Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Do Me

I got fuel yesterday on the way home from work and paid $3.779 a gallon for diesel. Fuel from the dregs of the barrel and hardly refined at all. But yet, its 40 cents a gallon higher than regular gasoline. If you're going to fuck me, at least use KY and give me the reacharound.
Speaking of the reacharound, I knew a guy who worked in the prison system here in California. He told us that when you saw two guys fucking that you could tell if it was true love or a debt paid by if the pitcher was giving the catcher the reacharound or not.

I Don't Believe It

I won't say exactly who told me this, but two gals that I know insist that our President and Secretary of State are doing each other. They both told me in dinner conversation the other day. They were agast that I didn't believe them, insisting that their "women's intitution" was correct. The two of them couldn't see how I didn't see it.

Jesus. I don't know what gets into these gals.


What animal is bad assed enough to take on a rhino, much less rip his horn off?

Satyavati Plugs The Blog

It slipped my mind to mention this, but my only Krishna reader has given me a kind plug on her blog. Here's the link to Satyavati's plug. The Road To Braj is blogrolled to the right. Thanks, Satyavati for the plug and kind words.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Constitution

First off, why does a city need a "mission statement." What a time wasting crock of shit. Here at the paper I was in a pilot program where we were in a self directed work team. The supervisors said we needed a "mission statement" and we wasted time coming up with bullshit to appease the higher up's.
Secondly, why is "striv(ing) to serve God" anywhere in a secular body's "mission statement?" Fortunately for lovers of the Constitution, the FFRF is on the case and already on the City of Hudsonville MI to change it. What's needed is a citizen of Hudsonville to complain publicly and the FFRF can help with the legal action.
The bible beaters just can't stop ramming it down everyone's throat. Ugh, I see civics is sadly lacking in the Michigan state schools. Here's the link.

Off To The Hoosegow

We can't go too many days without another of God's representives getting put away for molestation. Here's the link to a Georgia pastor facing 25 years in prison.

This Kills Me

Both Poodles and Xavier linked today to this site. Stuff White People Like. They've been up for about 5 weeks and have over 4 million hits. Add to the count!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

There was an announcement last week at the paper than chain wide they wanted to lose 1100 people from all the papers in California. Every single non Union employee got a buyout notice. Either they take the buyout or they risk getting laid off. What a spot to be in. D Day is March 4th for those who are not taking the buyout and playing Russian Roulette with their jobs.
Your humble blogger is not at direct risk of layoff for the duration of the contract, which ends in June of 2011. In our last contract, the top 75 in senority by name were guarenteed work through the life of the contract, and I'm in the 75. Now, that's not a rolling top 75, but the top 75 of the day we ratified the contract. Out of those 75 we're down to about 40 or so.
Of course its my fervent belief that we're not getting another contract so I fully expect to be applying at Safeway (the large grocery chain in Northern Calfornia, amongst other states).
Still, what a spot to be in. Take the buyout and look for a job in a tough economic climate or risk getting the axe without anything but a boot in the ass. I've said more than once on this very blog that times are tough in the paper business and I'm not kidding. I don't see it ever getting better.

