Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vacation Time

Yep, its that time yet again. We're leaving in the morning and will be gone until the 15th of August. If I remember, we'll bring the laptop and I'll be able get wifi at two of the places we're camping. So, faithful readers, this blog is not dead. It may be a week until we get to Ely and wifi, so please come back in a week and I'll have pics.
We're going to Elko for a few days to see my cousin Judy and her gang. Then to Jackpot for a few days of casino camping with a nice pool. Ely will be our next stop, for the railroad and Lehman Caves. Finally, Vegas for 6 nights and RV Resorting at the Oasis.
Along the way there's a ballgame in Reno to see and the Rivercats are playing in Vegas the weekend we're there. Funny how that works, sometimes.
So, don't forget. Come back in a week or so.

A Modded Up Majesty

Not a chance in hell I'd do this to my Majesty.

Duck The Bolt

Here's a link to a story at American Atheists about God smoting a church with lightning. Goddamn, He must be pissed off to be smoting so much of late. If He's not striking down believers then he's getting the buildings they don't pay taxes on.
Or, maybe its Zeus and Mark and I are right

Big Bug

You don't usually see big bugs in the Bay Area, but we saw this big assed beetle on the dock this morning. The bug was the size of my thumb. One of the crew ended up stepping on him while the rest of us followed him around the dock.

There Ya Go

I saw this while backing out or Carl's Jr the other day with Sandra and had to get out and take a picture.

Friday, July 27, 2007

East Bay Motorsports

Recall the post when we bought the 2006 Yamaha Majesty from East Bay Motorsports in Hayward. The bike has been back and forth to the shop and I finally got it back today.
When I picked it up in the first place, there was a recall on the fuel pump gasket. OK, I rode the bike almost 700 miles the first week and brought it back for the first service and the recall.
I noticed the seat wasn't opening up correctly and I wanted that fixed under warranty. It would open sometimes and then not close correctly.
Well, this is a problem. The bike is a 2006 that the dealer got at auction. Yamaha claims there is no warranty. Uh, OK. Nice of anyone to tell me.
Sandra asked at least three times if this was a new bike. And it was. One would certainly assume that a new bike comes with a warranty. When the service gal calls me to tell me I've got no warranty, I'm not happy and assure her I'll see them in small claims court. She had to take the brunt and it wasn't her fault.
I go down there a few days later to get this all fixed. They tell me that yes, in fact there is no warranty on the bike and, "didn't anyone tell you?" Gee, you thieves, no, nobody told me shit. I've bought two off model year bikes in the past and they came with the full warranty, so what's up with this shit. They knew this was an auction bike without a warranty and chose to hide this from me. And, I'm not happy.
The dealer figures out in a hurry that I've got them by the short hairs. I did tell them that I would have never bought a new bike paying a new bike price and willingly not gotten a warranty.
So, the dealer gives me a 2 year extended warranty and they tell me they'll "take care" of any issues in the first year, including the seat problem.
OK, I take the bike in and they do the warranty work. Then, they tell me there's another recall on a wiring harness and I have to bring the bike back. And, the wrong part for the seat came and it needs to be reorded. Then I have one person telling me the bike is ready and its not fully fixed. They really don't know how to properly run the counter, that's for sure.
Finally, I get the call from the service gal and she tells me what the timetable is. OK, I'm not all in her face or anything, I just want my shit fixed.
Last Tuesday they call and say the bike is ready. Its about goddamn time. So, my dad gets it for me and I pick it up from his house today, just in time for the trip next week.
I'm happy with the scooter but very disappointed in East Bay Motorsports. Once I'm out of "warranty" I don't think I'll be back. There's a Yamaha shop closer to the house in Concord.
What gets me is that they knew the bike didn't have a warranty and didn't tell me, they let me buy it anyway. That is just fundamentally dishonest and I try and avoid giving my money to such people. Its a shame because they have a big showroom and the shop looked clean.
Still, East Bay Motorsports treated me dishonestly. Plain and simple.

I Have No Excuse

Hmmmm, donuts.

Tell Me Who

Just who can stop Chuck Norris?

This Kills Me

This is Michael Vick, noted dogfighter.


Its the wings I tell you, the wings!

For Sandra


My dad used to work for FedEx and if you even touched a plane with any vehicle, you were fired on the spot. He knew of a guy who bumped a plane with a ramp vehicle and he just walked to his locker, got his stuff and went home for good. He didn't even wait to be told, he just left, knowing he was fired. Damn, that's harsh.


Means "Driving While Blonde."

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yep, there's something about the Red White and Blue.


