Tehachapi. This is private property and when I stopped here there wasn't a good vantage point to take without tresspassing. And, a long enough train has to be coming through the loop to make it worthwhile.

Got An Answer

The SF Scootergirls answered my email and I forwarded it to Sandra for her to join. They allow men to ride along with the gals when they go for thier rides. I guess we'll see what transpires.

More Scooter Pics

SH-35 is a great road to ride on. There's a couple of nice roads that split off towards the coast as well, SH-84 is nice and there's a couple of one lane county roads as well.