Today's Golf

I try to have goals when I play a round of golf. Not just to play my best, but numerical goals. I try to break 100. I try to break 50 for each 9. I try to have 36 putts or less with 18 or less for each 9. And, I try to have no score over 9 for the round.
Sadly, I met only one of these goals today at San Jose Muni. It was a beautiful day to play, as it was almost 70 degrees and I broke out the short sleeves and shorts today. And, though I'm a fat ass I do have nice legs.
After parring the first hole I took the gas. I still hit the occasional pissy shot with the new driver, the tee shot on 2 went sideways into the trees along the fence. It took me three whacks to get out from the trees, then I sliced into the pond for a penalty. $36 for this misery. Somehow I hit a good shot then got on the green and two putted for 9. 9 is the highest score I can post, so at least I don't have to adjust my posted score.
I then knocked off 5 bogies in a row to right the ship. I did three putt twice of the five, so it wasn't all good, but still I had my head firmly out of my ass. I closed weakly with a pair of sevens to total 51 for the front, with 18 putts. OK, a good recovery from one shitty hole.
I started the back poorly. I hit another sideways tee shot into the ground, then hit my approach into the fence. It took me another 4 whacks to get out and on the green. I even hit the same shot twice with the same swing, which is a penalty. This is one of my problems. I can't seem to put the brakes on a shitty hole. What should be a 7 or 8 turns into a 10 or 12. Two of those and that's 10 strokes to the bad and my score skyrockets. Finally I got on the green and three putted for 11. Ugh.
I managed to par once and bogie twice over the next 4 holes. Then, the wheels came off as I hit another tee shot into the ground about 10 feet in front of me then stubbed a few more shots before slicing one into the opposite fairway. Of course I had to three putt this hole as well for a 10. I again finished up weakly, double, double, triple with two three putts to card a 60 with 22 putts. For those of you keeping score at home that's 51-60-111 with 40 putts, posting a 108. Par for me was 104 so I shot a net 79. Not impressive at all.
But, six of us from work got out and played so how bad could it really be. And, as I was typing this post I took a call from Hime (one of the guys I put on Longball with) and we're going to set up playing on an occasional Monday. So, golf isn't all bad.

This Kills Me

My high school pal Yumi sent me this. She comes up with some winners. This make me laugh out loud.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pumping Up The Speed Limit

Back in the day I'd have loved this. Now I drive like a grandma. I got this from, they say that Utah is planning an 80 mph stretch of I-15. Speed crazy Mormons!

We Face This

This is the persecution Athiests face each and every day from the bible beaters. Here's the link to why people like me "hate America." And here's thier own link to some good quotes from the FFRF leadership. What kills me is that the quotes are what I mostly believe anyway, so the INWT'ers are helping spread the FFRF's ideas.

I've yet to understand how people like this group can deny that Athiests are patriotic. Being a Chrsitian does not make you automatically patriotic, nor does being an Athiest mean you're not. Its not that hard to figure out.

Not Keeping Kosher

I told you these killing machines scare the hell out of me. I poached the tag line from Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hell Of A Hurry

Here's a guy in a hell of a hurry to pay his toll and not wait his turn.

Go Bull Go

I always like to see the bull take it to one of these idiots.

Just Not Paying Attention

Another Winner

This guy drives a stolen car to the Sheriff's Office to demand money that was taken in a previous drug related arrest. When the deputies see he's leaving in a stolen car they pull him over and notice he's shutting off the igniton with a screwdriver. The passenger had drugs on her, so the both of them went to the hoosegow. There's just so many stupid people, it seems to me law enforcement is a good career to be in. After all, stupid people breed.

It Takes All Kinds

I don't recall ever seeing a dead animal and thinking, "Gee, wouldn't sex with a dead animal hit the spot about now." But for this guy, it punches his ticket. And to think he just got out of prison for killing a horse to have sex with it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sharp Pics

I poached these from T&A. He took a couple of nice pics of the eclipse that you can see here. It got cloudy here in the Bay Area and I only got a glimse of the action.

A Good Quote

Nightmare posted this quote on the last post and I thought it deserved its own post. Its from George Carlin.

"Religion easily has the best bullshit story of all time. Think about it. Religion has convinced people that there's an invisible man . . . living in the sky. Who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of 10 specific things he doesn't want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer, and burn, and scream, until the end of time. But he loves you. He loves you. He loves you and he needs money."

Pretty much spot on.

44 Minute Song

I posted here about the Allman Brothers song Mountain Jam that went on for 34 minutes. Currently playing on my Yahoo streaming music is another version that is 44 mintues long. Jesus, I don't think the first Van Halen album lasted that long.

Why Is This Man Not In Jail?

Poached from Snave.

Go Ronnie

Thanks to Snave.

Me Three!


