Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Praise To Poodles And Meesha

Praise and thanks to Poodles and Meesha, who out of the kindness of thier hearts each sent me a 100 ounce cup. I had blogged about my desire for another couple of cups earlier. And, like magic, they appear at my PO Box.
Thanks again you two, I'll get much joy and use out of the cups.

Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Kills Me

If you Google "joe is a piece of shit" the first two links are posts on my blog. I saw this used as a search on the feedjit widgit and had to see for myself.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Killing Someone For Money

There's a case in San Jose, actually in Los Gatos, where a guy paid $10k to have another guy killed. The first guy bought a bar from the second guy and for whatever reason wanted the guy whacked. So, he paid a couple of people to do it and the second guy was killed in his driveway. The police crack the case and everyone's in jail.
What we talked about on the dock was if you want someone killed, you gotta do it yourself. As soon as you involve someone else, there's your chink in your armour. Now, someone else can get over on you because if they get in trouble they have leverage and can rat you out to help thier own case. Don't laugh, one of my brothers was doing stuff he shouldn't have been doing and got caught when someone ratted him out to save his own hide on a drunk driving charge.
Anyway, it seems to me it should be awfully easy to kill someone and not get caught. If someone wanted to kill me, for instance, they could wait out in the street in front of the plant and when I drive out the driveway to go home they could flag me down. Of course I would stop, and then I would take the shots without any witnesses at the end of a street in the industrial park. (I've had people looking for the entrance of the plant, truck drivers wanting the receiving dock, that sort of stuff)
I think most all of us have that kind of vunerability.
And, if I wanted someone killed, I would want to do it myself. I would want the other person to know it was me doing the deed. I would want the other person's last view on earth to be me standing over him/her as the life ebbed out of him/her and I was the cause of it.
So, I guess the moral of the story is that you can't farm out all your tasks to subcontractors, some things you gotta take care of yourself.
Oh, and even though there's a couple of people who deserve it, I'm not willing to take the smallest chance of going to prison for the rest of my life for killing someone. Living well is always the best revenge, and I'm living well with Sandra right now.

Frank Thomas Signs With The A's

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I blogged two years ago when we signed him the first time that if he was healthy and hit the ball we would go far into the playoffs. He was and we did. Then, he took the money and ran to Toronto. Hell, I wouldn't have paid him what he was asking for, and in the second year of a two year contract Toronto cut him.
The gist of the A's season this year was to play younger players and see who was and wasn't a major league player. Now, with Thomas coming to DH for 500 more AB's, that takes away that many AB's from younger players who have something to prove.
I don't know if the A's strong start in April has the braintrust thinking that we could make a run at the playoffs, but there's gotta be a good reason why the A's signed Thomas, albeit for the prorated minimum. Maybe a run at the playoffs is it. I guess we'll see.

Cool Ducati Pic

Here's a cool pic of a Ducati in the creek that I poached from

Lifestyle Embarassment

Here's a Harley Davidson MX 250. This was sold during some of the Harley dark times, when AMF owned them. The "Lifestyle" riders who ride Harley's now would just cringe at the idea that HD sold bikes like this. Pic poached from

This Guy Is Crazy

Ara and Spirit ran into this guy in Utah. His name is Joff and he's riding around the world on his hand made "pennyfarthing" bicycle. His website is here. There's no gears on this bike, its a direct drive. You can't even coast with your feet on the pedals. This guy is crazy. I poached the pic from Ara.

This Is Bullshit

Vamp has a good post here about more ramrodding religion into the state. Here's her post. You can paint your whole car with Jeebus bullshit, why again do you have to have it in the government. People who support this are not for freedom of religion, they're for freedom of THEIR religion, and only their religion. Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave.
I poached the pics from Vamp as well.


It occurred to me that the last post has the hint of theft from Midtown Miscreant. We agree on the wildness of animals and I did poach the pic from him. However, any hint of theft of idea was purely unintentioinal. Sorry MM if it looks like I stole the post from you.

I Wouldn't Get This Close

This is Rocky. He's a killer. He's the bear that chewed the guy's neck and killed him the other day. 7 feet tall and 700 pounds. He's acted in a few movies. For as "tame" as you may think trained animals are, they're still wild. I wouldn't get close to Rocky for damn near anything. I hope they don't kill him for chomping the guy to death. I poached the pic from Midtown Miscreant.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sexy Or Scary?

Or both?

A Good Sign

Poached from I'd like to see a few of these out and about where I ride.

Old School Ducati

Poached from Killboy.

Old School Lotus

Poached from Killboy. This is a cool car.

Ducati RIP

This is my dad's Ducati. I've blogged about it and his riding in the past. Sadly, this bike is going to bike heaven. My dad and Bob V rode to Seattle and back earlier this month. On the way home they were to meet my mom and Uncle in Redding, then Red Bluff. So, they took SH-36 from US-101 to Red Bluff.
I didn't grill my dad as to what happened. He was inattentive for just a second and a half, and found himself in the embankment on SH-36. Once he found he was not hurt badly enough for an ambulance, he did take a few pics that I looked at today. He did comment that he rode exactly where he was looking. That's something Sandra learned in her MSF class and something I preach. Pilots call it "target fixation."
I'm sad that my dad totaled a bike that he really liked, but I'm glad he wasn't hurt. The side of the embankment had big rocks sticking out and they were 40 miles from Red Bluff in the middle of nowhere.
I've said this before, you've really got to pay attention when you ride. I don't think my dad's finished riding, he's a tough old bird and not one to give up this easily.

