Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Eve

Sandra and I are actually going out for New Years Eve this year. We babysat the Baby last year and were in bed by 10. This is the last NYE I'll have off for 5 years, so Sandra decided we better get out and do something.
So this year I looked around and decided to go to Konacti Resort and Spa. I got the last package deal and for $500, this is what we get.
1) Two nights room with full use of the facilites.
2) NYE buffet dinner.
3) Live music with 4 bands. Big Band, Rock, Country, Blues. And, you can go from hall to hall and hear them all.
4) NYE toast.
5) NYD breakfast buffet.

So, we're leaving Sunday for Clear Lake. I'm charging the camera as I type, so I should have a picture or two to post come Tuesday night.

Donner Pass

Here's a tidbit I saw on Donner Pass that I got here.

>>Donner Pass. Actually the highway croses at Euer Saddle, and Donner Pass is a few miles to the south. <<

This makes sense to me, as I think the US-40 crossing of the Sierra Crest is more where the actual Donner Pass is. One time back in the day a couple of us saw Iron Maiden in Sacramento then we drove up the old US-40 over the pass. Its a pretty scenic drive, though Kevin C and John B were ballbusting me for taking the old road.

Here's the Wiki link and they mention Euer Saddle. The two pics are from Wiki, the top one shows the old Central Pacific railroad bed and to the left the 1913 Lincoln Highway alingment of the road. The bottom pic is the Pass in the 1870's.

Ara In Mexico

Ara snuck back into Mexico for a day, here's the post. You should be reading Ara on a daily basis anyway. I liked the Pepsi rep riding the bike, even the helmet has the logo.

Reflex Discontinued

I saw on Scooter Scoop that the Honda Reflex has been discontinued. This is a shame, as you rarely saw one in the showroom unsold. The one I bought was the only one I've ever seen in a showroom. You just don't see too many scooters sitting around unsold. This leaves Honda selling only the 650 Silverwing. It wouldn't kill Honda to bump up the Relfex to a 400 to compete with the Suzuki and Yamaha.


The Vectrix is an electric scooter. Here's a pic of a English bike used as a police scoot. You can sure sneak up on someone riding this.

Hard Core Winter Riding

Here's a post from Dave D, who lives in Vancouver BC. He went for a winter ride in conditions that I'm too puss to ride in. Though I guess if I lived in that slop I'd be out in it. Still, it takes huevos to ride in these conditions.

Night Sky

Here's a cool pic I poached from Stardust. This was taken in Monument Valley. Sandra, Sunshine and I have been there. The two formations in the middle are the "Mittens."

The amount of visable stars reminds me of the time I was in Arizona with my step dad. We were heading to Texas and were taking the scenic route. It was in early March and we were staying at the town halfway between Grand Canyon and Williams. We got up early to see the sunrise over the Canyon and I couldn't believe how many stars I could see and how bright they all were. That, and how dark it was. Couldn't see my hand in front of my face. And cold, brrrrrrr.


In backwater Lousiana, here's a town that is getting rid of the 666 prefix. Here's how the mayor was qutoed, "That's what we're trying to get rid of," he said. "This is a good town. ... We're good Christian people."

Jesus fucking christ. Its a goddamn number. And, there's evidence that the actual "number of the beast" is 616, not 666. Ugh, backward fucktards.

Hattip goes to Godless on the Wasatch for the link.

Sick Fuck

Here's a winning ex-pastor who claims a 4 year old sexually harassed him. He pled guilty to molesting her and is going to jail for a while. Not long enough to suit me.

"On a couple of occasions I felt I was sexually harassed," Cooke said. "I think there is psychological evidence that children even in their younger years can become interested in sex."

This is just so goddamn sick.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas From The Teapot

Click on the cartoon to enlarge it enough to read. Here's the real story about Jesus. I've said a number of times that there really isn't anything new about the Christian faith, its all copied from somewhere else.

A Few Days Late

Hell, even the Bible says no Christmas trees.

Santa Busting The Vespa

I guess the reindeer got tired.

Mercury Harvest Company

Even I don't cause this much damage!

My New Year's Resolutions

My only one is to walk every day at lunch. And regain my eating better attitude.
And, I miss Calvin and Hobbes. Most of the comics now just suck.

Meme From Possummama

Possummama started a meme at her blog and she asked me to answer on the blog. I love answeing meme's and always like being mentioned on other popular blogs.