OK, you're sent out to put in the posts. When do you realize that you can't get your truck off the sidewalk because of the posts you just put in? Thanks to Fiery for the pic.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They Really Do This Stupid Shit

I poaced this from Midtown Miscreant, who while out and about the KC area ran across some of the Phleps' best expressing themselves. They don't seem to make it out to California too often. I don't think I can disagree with the "god hates you" sign. I'm fat, stutter, and have a shitty golf game. Of course god hates me!
And, look how cheap the gas is. At least a quarter cheaper than California.

I Don't Get It

This youth pastor confessed to police 14 years after he murdered a clerk for cigs and cash. The church has thrown their support behind this killer and "forgiven" him. What kind of bullshit is this. Maybe the family of the guy he killed can forgive him, but I don't see how a bunch of people without any connection to the murder can get all touchy feely and "forgive" this guy when they have no involvement in it.
One gal calls him a "hero" and another says "To lock him away someplace and say he owes it to society is robbing the next generation of a mentor." I guess if you're a "youth pastor" that's a free ticket to murder, according to these idiots. Here's the link.

New To The Blogroll

I've been neglegent in getting some of my new visitors to the blogroll. Sarah, Meesha, Tex and Tex's Missus have all been by a time or two and I've blogrolled them to the right. Take a look.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today's Golf

It was gloomy when I got in the car to head out to Sunol to play golf today. It rained a bit on the way and when I pulled into the lot it was raining. We waited until our 10:50 tee time and it was still raining. We decided to go ahead and play.
It was wet for the first three or four holes and the rain stopped and that was it. The fairways were wet and the greens soft.
Sunol has two courses, the Cypress and the Palm. I've never played the Cypress before as its more popular than the Palm. Its 800 yards shorter and easier for the older players to play.
I parred the first hole and bogies 6 of the next 8 holes. Only on the 8th hole did I shit the bed, including a 4 putt for an 8. Besides that, it was nothing higher than 6 on the front and even though I putted 22 times I shot a 48 on the front.
The back was another story. I just can't seem to put two good nines together. I hit the tee shots on 10 and 11 off the course and managed to find every bit of bad luck as well as a few swing errors. I hit a tee shot with so much topspin that it went straight up and landed behind me. What the hell is up with that shit?
One bright spot was that I nailed a 60 foot putt off the fringe for bogie on 13. That and 4 one putts held my putt count to a personal low of 13 for 9 holes. But, the rest of the bullshit added up to scoring only three bogies and no pars on the back for a score of 55. That's 103 for the round with 35 putts. Par for me on the Cypress is 104, so for all the bad on the back I did shoot one shot under par for the day. Still, this was a "woulda, coulda, shoulda" round.
The next sunny day we play the Cypress I'll have some pics.

All Rides Go Past Black Bear

When I was in West Sac I was contlemplating riding to Willows and eating at my favortie Black Bear. It was getting late and I didn't want to ride in the cold for the hours it would take to get back after dinner. So, I decided to ride back through the delta to Rio Vista and take SH-12 to Suisin City's Black Bear.
And, it was a disappointment. It looked like they were one person short on the wait staff and I didn't get very good service. That, and the food wasn't as good as it has been at other BB's. I read the papers and ate in peace, but was none too happy about the food or the service. I think I'll email the corporate office and express myself. Like that's ever a problem.
After dinner the sun had set and it got a bit on the chilly side. I took the front way home and pulled into the driveway about 220 miles to the good. The front edge of the stormfront was moving in, in fact its raining as I blog.

Houses Along The River

This isn't the Sacramento, in fact I'm not sure what river it is. But, along the west bank is a small development of mobile homes. There's not much delevopment on Ryer Island, its mostly farmland. And the ferrys, of which I took to get on and off the island on my way to Rio Vista.


Following the river south from Hood I came to Courtland. Another sleepy river delta town. There was no Wiki entry for either Hood or Courtland. The bottom pic is of the old bank. You can't miss the style. The top pic shows the Chinese influence within many of the delta towns.

Old Caddy

I saw this old Caddy for sale in Courtland. I'm guessing its a 1958 or 1959, but I'm open to the correct answer.

One Lane Road

This looks to be part of the old road as the new part of the road cuts through a pear orchard just in back of where I took this pic.


