Thursday, August 28, 2008

Off The Blog For A Few Days

I missed a couple of days at work due to a fierce migraine. Haven't had one that bad in a while. I'm currently at the public library in Rio Vista writing this and checking my regular reads. I and Sandra and I are camping at Sandy Beach for the long Labor Day weekend. I seem to be unable to get out of bed before 2 o'clock in the afternoon so riding and playing golf are turning out to be just a dream. Still, it beats working.
Unless I make it back to the library, I'll be back on the blog next Wednesday. So, come on back then.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Good Quote

“You’re entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.”

According to Reed, its a Joe Biden quote. Reed likes it and I do too.

Why The Christian God Is Impossible

I saw this at Stardusts and linked to it directly. My answer is in a lot less words. "Because its made up" sums it up for me.

Another Boobalicious Wedding Dress

I realize that all brides in dresses want to look their sexy best, but... Besides, its not like I object to a boobalicious wedding dress anyway. Though Sandra would gouge my eyes out with a rusty awl if she caught me staring too hard.

Another Cat Pic

Y'know, I think Meesha has a point. You can see 6 ears on this cat.

Stones Fan To The End

I'm not a die hard Stones fan. I've seen them twice, once on the Some Girls tour and once on the tour after that, with George Thourogood and J Giles.
They were tremendous the first time and not so good the second time. Santana and Eddie Money played with them the first time, I think it was in 1978. I went with Mark and George, they're bigger fans than I am. Still, I'm glad I've seen them when they put on a great show.

Another Good Quote From The FFRF

"The impotence of God is infinite"

Anatole France, Under The Rose, 1925

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Black Knight

I saw this on Vamp's. Its the Black Night from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What a funny, funny movie. I never could get enough of the church bashing that Python does. Watching Python is something I did with my late brother that I miss doing. Its funny, and I noted this in Vamp's comments, but she's the only gal I know of that understands the humor of Python. No other gal I've met got the humor.

4 Eared Cat And Owner

Live In The Forest

Someone on took these pics of a real live bear in the forest. I can't wait to see one live in the wild.

Pics Of San Quentin

I poached these from Pashnit. The bottom two are San Q but I'm not so sure about the top one. The Q is the oldest prison in the state.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Kills Me

Its a chocolate anus. Don't ask why I find shit like this so funny. I still say I was dropped on my head as a child and my mom won't fess up.

Viet Coffee

One of my crew, Duc, brought me in some Viet coffee tonight. Its called Cafe Su Da and is strong coffee with cream over ice. The first time I had cold coffee was on the way to Death Valley almost 20 years ago. For some reason it sounded good until I bought the bottle and took a sip. Ugh. Right into the trash can.
When Starbucks got popular, I tried the Frappicino and got hooked on those. One day, one of my Viet guys brought me in a coffee and told me to try it. Damn if it wasn't yummy. And, the caffeine rush lasts for a while without the jitters. A winning scenario in every way.

This Kills Me

At Stuff God Hates, the caption for this pic was "Jesus was an ugly baby." And, yes, this kills me.

This Is Love

This is one trusting guy.

Drownproof Women

Hey, don't blame me, Grant sent me these with the caption. There's no way any of these gals would ever drown.

I Need One Of These At Work

Thanks to Grant.

A Wedding Dress To Die For

She might as well go topless. Not like I would complain or anything. Thanks to Grant for the pic.

A Good Quote

"No kingdom has had as many civil wars as the Kingdom of Christ"

Montesquieu, Persian Letters, 1721

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Kills Me

I'm sure I was dropped on my head as a child.

Redneck Spa

Gotta have the beer bottle.

Posing For Real Pictures

Kristopher Stallworth is the photography professor at Bakersfield College in Bakersfield CA. He used Google to find my blog and emailed me asking me if I'd be interested in being photographed for a project he's doing on RV culture. I took a look at his website and it looked to be on the up and up, so I said "what the hell." He felt that a scooter riding, Atheist RV'er would be right up his alley.
It took a month to set up a time for Kris to drive up from Bakersfield and we met at the condo last Sunday.
I get the rv out of storage and have it ready at the condo for Kris' arrival. He comes in the afternoon and pulls out an old school camera like they used in the 1800's. It uses film of all things and he puts the black hood over his head when he looks through the viewfinder. The view in the finder shows the subject upside down and backwards. I thought this was interesting as hell.
He took some portrait shots of Sandra and I with the scooters and the rv. Then, we drove down to Round Valley where we took a few outdoor shots and that was that. We even signed model releases. How cool is that.
Once he gets the pics developed and scanned he'll send them to me and I'll post the good ones. I'd be interested to see his finished work on rv culture. Posing for real pics, who would have thought of it.