This Is Scary

I didn't see this in any of the papers I read, but at the they had the story about the SCOTUS decision that the police may keep evidence seized during illegal traffic stops, which should be a violation of the 4th Amendment.
This case kicked around in Virginia for a while. The plaintiff was driving without a license and stopped by the police. In violation of Virginia law, the plaintiff was arrested for this when he should have been issued a traffic ticket. During the search he was found with crack and $516. This cost him 5 years in the slammer.
Now, I'm not one to support driving without a license, nor am I one to root for crack use. But, I'm a supporter of the Constitution and I think the SCOTUS dropped the ball on this one. Here's the link.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family Court

Sandra and her ex, Paul, had reason to be in Family Court this week to adjust the child support for Mallory. I went to support Sandra.
First off, there's the standard metal detector at the door with armed deputies staffing the door. They even have you pull up your pants leg to check for god knows what, maybe a ball bat or something.
Then court starts at one but you don't see the judge then. An hour is spent interviewing the various parents involved in each case to go over the provable figures to support the child support order. Sandra got about 10 minutes of time and we waited for the judge. Child Support in California is based on a formula, so once the parties agree on the figures its all just a click away.
Sandra's case was 16th on the docket, but they moved up all the non contested cases and Sandra's was heard about 5th in the order.
The case was called and Sandra and Paul made it to the front. One thing I found odd was that when they were sworn in, at the end of the oath they said "so help me God." Hmmmm. I thought about this and decided that if I were ever sworn in that I would not say "so help me God" but that I would affirm on the Constitution to tell the truth.
It was short and sweet. The new figure was ordered by the judge and we were out of there.
I was surprised that there wasn't more tension in the room. Its not like the parties like each other or anything. The baliff had to order a father to move away from the mother who was sitting right in front of us.
In two of the cases, the fathers had DNA tests affirmed and didn't contest the results. One guy's kid was 7 years old before he accepted paternity. That's a lot of back support to pay back.
Part of me is sad that I've never fathered children, but after hearing other stories and seeing it first hand, I'm glad that Family Court and I won't be shaking hands any time soon.

A New Visitor

Soup came by on the last post for the first time and when I went to check him out I saw he's already blogrolled me, So, here's his blog and he's blogrolled to the right.


There's one supervisor here at the plant that has a hard on for using quotation marks for emphasis. Makes me nuts to see it and it shows how truly uneducated he is. Besides that, he hates Teamsters, so you know there's love there.

This Kills Me

I don't know what it is with kids and the bird.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tickteting The Cops

Here's something you don't see every day, though I did blog about a cop getting a parking ticket a while ago. In Portland, the cop illegally parks and the private citizen uses the Oregon Revised Statutes to cite the cop for $540 worth of citations. You gotta admire the balls of the guy who is calling out the cop.

Those Crazy Mormon Youth

Well, maybe not Mormon, but from Utah. They put shit into a 7-11 microwave, set it for 10 minutes and left. The shit blew up and the store had to fumigate and clean up the mess. Here's the link.

THIS Kills Me

Possummama has a good link here to a site called Sex In Christ. Its not safe for work, so I can't link to it directly, but my link goes to PM's and her link takes you there.
It basically says that God says for young unmarried couples to have anal sex instead of vaginal sex so the gal can stay "pure" for marriage. Take a look and tell me if its parody or not. PM thought about that and she thinks its the real deal. They've got Bible quotes and the whole bit.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

9 Feet Means 9 Feet

OK, I don't know what's up with Blogger right now, but we'll go with the text above the pic. Now, these buses sit a lot higher than 9 feet and when you're barreling down on the underpass, doesn't it occur to you that you're not going to make it? Here's the link to the Seattle paper's coverage.

Someone Saved This From Thier Dog

I poached this on, where the writer mentioned saving this from their dog. Nasty little beasts. When I lived in San Lorenzo, possums used to run along the back fence like a highway. The next door neighbor's dog, Bogart, used to throw himself into the fence to knock the possums off the fence. Then, Bogart would chew them up. They're protected animals so the neighbor would have to call the sheriff's out to take a report and animal control to get the carcass. I hit one in a car once and it sounded like a bag of potato chips being smashed. I felt bad for hitting it even though they scare the hell out of me. Kind of like the snake a few posts ago, I don't see killing something for no good reason. Call me a softy.

Flying In A B-17

It costs $425 for a 20 minute ride. Eliot Spitzer kind of money. I'd love to do this. I mentioned it to Sandra and she pointed out that I don't want to fly any more. But, I'd fly in this for the historical value if nothing else.
A few months ago one of these restored B-17's was in the Bay Area and I actually saw it in the air. Bitchin!
Pics poached from

Friday, April 18, 2008

Its Just A Theory

Poached from lolgod.