I made my way back onto I-5 in Sacramento and took the Hood-Franklin Rd offramp and rode west into Hood. Hood is a small town on the Sacramento River between Courtland and Freeport. There's not much here but its big enough for a post office.

Stand Of Trees

These old oak trees were in a lot just in back of the gas station. Except for the car wash sign I though it would make a good pic.

This Kills Me

This caught my eye at the gas station. I waited for this guy to come out and he never did show up. I wanted to ask him about the sticker. I've yet to see one for the Mercury. Of course I had my copy of the Bee that I was looking at while having my soda.

Riding Along

I rode out SH-4 to Stockton, then rode north on I-5 through town. There were two accidents going the other way and traffic was backing up. It looked like one of them was a bike who got forced into the grass median, he was picking his bike up out of the grass when I rode past. I got off the freeway at SH-12 and took the county roads for a while. I made my way to the Sacramento River and crossed near Freeport. I took the back way on SH-84 into West Sacramento and stopped for gas and a soda. Here's a couple of pics of the various roads I took.

Starting The Day's Ride

By Monday, the meds had finally taken effect and I felt almost like a human. Sandra had the baby for a last minute visit so that left me alone on this day's ride. I rode out from Clayton on Marsh Creek Rd and stopped at Subway in Discovery Bay for a light lunch and the reading of the paper. When I was walking to the scooter I noticed this old Yamaha 400 two stroke in the parking lot. It looked in good shape and the tires looked new for a bike with only 7500 miles on the clock. I waited a minute to see if the owner would come out but I had no such luck. I rode one of these when I was in high school. It took a steady hand to ride as you couldn't slow down with compression as a two stroke doesn't have the separate compression stroke. It was also the first bike I'd seen with the push to cancel turn signals. I was too stupid to fiugre it out and took my test ride with the blinkers on until the owner told me how to shut the damn thing off.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Off The Blog

I'm going to miss a few days of work as I'm sick as a dog, so I'll be away from the blog. Come back next week!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Just Another Rant

What makes this story different is that the Oregon DMV is going to re-test this guy who drove through the bank (that he was barred from). About damn time.

Even The Wienermoblie Crashes

This is the real deal. Here's the link. At least I wasn't driving.

This Kills Me

Its a parody of Full Metal Jacket.

This Is Why

This is really why I play golf. Its not for the personal challenge or the fellowship on the course. Its because nekkid wimmin stand on your cart and pose. Don't tell Sandra or she won't let me come out and play any more.

I'm A Jinx

Last Saturday night I'm shorthanded and there's one open shift. OK, I can take it on post shift OT. Its an easy drive to Monterey where I'll push out 12 carts of product and push in 12 empty carts. Then, I'll drive to Marina and drop three routes on the ground and drive back. Easy. And OT to boot. That'll help pay for my golf clubs.
I get the truck loaded and I'm off. Cruising on US-101 with the radio on, life is good. Until the truck's electrics decide to have a spaz. The whole system is coming on and off. The engine is electronically controlled so that's cutting in and out at the same time. Quicker than I can type the engine gives up the ghost and everything is dark as I coast out of the lane and to the shoulder.
Great, I've jinxed another truck.
I call the plant for help and it takes 85 minutes to get someone out to help. We turn the good truck around on the freeway to get the trucks back to back on the shoulder so we can wheel the carts in and out.
Then, we make another u turn across all the lanes and again pull to the shoulder so we can get the relfectors out. Fortunately there wasn't much traffic at 1:30 in the morning.
Finally, I'm in a much nicer truck cruising on towards Monterey.
Jeremy the Fleet Manager told me he's not letting me touch any more trucks.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's Golf