A Stellar Day To Golf

Poppy Hills is one of the nicest courses I've ever played. It sits in Pebble Beach, CA, on the Monterey Peninsula. The MP is a golfing haven, and not cheap. Poppy is owned by the Northern California Golf Association, or NCGA. They're the umbrella organization that golf clubs belong to. They put on tournaments and are the ones behind computing the handicap for each member golfer. I belong to the NCGA because our club, the Daddy Longball Golf Club, is an associate club. That means we're not associated with a golf course but independent.
I golfed with Jim V, Chuck B and Jim T. These are guys I see at the tournament every year. I've known Jim V for going on 30 years.
We met and carpooled down. 4 men and 4 sets of golf clubs, this is one of the reasons I bought the Suburban.
The course was cut out of the forest. I don't mean there's a few trees along the edge of the fairway, I mean forest. We all should have had a chainsaw in our bags.
I lost a ball over the back of the green on the first hole and that was just the start to a horrible day with the scorecard. The highlight of my day was chipping in for birdie on #3. There was a mound between me and the hole so I didn't see it go in. When the guys said "its in the hole", I figured they were busting my balls. But, sure as shit, it went in.
And that was it. I hit some good shots but fell apart early. I shot 56 on the front, which is close to par for me. The back was just one loooong drive in the cart. I hit a few into the forest and decided to not remember how to hit my driver down the fairway. That sideways shit took over again.
I didn't par a hole for the second round in a row. My back 9 score was 67. Ugh. Par for me was 109 and I shot 123, posting 121. I didn't keep score myself but I didn't putt all that well.
But, I played with friends of mine who I haven't played with in a while and that's always a good thing. The weather was tremendous after the first hole, when the fog broke and the mist lifted.
And, I got to play golf in Pebble Beach for only $72, when if you're not a NCGA member, its a $220 round. And, that's no misprint.
Oh, and upon edit, where are the pictures? I brought the camera down and left it in the back of the Burb. When we drove to the 10th hole I took another look for the camera and still didn't see it as I didn't think to look in the back. Only when we were done and putting our clubs away did I see the camera. Beats the hell out of me as to why my head is stuck so far up my ass. So, no fabulous pics of Poppy Hills for you to look at today.

Its On Again

We're off the press and as I come back to my office to finish the shift I put my Yahoo music on and the first song out of the barn is the 34 minute version of Mountain Jam by the Allman Bros. I still think its longer than most of the Ramones albums.

Meesha's Russianmobile

Here's Meesha's contribution to the batch of old car and truck pics I've had.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Meme

A number of my regular reads had this so I thought I'd chime in.

1) Soda vs. Pop. It's always been soda. Pop is what my son used to call me.

2) Regular vs Diet. Diet all the way.

3) Coke vs Pepsi. I used to drink Diet Coke but Sandra got me to change to the dark side. Now its Diet Pepsi all the way. Unless I'm drinking iced tea or the Palmer.

4) Beer vs Wine. Beer. Wine makes my physically ill.

5) White vs Red. What's that, the color of the label on the beer bottle?

6) Panty vs Underwear. I don't look good in panties and Sandra won't let me wear hers anyway.

7) Thong vs Other. Thongs look good on gals, but not on me.

8) Silk vs Cotton. Silk is nice but I ate my way out of my Tommy Bahama silk boxers. So, the Big Dogs boxers fit the bill and they're usually all cotton.

9) Boxers vs Briefs. Boxers all the way. When Sandra first took a look at my colored and print boxers she laughed out loud.

10) Mc Donalds or Burger King. Hell, In N Out and Taco Bell. But in a pinch its BK.

11) Chocolate vs Vanilla. Both is fine.

12) Sweet vs Savory. I like my women savory, like Sandra.

13) Plaid vs Solids. Solids. Fat guys in plaid, well, its not flying here.

14) Flats vs Heels.

15) Automatic vs Stick. Stick all the way. Nothing like banging the box. Er, the gearbox.

16) Black vs White. Black hides the girth.

17) Cursive vs Printing. Cursive is dead.

18) Length vs Girth. Ya gotta ask Sandra.

19) Butter vs Margarine. Butter all the way.

20) Paula Dean vs Rachel Ray. That Rachel Ray is easy on the eyes.

And the 4 readers I nominate are Sandra, Todd, Mark and Charlie.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Stupid Crook Story

Here's a guy who goes in the drugstore with a caulking gun wrapped up to look like a real gun. He robs the place and runs out to his car. Problem is the doors are locked and the engine's running. So, he flees on foot and the long arm of the law catches up with him. I love stupid crook stories.

This Does Not End Well

Semi Truck Tries To Outrun Train - Watch more free videos

At what point do you realize you've made a horrible mistake in timing and you're a dead duck?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aw Shucks

Thanks to Poodles for nominating me for this award from her blog. I'm supposed to add 7 bloggers but damned if I know who to add.

Old Chevy Truck

A nice looking old Chevy truck, built sometime in the 50's. Poached from

Isn't This An Interesting Statue

Can't say I ever recall seeing a statue of a chick with a dick before.

This Can Be risky

I'd sure hate to see the sweater puppies rubbed off if she fell.

