Saturday, March 29, 2008

This Is A Real Road

Why isn't this just called Shit Road? This is a real road in the Central Valley of California.

Cool Dodge Power Wagon

Ara is in Moab and took this cool pic of an old school Dodge Powerwagon.

Another Reason Nobody Gives A Shit

The entire Daily Review press run went out like this. The same content for page D4 and D5. Your humble blogger caught it when he was reading, oops I mean "proofing" the paper. By the time I saw this it was too late to do anything about it. The missing content was the movie page. One of the few important parts of the paper left and we fuck it up. Actually, the Daily Review people make the mistake, still our pressroom should have proofed this and caught it.
And, this is yet another reason why my company is in so much trouble.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Isn't This The Truth

I usually don't comment on "celebrites" because I don't give a shit. But, ya gotta wonder why Paul McCartney ever got married again. He's got more money than Jesus and he's gotta give up a good sized chunk of it to Heather Mills. I thought Elliot Spitzer spent a lot of money on pussy, but its a drop in the bucket compared to how much its going to cost McCartney.


Looks like a razorback to me. And, no, I'm not doing this to my Beetle.

Look Closely

Yep, the guy is hanging out the cockpit trying to push the prop to restart the engine. This is ballsy.

This Is Cool

I'm getting to be needing a tree like this almost everywhere I go. But, I'm not as bad as Charlie, who is like the guy on the ad towing the porta pottie around.

Ain't This The Truth

Poached from Snave.

A Modern Bombshell

Here's the very pretty Dita Von Teese. She's a burlesque model and had enlivened the genre. Here's her Wiki entry. I've heard of her but didn't remember she was married to that winner Marilyn Manson. Here's Dita's webiste, it may not be safe for work.

A's And Giants for 2008

I have a bit of confidence in the A's. They may play .500 baseball this year and certainly will not lose 90 games. 80-90 losses. Not a stellar year but we should have a good team in two years.

The Giants will lose 105 games. Worst team in baseball. Worse than the Royals. I won't be shocked when they lose 110 games, but let's stick with the 105 losses for now.


Here's the link to Midtown Miscreant's take on this ex cop who was found guilty of child molestation and his 14 year sentence was downgraded to probation. Disgusting in all possible ways. Police officers are supposed to be cut from a better jib from the rest of us.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

RV Bike

Here's my next RV.

Our Next President?

Look at the phone, he's talking into the wrong end.

I Don't Get It

I poached this from Meesha. I've never understood the pie in the face humor, but take a look if you like pretty girls getting slimed and pied.

Custer Grave Site

I poached these from I didn't know there was an actual marker where Custer was killed. I'd have fiugred the victors would have drug the body away as war booty. According to the two Wiki articles I'm linking to here and here, Custer was buried here and a year or so later his body was moved to West Point.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Horses On Sheridan Rd

I stopped to take the top pic of some hands working with the horses and the horse at the bottom nosed up to the fence. He let me pet him though I didn't have a treat for him. I'm usually scared of horses but didn't feel the usual fear for this one. I scratched his nose and he was happy.

Sheridan Rd

Look at the top pic. Commute traffic on I-680 near the golf course. Then, if you take the Sheridan Rd exit, you get almost three miles of quiet, bucolic country lane though the ranches. No traffic, no congestion, no nothing but quiet beauty. I drove to the end of the road and sat in the quiet for a couple of minutes before heading into the plant to clean up and eat before starting my work week.
Millions of people live in the Bay Area and here's a nice road to drive on to take a short break. And, its close to the golf course.