Today's outing was at San Jose Muni, just around the corner from the plant. The four of us were hitting a few balls on the range when they called us to the tee. We didn't rush over in time and they gave our tee time away, delaying us by about half an hour.
I had picked up my new driver and the other clubs I had worked on. I couldn't hit the driver on the range for shit and I was afraid to take it out of the bag when I was keeping score. By the third hole I was ready to break the big dog out. My playing companions were already riding my ass for not hitting the club off the get go.
I managed to get the ball over 200 yards down the fairway with the first swing and I parred the third hole. A par and two bogies had me playing fairly well until the 8th hole. I teed off with the new driver and the ball hit the next set of tee markers. Then, I sliced into the trees and lost the ball. Then, I hit my own cart with a shot for a 2 stroke penalty. Then, into the sand. Finally on the green, I rose like the cream and 4 putted for an abacus busting 14. Goddamn it.
Teeing off on the 9th I hit the worst shot of the day, hitting it almost sideways into the trees. All this fun for $36. I then took my head out of my ass and managed a one putt bogie and fininshed the front shooting a 55 with 18 putts.
The back started off well with a par and three bogies. I had hit the driver fairly well, getting most all the drives over 200 yards and in play. Then came the "Hole of Death." I pulled a tee shot close to the lake, then punched two shots into the briny deep. Then came the three shitty chips that I rushed and that led to a 12. Then I par the next hole. Mr. Consistant, that's my nickname on the course.
Besides the two shitty holes, I had one 8 and that was it for shit. 4 pars and 6 bogies for the good holes and I should have broken 100 today. Instead, I shot 55-54-109 (with 37 putts) and posted 101.
I was reasonably happy with the way I hit my new driver and the reshafted clubs. I felt pretty good on the course today but I still need a lesson or ten.

This Kills Me

Poodles has this link to Lego like figures telling Bible stories. And, all the good ones with sex and violence. You've gotta take a look, unless you get wrinkly panties. If you do, go here to your happy spot. The above pic is Exodus 3:19. Poodles and I are going to hell, as well as the guy who put this together.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Good Quote

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis. I read it at Snave's.

Gas At Furnace Creek

On one of the rv blogs I read, the writer spent a few days in Death Valley recently. Here's the prices at Furnace Creek. A year ago regular was 3.18 when I topped off the rv on the way to Vegas. I can't imagine the price in Baker is much different.

Burning Speed Camera

Here's the link to a British story about vandals that set two speed enforcement cameras on fire. I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often here in America. And you wonder why I kept the plates off my car and scooter for so long?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Gotta Change

I guess I can't go out in women's clothing any more and model in traffic like this guy does in Maine. What kills me is that the Sheriff says this "The cross-dressing is definitely an item of curiosity; however, if he were doing this in a pair of blue jeans and a T-shirt, we would still want to talk to him."

C'mon, what a bunch of bullshit. If this guy was in t shirt and jeans nobody would be calling the police. Dress up in women's clothing and everybody wants to talk to you.

This Kills Me

If This ain't the truth...

Here's Some Truth

Poached from Fiery.

John 8:32 : And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tasmanian Devil

Tex went to Tasmania and took this pic of a Devil. They're dying off due to a contagious cancer. Here's Tex's take on the Devils.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This Kills Me

Poached from Nightmare, though I saw it at Xavier's.

Good Quote From The FFRF

“There ain't no answer. There ain't going to be any answer. There never has been an answer. That's the answer.”

Gertrude Stein from the FFRF

Crossposted at Doubting Faith.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Vindication

Remember a few posts ago about the 75 year old gal who went to jail for being stupid? The link goes to the story in the paper that vindicates the cop and upholds the arrest. Whoo hoo! Now the 75 year old champion of intelligence has to face charges. All over stupid "I won't move my car" shit. Oh, yeah. "You can't arrest me." Damn if that one doesn't make me laugh.


The Super Bowl taught a good lesson about redemption. Eli Manning rose like the cream in the 4th quarter of the game and let the Giants to the Promised Land. Tom Brady is from the Bay Area and that's all we read about for the week prior to the game, how Brady matched up to Montana and shit like that. Of course, nobody seems to point out that Brady has an inability to keep his penis in his pants, having impregnated one supermodel and dumping her for another supermodel. If a Black athelte does that, he's villified. But, if you're Tom Brady, you're a hero and get a free pass.
Manning was punished in the press and by Giant fans for not being his brother, Peyton. That loud "thump" sound you heard Sunday afternoon was the monkey being tossed off Eli's back.
I usually don't root for any pre merger NFL team in the Super Bowl, but I just can't root for any team in Boston ever again after the "fucking in the snow" also known as the "tuck rule" game. So, I was glad to see the Giants win the game, cover the spread by winning outright, and shaming those cheaters in Boston. And, I watched 7 episodes of The Wire, so all in all it was a good way to spend the day.