Here's a link to a video about a Pastor who got smote with lightning in Texas. Its sad and all for two sons to see their dad killed by God, but as Christians, shouldn't they be celebrating the will of the Lord? And, isn't the Pastor in a better place? Its shit like this that I don't get. Another reason that religion just isn't for me.

School Vouchers

Here's a post from the AU website about a vote in Utah concerning school vouchers. I'm fully against them. Parents have a choice in where they send thier kids to school, for the most part. If they want a private school for their kids, why shoud I help them pay for it when I'm already helping them with a public school? If they can't afford it, get a paper route. Work a second job. Don't cry for a government handout for your precious babies.
And, the church schools really need to be careful. Where government money goes, government rules follow. So, when a private school denies entry to a child, you know the lawsuit is coming. I think the church schools are being shortsighted about this.
I think vouchers abandon the public schools. If we're going to abandon the public schools like this, lets close them all and lower my taxes. Then, families with kids can take their tax savings and pay directly for any school they want.
Actually, upon edit, this may not be such a bad idea. Wait unitl the Wiccians or someone not mainstream like that open up a school and start taking voucher money. Imagine the outrage!

Long Tongue

I know a guy, John B, whose tongue is this long. I've never seen a gal with a tongue quite like this before.

Go Bull!

This has gotta hurt like hell!

The Truth About Marriage

Hey, I didn't title it.


Its good to know that there are people out there with greater issues than I have.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

They Don't Look Like This

I eat at Carl's Jr, which is Hardee's in the Midwest. You order at the counter and they bring your food to your table. Funny, they don't look like this at the Carl's I eat at.

Not A Good Day

Now here's a gal who isn't having a good day. I just saw the clip of this on Fox Sports over the weekend.


When I'm watching football with the fellas, they get a charge when one of the freeloaders on the sidelines gets whacked by a player. Here's Reggie Bush of USC getting ready to put the hammer to a freeloader. Someone's about to have a really bad day.

Church Of Pot

Here's a link to Temple 420. The Pastor was found guilty of a bunch of pot charges though he claims pot to be a sacrament and he defended himself. The Sentinel had the article but I couldn't find it online.
Now its no surprise that I think pot should be legal. I also admire people who are brighter and sharper than your humble blogger. So, when the SCOTUS decided that religous freedom is more important that draconian drug laws (concerning peyote for some Native American tribes) this cat formed his own Church, Temple 420. (420 refers to April 20th, World Pot Smokers Day, or some such thing. When I was living with the She Devil and the ex son, he was a huge pot head and 420 was a national holiday to him. Hell, every day he could not work, sponge off his enabler mother, and get high was a holiday for him.)
His site talks about the SCOUTS decision that they claim legalizes their position. Recall my January post about forming my own church so I can get Sunday off, well, here's another guy taking advantage of opportunity. Though it looks like he's going to the slammer. Y'know, he makes a good point. If peyote is legal for some churches, why not pot? After all, the Bible says to use the plants and the seeds, if I'm not mistaken it is a directive from our Savior. Or at least his dad.
Finally, the site claims that Jesus hit the chronic. Ya just gotta love it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Case Of Missing Insignia

Shouldn't this say "Mercury News" on the side?

This Is How I Feel

There's a reason we don't have a state church, like the British.

Who Isn't Paying Attention

Yep, its a poison box for rats and mice right out in the open at Mc D's. I got this pic on and there was some discussion about it. One side says how gross it is to have the poison like this and the other side says "at least they're doing something about it". I'm leaning towards the latter, if they have a mice or rat problem, they need to do something about it.
Y'know, there is more to this. If this location is next to an open field, they're going to have field mice, its as simple as that. Now, if we're talking wharf or Norway rats, the big sumbitches, well, that's something else.
At minimum, they should have hid the box more in the bushes and not let everyone see they have issues. We may know they have issues, we just don't want it right in our face so we really know about it. So, someone wasn't paying all that much attention.

A Real Business

Michelle insists this is a real business in Colorado. Her blog is linked to the right.

A Good Post

Possumama has a good post here about the Catholic Church molestations. She was raised in the Church and has insight from that persepctive. Take a look.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Speaking Of The Settlement

You know Russel's Teapot has something to say about this.

Relfex With A Sidecar

If I got into an accident and lost a leg or something, this is what I would do to ride. Pretty cool looking setup. The red is a nice color for the Relfex.

US-50 From SF

This was taken about 1983 when a big windstorm blew the cover off the US-50 shield. US-50 used to run all the way to Lincoln Park in SF, now it ends in Sacramento. This is all part of the Lincoln Highway.