Today's Golf

We went out as a fivesome today at Sunol. And we shot two different nines today, nine on the Palms course and nine on the Cypress.
I played well on the Palms, shooting 48 with 19 putts. It should have been 46, but I putted my ball into another ball on the green and that's a two stroke penalty. I had a par and 5 bogies and only one 8 and one 7. Par for the Palms nine was 53.
The Cypress nine was another "shit the bed" story. I cost myself at least one stroke on every hole on the Cypress as I only make two bogies on my way to a 57 with 19 putts. Two 8's and a 7 pretty much took care of business for me. I didn't hit the driver for shit today. Par was 54 for the Cypress nine. Total par was 107 and I shot 105 with 38 putts.
But, I got to spend time with my pals from work and it was a nice day. So, I guess I got my $37 worth of fun.
You can see in the second pic that the bridge is being replaced that runs through the course. The 7th hole is now a par 3 while construction goes on and I've parred that hole twice since the hole was shortened.
I've never seen the turkeys in the bottom picture on the Palms course before. They usually hang out on the back nine of the Cypress course. They were quiet today. We've got turkeys across the street on Seeno's Hill and we can hear them make a ruckus in the morning.

UOP Baseball at Klein Family Field

On Monday, Sandra and I took a drive out to Stockton to watch UOP play Stanford. Klein Family Field is the new ballpark on campus, the Tigers used to play at Billy Hebert Field in Oak Park. (The Ports used to play there as well)
When the Ports moved to Banner Island, the City of Stockton downgraded the maintenance of the field and UOP raised a few million dollars and built the above field. It seats about 900 people. You sit real close and the sightlines are good.
Back when I lived in Stockton I went to many of the Sunday Tiger games. I've even driven to Reno and San Luis Obispo to watch them play. This was my first Tiger game in almost 5 years, I don't recall coming out to see a college game since I've been with Sandra.
Sadly, the Tigers were on the short end of a 14-0 whipping at the hands of the Cardinal. Still, going to the baseball game is a wonderful way to spend the day, or evening in this case.
I don't think I like the Tiger home uniforms. They used to have home whites that buttoned up, then they went to black shirts that looked pretty good. The orange on orange isn't appealing. They should have the tiger insignia that is on the hat on the front of the shirt. And, they need to junk the orange.

This Is More Interesting

Kyleigh was more interested in the chocolate egg than what was in the pinata.

Whacking The Pinata

Mallory finally got the mask off and broke open the pinata.

Grandpa And Baby

Here I am holding Kyleigh on Easter.

First Pic

The first pic with the new camera is of Susan and the baby on Easter.

We Got Our Living Room Back

Chuck did a fine job in reparing our drywall. That, and Sandra bought a couch from a friend of the family. Red, isn't it. I didn't like it at first but its growing on me. Its a good couch to take a nap on and it is nice to get our living room back after two months.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Great Nevada Ride

I don't know these people. I poached the pics from, which is a motorcycle forum that I actually pay to be a part of.
These bad seeds went on a ride through rural Nevada, going to Gerlach, Winnemucca, and Austin, to name a few towns on the paved road.
The top pic is a modern day sheepherder. Not a spartan as the guys on Brokeback Mountain.
The middle pic is some of the riders soaking in a natural hot spring. And the bottom pic is getting caught in a March snowstorm in Austin, which is 6 or 7 thousand feet in elevation.
I've written about this before, but I really miss my dual sporting days. Riding in the outback with Rich and/or Charlie was just the bomb. I miss riding with my friends and I miss my stolen KLR 650. I almost want to buy another one just to ride when I go out by myself. The trip pictured above is just what dual sporting is all about. Sadly, I can't link the whole thread to you as its a pay site. But, you get the gist.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Old Bikes

The top one is a 1933 Royal Enfield. My dad has a 2007 Enfield. They're made in India these days. I've yet to ride it.
The next two are Kawasaki Two Stroke triples of 500 and 750 cc's. A guy I knew in high school, Dale A, had a 350 triple that I rode once and it scared the hell out of me. The 500's and 750's were dangerous machines to ride. Very twitchy on the throttle and remember there's no compression stroke to slow you down with the engine. From what I recall they didn't handle all that well either, but from stoplight to stoplight they were hell on wheels.
I got these pics from 40 on 2. I'd really like to go to a show like this and see the old Japanese bikes.