Friday, October 31, 2008

This Kills Me

This got a laugh out of me.

This Kills Me

Looks like Cookie Monster got the raw deal in this one.

More Lisa Ann As Sarah Palin

I was wondering when I'd see the topless shot of Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin. Lo and behold, Nightmare had it on his blog and I just had to poach it.

Sarah Palin Costume

This isn't the $150,000 version.

This Kills Me

Three Birds

That Tia Tequila is an interesting looking gal and it always kills me when apes and babies give the finger.

Tow Heads On Enfield

My dad has a modern version of this Royal Enfield. I've yet to ride it.

This Kills Me

I found the "old bikes" board on pahsnit and its way cool. I've not seen bikes "ridden" like this before. I'd pay to see this.

Old Police Bike

According to the poster on pashnit, this was taken in Fargo ND in 1932. Way cool.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Kills Me

Turn Jesus on, little kiddies. Poached from Vamp.

What I'm Carving For Halloween

The only thing missing is Sandra's foot through the middle.

This Kills Me

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Poached from Todd

Just To Wrinke Panties

One of my regular readers has hinted that I'm sexist. So, this is for the anon poster who is bound to comment. Oh, and I live with her so I know who she is and where she lives.

I Haven't Done This...Yet

This is when your trash can and shit fly out the door. And, its a trailer so you don't hear the door flap around. Always a good reason to do the walk around twice, clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Fistacuffs at 78

Here's the link to a 78 year old scrapper who went to jail for assaulting a fellow golfer on the course. According to the article the "victim" doesn't live in the development and isn't paying to play. Hell, I bet he cheats on the scorecard as well.

What's Sad Is...

I remember floppy discs being this big. The first computer I ever had used the 5.25 discs. God, does that make me feel old. Actually, I also rememeber my late brother bringing home a huge teletype looking typewriter with a modem and we used his work's computer remotely. Noisy as a sumbich. I thought it was cool but Kurt was hooked.

This Kills Me

I must be tired but I laughed out loud when I saw this.



Why Vern, why?

Old Studebaker

According to the posters on, this is a 1963. Pretty cool looking car.

Old Cop Car

The star on the door says Sedgwick Co, which is in Kansas. I can't recall exactly where, maybe Charlie can chime in.

More From The FFRF

[Asked by Calvin if the devil was part of God, Servetus laughed and said] Can you doubt it?

Michael Servetus, during his trial for heresy in Geneva, 1553

Y'know, I've said that the Devil is God's right hand man. God doesn't have the stomach to do all the bad he wants done, so he had the Devil take care of his messy work for him. Though I think I like this quote better. Do you need any more reasons to join the FFRF? Get off the stick and do it now!

From The FFRF

This loathsome combination of Church and State.”

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) to C. Clay, 1815

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guitar Boat

This is pretty cool.

My Crew

Fiery found a great pic of what most of my crew looks like.

This Is To Bust Todd's Chops

If you stop and think about it for a minute, when Jesus says to give all to the poor and follow Him, well...

This Kills Me

I've not understood why if you're going to spray paint shit on buildings, why don't you make it legible? I can't read most all the scribble that passes for graffiti

This Kills Me

I've never understoon catch and release. If you're going to go to all the trouble of catching the damn things, you ought to eat them. Though I don't really understand fishing anyway. Then again, I play golf and that can be looked at with the same face.

This Kills Me

I poached this from Laurie.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Here's A Plug

Sista #2 has commented a bit on the blog and here's her plug. Holy Crappers is the blog #2 and #1 write, they live in Philly. Give it a look.

Upon edit, and thanks to the Sista's. #1 lives in Philly and #2 lives in Florida. What's worse is that is says it right on their blog header and I missed it. The loud popping sound is me pulling my head out of my ass.

More From Work

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that our plant is for sale. The whole place. The plan is to sell most of the lot and most of the 440k sq ft building, leaving only the production part of the building left. The building itself is 44 years old and in need of repair.
Also, since the massive layoffs, the place is a ghost town. I had to go to Payroll when the credit union was sold and the three people in payroll were the only people on the entire second floor of a three story building.
We owned the lot across the street and it sold for $27 million. There's a Lowe's going up on it. Once the zoning here is changed from Heavy Industrial to Retail, well, we're in a heap of shit.
OK, you're asking where we're going to print. Well, I'll tell you. In Fremont as we speak a Canadian company is building a press operation so big that the Chronicle is consolidating three print sites with mailrooms to this one place. We've heard they (Intercontinental) have the room for 8 presses. (we have 4 here at the Merc)
Singleton has a habit of selling the land his newly acquired papers sit on and leasing out smaller digs after he cans most of the staff. We can see it happening here. Though there's talk of leasing back the part of the lot that the production people use. Yeah, rrrright.
The Chronicle is taking their Teamsters with them to the new place. We're not so sure the Mercury will take us with them if they move. Needless to say there's great concern with my co workers about our futures. And the recession/depression we're in isn't helping matters any.

Wrapping Up Work

1) One of my crew has been in jail for the last 6 weeks. He got pulled over on a Sunday night for some traffic infraction and when the cops ran his name, well, off he went. In a stunning move, we actually fired the guy for job abandonment. I've had issues with this guy for a while so I wasn't crying too hard about it. We called him "Teflon Joe" for all the shit he pulled and never, ever got in trouble for. One of my guys checked on the internet and saw ol' Teflon has two separate court dates next week, so he's been a bad boy.
I didn't know it but he was wearing an ankle bracelet for a while earlier in the year. We suspect a probation hold as he's in on no bail warrants.