This Kills Me

You Don't See Too Many Of These

I think its a VW pickup.

Looking For Charlie

As Charlie knows, these are dangerous creatures. Hell, after he tried to kill me in Kansas by hitting a deer, I know that as well.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Good Quote

"Over and over, expanding scientific knowledge has shown religious claims to be false. None of the belief in gods has any merit."

Paul D Boyer, "A Path to Athiesm" FFRF 2004

One Guess

The answer is in the comments.

Why Toll Transponders Suck

Its called Fast Trak here in the Bay Area. You sign up for one and your toll is automatically deducted from your account and you get special lanes at the toll booths. OK, sounds like a good idea if your commute is over one of the bridges. But, read this and you'll change your mind. The transponders are easily hackable and your real time movements can be tracked by the state. Hmmmm. Not a good idea to me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Really Am Stupid

OK, Sunday comes around and I wake up and go eat at Carl's Jr and read the papers. I do this most Sundays that I don't have plans with Sandra. I'm wearing new Ben Davis shorts with a pocket down the leg. I usually put my phone in one of the upper pockets but do it differently today. Well, later on in the evening I'm sitting on the bed watching tv when Sandra comes in. That triggers it. I tell her "my cell phone is in the washing machine. Oh Shit." What's worse is the last time I put my phone in a pants pocket like this I too put it through the washer. What the hell's wrong with me?
So, I hike it on down to the ATT store and buy a Razr. It does more than I ever need a phone to do, but the clarity of the calls is what I want. My old phone would drop calls in the metro area and it would annoy the hell out of me. Never mind the $300 of allowance this cost me. Goddamn if I'm not a dumb shit.

Today's So Called Golf

What a pleasant day to golf. The temps were in the 80's and the wind wasn't too bad. The shame was in my play. We teed off on 10 and I hit the first shot off into the shit to the left, then grounded the next shot off the tee. I lost a couple of balls with slices into the high grass and ended up taking a 12 on the first hole we played.
Taking a nine on the hole after next didn't help matters any, nor did putting 22 times and not parring a hole on the front.
The back was only slightly better, as I took a 1o and a 9 with no pars and 20 putts. I couldn't do anything well today. I sucked so bad that I swung at a chip and stuck the club 6 inches behind the ball. And, that's a stroke.
The total misery for today was 118 with 42 putts. No pars and six bogies and an awful lot of shit.
What was odd was that Senior and Jeremy played shitty today as well. Only Art played well, he shot 90. The rest of us, well, that's why we enjoy each others company when we play. It really sucks when you play badly and you're by yourself. Trust me on this one.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cool Pic

Multiple lightning strikes, Poached from

This Kills Me

Poached from George.

Yes, I'm An Asshole

There's a guy here at work who's sister and nephew were killed in a horrible car accident where the cars hit head on and burst into flames. The guy here got called at work in the middle of his shift with the news. Very sad and troubling.
OK, some of the Teamsters I work with took up a collection. For what I have no idea. Its not like we knew the sister or nephew. When I was asked to donate I said "What the hell for? You're giving money to a guy who looks at all of us with contempt and has no respect for any of us." Then I added, "And where was all this concern for me when my step brother was killed in a bike wreck? My family had to see it as the lead story on the tv news and read about it on the front page of the paper in my home town." Um, er, ah, they're looking down at their shoes.
"And. when my brother died in Africa after getting bit by something, you motherfuckers couldn't even pass around a card, much less donate to me. And I don't look down on you like (this guy) does. So, what the fuck is up with all of this bullshit? Fuck the whole lot of you!"

I don't really know why it rubbed me the wrong way. I guess if the guy was more likable I wouldn't have had such an issue with it. And, I don't think personal tragedy should warrant a cash payment. Though we did have a guy's wife die of cancer fairly young and I kicked in to the card. Still.

So, tell me faithful readers, what's your take on giving money to someone who has suffered tragedy?

Bernie Mac Dies

Here's the Yahoo link. Josh and I went to see Kings of Comedy when it came out and I laughed my ass off. I've always thought Bernie Mac was one funny dude. Its a shame.

The Old Country

Makes me proud to be a Viking. Thanks to Grant for the posters.

I Think This Is An Attention Getter

Cool Cop Cars

When Charlie was in Germany, he tried to trade for a green Polizei motorcycle jacket for me. We had conversation as to if it was legal to wear in America. He never could get one of the guys to part with theirs. Thanks to Grant for the pics.

Poke Him Again

I root for the bull.

This Kills Me

The "Fuck You" tree.

Now This Is Flexable

Maybe I'm a sick fuck, but don't you think she can make a pretty penny doing this pose naked?

I Know People Like This

Nothing a key down the side wouldn't fix. I've spit on cars parked like this. Its principle.

More Interesting Tattoos

I can't say I've ever seen a Bob Barker tattoo before. Break is a treasure trove of interesting tattoo work.