>>Well... I have a bit of a meme (I'm starting it).I love giving gifts...and I don't mind receiving them. So, I'm curious...
1. What was the best gift your received ever?
2. What was the worst?
3. What's the best gift you've given someone else?
4. What's the worst?
5. What did you get this holiday season?
6. Where did it fit on the best to worst scale (best being 1 and worst being a 10)?<<

1) I got a bicycle for Christmas when I was about 8 or so. The freedom that your own bike gives you is priceless. For graduation, my parents bought my brother's Kawasaki KZ 400 for me. Another leap of freedom.

2) I can't really recall a "worst" gift.

3) The best gift I've ever given someone was money. I used to work at a Catholic Convent, the home base for the nuns. I was the cook and one of the old German sisters did the breakfast and baking. I had given notice and she was heading to Germany for vacation and wouldn't be at the convent on my last day.
So, I went to the airport and got 60 Marks (about $25 at the time), put it in a card and told her not to open it until she was already on the plane. I knew she would try and give it back and I wasn't having any of that. She had told me later that she got all teary eyed when the money came out. I wanted her to have some wurst and beer when she was home. Sister K was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

4) I don't think I've ever given a "worst" gift. Maybe I have selective memory.

5) Two pairs of black jeans and a book. I really didn't want very much, not much holiday spirit this year.

6) 5 or 6. Xmas was OK this year. I'm not worked up about the presents any more. In fact, I'd just as soon not exchange with any adults and make it for the kids.

Step Daughter's Blog

My step-daughter, Nicole, has worked up her own blog. Here's the link. She's got a few more pics of the baby and her direct family. Take a look.

Drive By Christians

I got some anonomyous commentary on two of my Jesus bashing posts. I feel so honored. Here and here if you want to take a look. Its pretty sad that the best they can come up with is "jesus loves you" and they don't even have the courage to attach a name or blog to the message. Fucking Cowards!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Enhanced Tattoo

I poaced this from Thump Thump Eyes. She's Protium's wife and they live in the Land of Oz. Its about a guy who got his tattoo, uh, enhanced. Take a look

Jackhammer Jesus

I poached this from He's going to hell.

Optical Illusion

Poached from Xavier.

Another Big Assed Fish

My high school pal Yumi sent me this pic of a 11 foot long sturgeon that weighed over a thousand pounds. This is one big ass fish. The email said that when they get this big its catch and release as they're breeding stock.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Do This Too

I save my change. If something cost $1.25, I pull out $2 and get coins back. At the end of the day I put the change in a jar. Last year I saved almost $400 that I spent on vacation. This guy saved $36k and bought himself a new truck, saving change for 13 years. That may be a bit much, but its an easy way to save some Christmas money.

Santa Shitting Down The Chimney

I guess Santa Claus really is coming to town. Poached from Snave.

The End Is Coming

I love the Doomsday believers. Here's one in Utah that is sure the end is coming. I got this from T&A.

Speaking of Doomsday, I've got a kind of related She Devil story. When I was living with her the second time she was convinced she was going to die. Soon. Not all of us, just her. This was about May or so and she said she was going to be dead by Labor Day.
So, I told her if she was that sure about it, she should buy term life insurance for, oh, let's say $500k, and that way Josh and I could be better set for our lives, buy a condo in a better part of town, et al.
She thinks about is and sure as shit she goes out and buys $250k worth of insurance with me as the sole beneficiary. I'm not hoping she dies or anything, I wanted to prove a point.
Time passes and she's not dead. Come Labor Day weekend I'm making plans with Mark to meet at the ballgame and I'm not including her. She gets all worked up and asks why. I tell her, "Aren't you going to be dead by Monday? So, how can you go to the ballgame?"
Tuesday comes around and yep, she's still alive. All of this silly shit for nothing. God had told her she was getting called home, I guess she misunderstood that somehow.
Love. Is. Strange.

One Day Soon

The way gas is going, this isn't too farfetched. I'm 47 years old and started buying gas 31 years ago. Seems to me gas was .65 a gallon and was under a dollar no less than 12-13 years ago, when I lived in Stockton. Now, jeez.

Barn On Fire

I poached these from The barn was set ablaze so the FD could practice. It needed to be torn down so the land could be developed, according to the post I took these from. Cool pics.