2) I had written about a gal that was a no call no show 6 times so far this year. Well, that number has grown to 10 after last weekend's "fall down the stairs" after she called me and said she'd be late for work. This is the second time she's called me saying she would be late and some calamity has happened to prevent her from even calling in. I'm so disgusted with the entire situation that I want to quit in protest. But, you can't quit your job in recession over stupid shit. That, and Safeway doesn't hire in the fall and I've got big vacation plans for next year that I don't want to screw up.

3) Another guy I work with but isn't on my direct crew got picked up in the ATF raids on the Mongols motorcycle club. This guy didn't talk about it much but he's a high ranking Mongol and the guy who got him in here at the paper (and lives across the street from him) said that he woke up the other day and saw many police with flack jackets and helmets surround this guy's house and, well, cue the "bad boy's" theme from Cops.

Old School Bike

That's a V-8 stuffed in the springer frame. What a beast to ride. And, look how small the gas tank is, must have had to stop for gas every half hour.

As Charlie Would Say

"Press hard, three copies."

I'm Not The Only One

I poached this from pahsnit. As you can see, the Parkfield Cafe is a popular destination spot for lunch, even for those on 4 wheels.

Another Good Quote

'Those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither'

Ben Franklin

A Good Quote

"The most significant performance improvement you can make to a motorbike is to improve the skills of the rider."

I got this off a pashnit poster's sig and I agree with it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I See This

"Christianity persecuted, tortured, and burned. Like a hound it tracked the very scent of heresy. It kindled wars, and nursed furious hatreds and ambitions. It sanctified, quite like Mohammedanism, extermination and tyranny. . ."

George Santayana, philosopher (1863-1952), Little Essays, No. 107, "Christian Morality"

Another one from my daily FFRF reading.

From The FFRF

Not one man in ten thousand has goodness of heart or strength of mind to be an atheist.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, letter to Thomas Allsop, c. 1820

I think I've posted this before but I can't remember. If so, it bears repeating. Coleridge's birthday was on the 21st. I'm a couple of days behind on my FFRF reading.

Cool CBX

I'd really like to ride one of these once in my life.

Santa Ripping Up The Road

Not Paying Attention

Riding on the pained surface of the road in the rain is the worst place you can be. The paint becomes slick like ice. I remember a while ago riding on SH-25 with Charlie and I had brake on while crossing over the painted line with wet pavement. Damn near wiggled myself off the bike. You gotta be careful.

High Voltage Urinal

I'd be very leery of taking a pee here.

Just Because

This Is Redneck

Sportin' cammo for the prom. I'd do this.

Cheeseburger Bath

At no time have I ever been naked in a bathtub with another man full of Mc Donald's Double Cheeseburgers. And to think I've got issues.

The Dano Girls

My favorite bass playing Krishna sent me this pic of the Dano Girls, a band from the 1960's. Only a real musician would notice that there's no bass player in the band. Me, I'm looking at the boobs.

I Love My Feejit

If you type this >>blog butt plug lifestyle<< into Google, this very blog comes up 6th. God only knows how having the pic of the guy who needs to wipe his butt with a mop and a plug frok GoK means that I'm into the butt plug lifestyle. Google is an interesting search engine.
Oh, and I know this because that's the search words someone used to come by the blog and I had to take a look.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Atheist Advertising

Satyavati sent me this. Atheists in London are buying ads on the sides of buses letting the English know that there probably s no god so go and enjoy life. The FFRF has been buying billboard space for the American version of the good word.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Is Exactly How I Feel About Photo Radar

According to, some enterprizing people in Maryland painted this on the street next to a photo radar camera. My regular readers know how shitty I think photo radar is and what a true scam it is.

You've Got To Be Kidding

Poached from Vamp.

I May Agree With Todd

From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need

-Karl Marx

“…when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

-Barack Obama

Todd had these quotes on his blog and I cringed when I heard Obama say the above quote to Joe The Plumber this week.
Part of me has some Socialist leanings. I know of people who cannot take care of themselves and I don't have a problem paying taxes so these people are taken care of. I also think its a national shame that so many Americans cannot get health coverage in this "land of plenty."
On the other hand, Sandra and I have worked for everything we have. We live a California Middle Class lifestyle. We're paying a mortgage and we have one piece of rental property. We're doing well but are not rich by any means.
I don't think its good for "everybody" when you take from some and give to others just because. I work nights, weekends and holidays to uphold my financial responsibilites and for my money to be taken from me to give to those who won't work just pisses me off.
I'm not voting for Mc Cain, this isn't just Obama bashing. I don't like either candidate for their stance on continuing the illegal domestic spying without a warrant. Such a breach of the 4th Amendment has our Founding Fathers spinning in thier graves.
But the idea that those with "wealth" (and have a good time defining that) need to "give" to those without through the filter of the government, well, you can guess how I feel about that.

This Kills Me

Doesn't ZZ Top sign a song about this?

Weird Al As A Pimp

Doesn't this guy remind you of Werid Al?

Here's Good Damn Reason

This guy, who lives in Florida, had his arm chomped off by an alligator. Pictured is the replacement arm. In the story here, he talks about the arm God gave him. Hell, God sicced the gator on this guy, after all everything that happens is God's direct will as He is all powerful.

One Big Assed Burger

This guy ate a 15 pound burger with 5 pounds of bun and toppings. His colon cannot be happy. Here's the link.

Old School Camper

Here's an old school camper. Look at the grass underneath it, I don't think its been driven in a while.

Use A Mop

It looks like this guy almost needs a mop to wipe his butt. Whew, pull up your pants!

Gimmie A Beer

I like the occasional beer.

Boo Boo Bear Waiting For Lunch

Here's Boo Boo Bear waiting patiently for lunch to be served. I can't wait to see one in the wild again.

Just Boobs

I lauged at the scene in Look Whos Talking when the baby (voiced by Bruce Willis) looks at the gal with the big rack and says "Hmmm, lunch."