Joe Namath Drunk and Foolish

I poached this from Kissing Suzy Kolber. This is the actual clip of Namath making a pass at Kolber on live tv on the sideline of a Jets game. I've not seen this before today. After the fallout, Namath went into "rehab", where all fuckups seem to run to.

From The Teapot

This Made Me Laugh

This is not suitable for work. Reed Braden had it on his site and I laughed my ass off. I must give you the "wrinkly panty" alert. But, if you have a atheist sense of humor, give it a click.

Sleepy Baby

The Beautiful Baby is staying with us for the weekend. Sandra and I took her out for lunch before I left for work and Kyleigh was so excited she fell asleep. We're taking her with us Sunday when we take Mallory to Carengie so she can ride her dirt bike. We're bringing the RV, so we can cook and watch tv while Mallory rides around the park.

The Pope Is A Huckster

A couple of days ago two things happened in the Catholic world. The Dioesce of LA settled a number of molestation cases for hundreds of millions of dollars. And, the Pope said only the Catholic Church is the one true way to heaven.
Its good to know that a church with Cardnial Mahoney stonewalling investigations of his Fathers who molest children is the way to heaven. The Pope is mostly silent on the molesting issue. He should be up front as to the cupability of his Church and this shouldn't even be going to court. Pay the damages you piece of shit. Your silence is deafening. Reach out to your victims. Begin some kind of healing, if that's even possible. Do something besides hide, you coward.
One of the guys I work with, his father in law is one of the lead attourneys in this case in LA. The Church was claiming they had no assets to pay off the victims. Yeah, right. No goddamn money, no nothing. Try selling off some of the hundreds of hundreds of pieces of property you own and don't pay property taxes on you immoral ass. Ugh, the whole lot of them makes me sick.
Its no surprise the Pope says his way is the only way. Most any religious leader will say the same thing. Join US, give US your money, do what WE say. OUR way is the only way.
Sheep. Baa Baa.
What really gets me is the Church leaders knew they had bad apples and moved the molesters from church to church instead of turning them in to the police or keeping them away from the flock. THEY KNEW and allowed it to continue. Pope after Pope knew and they did nothing to stop it. If I were Catholic, I'd be having a crisis of faith over this and it would be very hard to tithe again, knowing I was funding an orginization that allowed and supported the molesting of children.
And, I don't see too many cases where these molesting pieces of shit are facing criminal charges and/or doing time in prison. Nothing would be finer than for these "Fathers" than celling up with Bubba all alone and cozy in their cell. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

What An Idiot

I've waited a day or two to comment on the Michael Vick dogfighting issue. Of course he's innocent until proven guilty and all, this is a fundamental part of living in America. But, the evidence so far is awfully damning. To even associate with such activity and allow it to occur on property you own is so painfully ignorant.
And, the risk to your endorsements as well as playing in the NFL all together can't be ignored. All for the barbarism of dogfighting. And the reports of killling injured dogs by getting them wet and then electrocuding them makes me ill.
When I lived with the She Devil and the ex-son, he brought home a pit bull puppy to train to fight. Pure ghetto shit.
In one of the few times the Devil and I were on the same page, we allowed the dog to stay, but we housebroke him and make him unsutiable for fighting. Cujo was a good dog, very loyal to the Devil. He always wanted to be in the house with us, by our side. He only barked when someone came to the door, and he only barked once or twice. Just a "woof" to let the person outside know he was there.
Cujo was a hardhead to walk, he had a mind of his own. But, the neighborhood kids would come up and pet him and he never flinched once when the kids got too vigorous.
Sadly, I was deathly allergic to Cujo and the ex son wouldn't bathe the dog and keep the house clean so he had to go. This profoundly upset me and reminded me why I didn't have pets. I think my calling my ex son out on his lack of maturity concerning the dog is one of the reasons he's written me off as his dad.
Pits are good loyal dogs. Ara at the Oasis Of My Soul (blogrolled to the right) travels with a pit he rescued named Spirit. He waxes poetically on how good the dog is.
And to think that people fight these wonderful creatures to the death just sickens me. If Vick is found guilty, he needs to do hard time in the pen. Wouldn't bother me a bit.

Friday, July 20, 2007

God Says Spank Your Wife

Here's a post from Infidelis Maximus that talks about the idea amongst some Christians that a husband can and should spank his wife on a regular basis.
I blogged earlier in time about how I didn't understand how women could buy into the whole "submit" bullshit, but to take it a step further and allow your husband to give you a "maintenence" spanking just for the hell of it, well, **Joe shaking his head**. I just don't get it.
Part of the post reads like bad porn, (not like I would know) so you're warned. Don't click on the link if you get your panties easily wrinkled.
Here's a related blog by Temple Whore, with a picture no less.