Quote I Found

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.-Thomas Jefferson

I found this on on a posters signature. Considering I read a couple of papers every day, I guess that doesn't say much about my education.

FFRF Quote

"I don't believe in God because I don't believe in Mother Goose"

A quote from Clarence Darrow, who was born today in 1857. Today should be a national holiday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Pope Is A Piece Of Shit

OK, the Pope comes to America. He knows that the cash cow of Catholicism is starting to dry up, due to the sickness of pedophilia that runs rampant through his church in America. He's got to do something to get the sheeple to turn back on the cash spigots.
So, he expresses a little bit of unhappiness and shame about it all. Nice and tidy.
If he wasn't such a piece of shit, he would be opening up all the church records without question to the proper authorites. He would be selling Church assets and paying off the victims. He would take personal responsibility for the coverup, after all he is the CEO of Catholic Inc. He would institute a code like our military academies have, (no cheating and no tolerance of those who know and keep silent) and let coverup rat bastards like Cardnial Mahoney of LA take it in the ass first.

Of course he's going to do nothing of the sort. Which makes him a hypocrite and a piece of shit.

It Must Be HTML

That's my guess and I'm sticking to it.

I Want These

Something tells me Sandra won't really go for this in our shower.

This Is So True

I wonder if this is real and where it is. Nevertheless, it is true.

I'm Going To Hell


There's always someone with greater issues than I have, thank Jeebus.


This Kills Me

This Kills Me

I think I poached this from Xavier but I can't remember for sure.

Old School Mazda

Boy, you don't see these around every day. Poached from Killboy.

Get On Your Own Damn Side Of The Road

I poached these from Killboy to show that you never know what's around the next turn. Some idiot is in your lane and that's it for you. Even bikes can't keep it in their lane.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Dead Rooster

One guy in Florida took care of a noisy rooster with a .45. Here's the link to the demise of Foghorn Leghorn.

Holy Fucking Shit

Poached from Xavier. This kills me.

This Kills Me

Thanks to Grant for the pic.

I Love This Cup

Meesha found this for sale in the Metroplex. I've got two of them, one says Rainforest Cafe and one says Pepsi. I'd buy two or three more if I saw them for sale.

This Is Cool
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I saw this on Poodles page and used Joseph. 3 people are named Joe and nobody but me is named Joey. People who have known me a long time call me Joey. If I used it as my primary name, I'd be the only one in the country using it. 1702 people share my last name and I'll bet I'm the only pale skinned man using my last name. I have an Asian last name and if you're a white gal you get it by marrying. But, as a guy, well, you change your name and I did just that when I was 7 years old. My parents didn't say a word about it, it was all my decision.

A Good Allegorical Story About The Pledge

Here's a good post about the Pledge and allegory. Fiery got it from T&A. I haven't seen it before. Take a look.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scenic Overlook On I-5

Sandra took a week off to help Nicole with the babies. I figured I would take the RV into work and camp for a few days, then go out to Sandy Beach for a few more. That meant I needed to get up and get to it on Tuesday.
So, it was the Interstate the whole way back. Dull but time saving. I did take the above pic as the last pic of the trip. Somehow, my glasses blew off the bike and I ended up stepping on them Goddamn it, what an idiot.
Its a good thing I'm not totally blind without them as I took the regular route home.
Its also a good thing I spoke with Sandra when I got home as she's not staying at Nicole's for a week, she's just going over every day to help. Oh. So, I decided to not camp right now and instead we'll try and spend a little time together while she's helping out Nicole.
The ride was over 650 miles. It sure brightened up my disposition.

Oil Field Flame

Kern County has oil and I noticed this flame on SH-58 once the topography and fauna changed to the hard scrabble you see in the pic. I followed SH-58 to Kettleman City and ate along the Interstate before taking the slab the 74 miles back to my motel room. The wind had picked up and it was a buffeting ride all the way back.


SH-58 between US-101 and SH-33 is another favorite. I had never taken a scooter on this stretch of highway and it was to my great loss that I'd not been here in the past. I did take my pickup here one day but its just not the same.
Once a guy let a couple of us pass it was all gravy. I rode at a brisk pace but not fast enough to burn up the highway. The Yamaha is only 400cc's and its not a road burner.
This was a great road to ride on, in fact this was one of my better riding days in an awful long time.


I wanted to see the town of Pozo, and as you can see there's not much here. I was hoping to eat at the saloon but they're only open on the weekends. I was under the impression that the film The Wild Ones was filmed here but I don't think that's exactly correct.
I made the Pozo loop and found myself back on SH-58 heading east.


This is a rider favorite and one of the reasons I came down this way. 9 miles of road like pictured above. I saw one rider come the other way and one guy in a Vette. That was it. SH-229 runs between SH-41 and SH-58.

This Only Bodes Well For A Motorcycle

This is on SH-41 just outside the town of Shandon. This is a great road to ride on, not much traffic and lots of curves and hills to ride on.