What The Hell?

I had someone from Portland OR come to the blog by searching Buddy Holly Athiest. What the hell would prompt that kind of search. Holley was not an Athiest. Its an odd combo to search for and you'll never believe that as I type this Buddy comes on my Yahoo streaming music. Maybe I need to clutch my Baby Jesus pillow!

Snowmobiling In The Tahoe Basin

Here's a couple of shots of my in laws, Ernie and Cheri, out snowmobiling in the Tahoe Basin. The top two are at the top of Mt Watson and the bottom one is on the way. They trailered the snowmobiles to the top of Brockway Summit, which I think is on SH-267. They then took the trails about 15 miles to the turnoff for Mt Watson and the snow was so deep that they had to hike the last bit to the top of the mountain. Between the time we had gone up for dinner and the time these pics were taken they had a few snowstorms come through and really add to the snowpack.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Guitar Hero

Mallory's dad gave her Guitar Hero 2 and 3 for the Playstation, as well as his nearly new station. So, Mal and I played Guitar Hero for a while today. What a cool game, Its too bad they don't have it set up for head to head play, or just air guitaring.

Baby Jesus Protect Me

We did a white elephant exchange at Susan and Trish's on the Eve. I picked out the big box and this is what I got. A Baby Jesus pillow. Everyone just broke out laughing about it. Yep, the Athiest with the Jesus pillow. Nobody stole it from me and I can always use another pillow. So, I kept it and now I'm protected by my Baby Jesus pillow. I'll keep it just in case I'm wrong. (that's humor for those of you who need to read here.)

Christ's So Called Birthday

We did our big family thing on the Eve and just had my parents by on the Day. Nicole, Chuck, Kyleigh and the puppy came by for a minute as well.
Kyleigh is beautiful in her princess outfit, though her mom is making devil horns in the top pic. The middle pic is Grandma and baby and the bottom pic is the Sunshine with the new puppy, Sprocket. He's a purebred black Lab and is about 8 weeks old. They just got him.
Kyleigh has started calling for Sandra, she yells out "Gaaaaah" and that means "Grandma."

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Members Of My Crew

With all the people who called in sick this week or just didn't give a shit enough to come in, well, they're all horses asses.

A Real Rider

Steve at Scooter in the Sticks is a real rider. He lives in Pennsylvania and tries to ride all year. Here's Steve's holiday tree being brought home on the back of his Vespa. He rides on some pretty roads in his neck of the woods. If you are riding you should take a look. There's no real excuse for me not being on the Majesty for the last 6 weeks. It doesn't even snow out here and Sandra and I have not ridden a lick. Shameful.

Crack Is Dangerous

If this isn't scary then nothing is scary. Poached from Musings of an Intrepid Commuter.

A Good Qutoe

This is a good quote that sums it up nicely. I'm still waiting for answers.

More From The Teapot

Click on the image to make it bigger. My parents resisted the call of the Catholic Leauge and went to see the Golden Compass and they liked it. I may need to see it as well, if the Catholic League is against it, it must be worth watching.

This Kills Me

Poached from lolgod.

You Gotta Wonder

There are actually people that believe Jesus hung out with Dino the Dinosaur. What the hell is up with that? They need to go here.

Not Happy

This kid kind of looks like a young GW Bush. He's getting coal in his stocking for xmas.

Brokeback's Sequel

"Screenplay by Howard Stern" This made me laugh.

Give It A Rest

>>"It seems kind of funny this time of year, when everyone stops to honor our savior, that a plaque honoring his name would be rejected," said Hope International Ministries Pastor Ron Kutinsky. <<

No, Hero. Very few people actually stop and honor the Savior on Chirstmas. "Everyone" seems to be out buying trees (pagan) and presents (pagan again). Maybe a few extra people guilt themselves into church on Christmass, but some of us actually celebrate something else besides the birth of a myth.
And, the good Pastor wanted to donate money to the city to have a park bench in memory of "Jesus" on public land. What is it about these guys that they have to force it down everyone's throat? I guess 85% of the nation isn't enough, nor abiding by the Constitution. If a bench was really that important, they could put one up at their own goddamn church. Or, and this is a tough one, give the "donation" to the poor as the Savior demands.
Here's the link to Florida silliness. And, here's the link to the Kitties and Puppies blog for panty wrinklers.