Humor Me

Hey faithful readers, can you click on the Youtube posts at the top of Mt Hamilton and tell me if you get sound or not? I played it a couple of times here at work and only got sound once. Let me know if the sound works for you or not. Thanks.

30 Ways To A Happier Life

Here's a link to a post that gives you 30 ways to a happier life and there's a few good ones added in the comments. I got the link from Wil Wheaton's blog and if that name rings a bell he played Westly Crusher in Star Trek TNG. Wil's blog is here, I got the link from Xavier. Take a look.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This Guy Looks Familiar

We had a guy who worked at the paper, Dave S, who looks a lot like this. The title of this pic is "World's Worst Mug Shot" though if you're in one, its never good.

Now This Is Flexible

This is impressive.

This Is Cool

I remember when I worked for the alarm company I took pics of an old house like this being moved right down Broadway. PG&E was out lifting up the power lines and the whole bit. This kind of operation must cost a pretty penny.

I Need A Pad Of These

This just kills me.

4 Pebbles

I found this at Pharyngula

Fundamentalists: believe 2+2 =5 because It Is Written. Somewhere. They have a lot of trouble on their tax returns.

"Moderate" believers: live their lives on the basis that 2+2=4. but go regularly to church to be told that 2+2 once made 5, or will one day make 5, or in a very real and spiritual sense should make 5.

"Moderate" atheists: know that 2+2 =4 but think it impolite to say so too loudly as people who think 2+2=5 might be offended.

"Militant" atheists: "Oh for pity's sake. HERE. Two pebbles. Two more pebbles. FOUR pebbles. What is WRONG with you people?"

Looks like I've gone from Moderate to Militant. Depending on which side of the bed I get up on.

Love Thy Neighbor

Here's a story confirmed by Snopes that I saw on Yep, its one neighbor giving the finger to the other over zoning and such. I can't wait to full time in the rv so when I don't like the neighbors I can just drive off. There's another picture at the link, I couldn't get it to post.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Richest Americans Ever

From Divison of Labour and the NY Times, here's a link to a comparison of the richest Amercians ever, adjusted for inflation and as a percentage of the economy. I scrolled through it and saw names I had not heard of before.

Camo Paint

OK, look closely now and tell me what you see. I love imagination.

Carrot Man And Woman

Thanks to Greg at Death's Door for this one.

This Is Why I Don't Fly

And you wonder why I don't fly?

Who Cares About Soccer?

Not I said the pig. And not I said the cow. And not I said Joe. David Beckham was in all the papers we print this morning. Soccer will never, ever be important in this country. The sport has tried for 40 years (remember the NASL?) and its a minor, regional attraction at best.
The only reason its in the papers here is that he's married to Posh Spice, who is a haggard hag of a hag. Americans worship celebrity. Ugh.

Stumbled Across "CellBlock"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Clip From The Top

I guess I can't put two clips on the same post.

At The Top Of Mt Hamilton

At The Junction

We came back down the mountain the way we came and made a pit stop at The Junction, which is at the corner of Mines Rd, San Antonio Rd and Del Puerto Canyon Rd, all in Santa Clara County. This place really is in the middle of nowhere, though there is a fire house and a one room school just down the road a spell.
We went in and had a hamburger and something to drink. I was still surprised there wasn't any traffic and only one other bike in front when we pulled up. The burger was good and the ranchers inside friendly. Its too bad they don't have a couple of rv sites around back, it would be a cool place to hide out for a few days. There was a campground on Del Puerto Rd, but the water was non potable and for $20 a night I expect better than that.
We took Mines Rd north from The Junction and headed into Alameda County. This land is very rural and you wouldn't think you're in an area with millions of people living there. All we saw on these roads was miles of empty ranchland. In the spring when it greens up it is very pretty.
Sadly, the rural road ended in Livermore and we took Vasco Rd to Camino Diablo to Marsh Creek and back to the happy homestead. It was a nice day of riding and we rode about 200 miles.

Post Office

People live at Mt Hamilton and there's even a small post office. There's also mail service out the back side of the mountain.

At The Top

The Lick Observatory is at the top of Mt Hamilton. Here's the Wiki on James Lick. I didn't know he owned Santa Catalina Island when he died. He was a rich man who gave it away after he died. Though its not mentioned in the Wiki entry, he was a noted "freethinker" or Atheist. The Wiki for the observatory is here, and the Wiki for Mt Hamiltion is here.
I took two mpeg clips and put them on Youtube but there seems to be a problem today with getting the video clips posted. We'll give it a try later.