This Looks Like Proposition Joe

Mark sent me this link. Granny here was caught putting cocaine in her bra when the cops came marching in and off to the hoosegow she went. Mark added that she looks like Proposition Joe from the show The Wire. Having watched a few more episodes of The Wire instead of the Super Bowl and seeing Prop Joe for the first time in Season 2, even I lauged at the link.

Sunset Above San Jose

I took the back way out of the golf course on Calaveras Bl. This turns into Sierra Rd eventually and its a nice drive into San Jose. I'll take pics of the road another day. I did take a road in my old home delivery district up into the hills a bit. Back in the day there was a dead end that had a great view of the valley. Sadly, there's a bunch of Billy Bad Ass homes up that way now so my secret spot is no more. I was scoping it out for my next stay in the RV at work. Instead of the scenery of the parking lot I wanted the real scenery, but no more. Some really nice houses have the view pictured above.

Today's So Called Golf

Today's lackluster effort was at Spring Valley, in the hills above Milpitas. We played here two weeks ago in foggy and cold conditions but today the weather was really nice. The course drains poorly and was muddy everywhere. And, the fairway grass hasn't held up very well and is a bit sparse. But, the scenery is top notch.
I took an 8 on the first hole, a par 4, and it only got worse from there. On the third hole, I needed a 9 iron for my approach shot. Problem is my 9 iron is at the clubmaker getting repaired, so I hit a 10 iron and hit the shot short and right into the sand. It took me 4 whacks to get out of the beach and add a 4 putt to the hole and I'm writing down "10" on the scorecard. I shit the bed on every hole on the front 9 on my way to a 62, with 19 putts.
I actually bogied 11, (the second pic from the bottom) after yanking the tee shot left and stubbing a chip into the hazard. I then chipped close and make a touch downhill putt for bogie. And, that's the highlight of the day's play. 4 of the first 5 holes on the back I was in the trees and I had problems hitting off the tee two of the holes. I couldn't chip for shit either and only on two holes on the back, the other two bogie holes, did I not shit the bed.
Finishing with a flourish on 18, I hit three tee shots into the water, went into the trees twice and three putted my way to a 14. I finished with a 66, with 21 putts. That included 5 three putts on the back. Whew, was I tearing them up today. That's a 128 with 40 putts, posting a 122. That certainly won't be one of my 10 best of my last 20.
I think I'm sufficiently beaten down to take a lesson. I was at Golfsmith on Monday getting some clubs worked on and one of the sales guys teaches on the side. He pulled me aside and put the sales pitch to me. Actually, I liked what he said and thought on Monday that he could help me. He gives you an all day private lesson for $250. This encompasses all parts of the game.
But, after today's shitty effort, I think I need more basic help than what was offered yesterday. Course management and the game between the ears is important, but if you're not hitting the ball anywhere close to where you want, well, my basic swing, chipping motion and putting stroke need help. There's a pro at Buchannan Fields that I may talk to.
Speaking of Golfsmith, I went in to see if I could get my 2 wood changed out with a different head and they instead sold me a new driver. I don't hit a driver so this will be an adventure. The clubfitter wanted to put a regular shaft in my 9 iron without even seeing me swing or anything. I asked for a stiff shaft (OK wiseasses) and he didn't really want to but did anyway. Hell, they're fitted clubs, I'm tall for a golfer and am stronger than the average bear. All he could focus on was that I shoot in the hundreds. Well, that's not all there is to it. I suck because I don't have a consistant swing, not because my clubs don't fit me.
Still, I played with my friends from work, the weather was nice, we had sodas in the clubhouse afterwards and talked shop. So, I had a good time in spite of shooting 126. And, that's what really matters most.