Happy Solstice

Damn if I almost forgot to wish my faithful readers a Happy Solstice!

From The Landover Baptist Church

Here's a few beliefs of Mitt Romney, who is running for President.

He believes that Jesus Christ is Satan's brother.
He believes that God lives near a planet called "Kolob."
He believes in baptizing dead people.
He believes that Jesus is married to a goddess wife.
He believes that The Garden of Eden was in Missouri.
He believes that it was impossible for Negroes to go to Heaven before 1978.
He believes that Jesus has children from his wife or wives.
He believes that he is going to become a god.
He believes he will own his own personal planet after he dies.
He believes the real Christian God is not eternal but rather that He was once a man on some other planet besides Earth!
He believes he needs to wear magical underwear created by Mormons and he is never to take it off unless he is bathing.
He believes it is a sin to drink anything containing caffeine. And that even includes True American™ drinks like Coca-Cola!
He believes children between the ages of 18-21 should wear name badges, ride bicycles and always smile.

I've got to get the info from my mom on the true author of the Book Of Mormon. His last name was Spaulding and I'm decended from him.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's In The Box?


And which headline writer isn't paying attention?

Ripping Up The Snow

A cool clip of a train plowing through the snow.

Liberal Media

Snave has a good post on the "Liberal Media." Kitties and Puppies blog is here for you panty wrinlkers.

Pizza Delivery Bike

Ara went into Acuna, Mexico and took some pics that you should take a look at. I liked the above pizza delivery motorcycles. No word from Ara if the pizza was any good or not.

A Good Quote

>>“I’ve always found it quite odd that we revere the ancient Greeks for their discoveries in science and philosophy and yet we dismiss their religion as fantasy while embracing the religion of a culture that could barely rub two sticks together to make fire.”<<

Poached from Stardust.


If it was me trying on a pair of shoes and I found $5200 stuffed in the toe like this guy did, I wouldn't have said a goddamn word. When nobody claims the money, the scrapper gets it but then the IRS is going to want their cut. I'd have put the cash in my pocket and not said shit to anyone.

I Love This Shit

When I was living with the She Devil, there was an article in the LA Times about the hypocrites, ooops I mean the Promisekeepers and how 2 out of 3 members had porn issues. When she was rambling on about how wonderful they were I pulled out the article and shut her up.
Here's the link to a Florida pastor who is stepping down from his pastorship due to his addiction to online porn. When he announced it to the sheep, they stood up and applauded. What the Fuck is up with that? If shit like this upsets you, click here and go to your happy place.

I Couldn't Imagine

Here's the link to the doctor who took the picture of the patient's penis with "hot rod" tattooed on the shaft. Not one of the links I saw has the goddamn picture. You've gotta be pretty stupid to take that kind of a picture and why the hell do you have a camera or cell phone in the operating theater anyway?

Buddy Holly Crash Pics

Xavier linked here and I poached the pics. I became a fan of Holly's music when the biopic came out and my step dad and I made a pilgrimage to Lubbock one year, I think it was 1990. The movie isn't really all that accurate, once I learned the real story it was much better than the film. Though Gary Busey really kicked ass as Holly.

There's a monument at the crash site in Iowa that I'd really like to see. I'll do this once I retire.

The trip to Lubbock was ok, but the real meaningful part of the trip was to Clovis, New Mexico. Norman Petty's studio was in Clovis and he was the producer of Holly's early work and as per the custom of the day, put his name on many of the early songs as co writer in exchange for studio time.

I learned this from Norman's widow, Vi. We ran into a guy who worked for Vi and he called her and she gave us a private tour of the recording studio. (mentioned in the Wiki link) My step dad and I had a lot of questions to ask and Vi was very gracious. She was appreciative that we knew the real history and the importance of the Petty's in the initial success of Holly and the band. Vi even played the Celeste ( a small piano like instrument) for us. The song was Everyday.

This was all in the day before digital, though I did run a lot of 8mm tape.

The day in Clovis was one of the greatest days of my life. I'll remember it always.

I'll add that we did meet up with Buddy's brother at the family tile store in Lubbock. They were also gracious to us and we bought a store hat. But as fans, the visit with Vi Petty was the trip.
Click on the links, Wikipedia does a pretty good job with background on Holly, Petty and the Celeste.