Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

123,147 People

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People who died on December 07, 1960 (the exact day you were born)
Clara Haskil, Swiss pianist
Unusual Deaths in 1960
Baritone leonard warren collapsed on the stage of the new york metropolitan opera of a major stroke during a performance of la forza del destino. according to legend, the last line he sang was "morir? tremenda cosa." ("to die? a tremendous thing.") however, witnesses say he was just past that aria and his actual last line was "gioia, o gioia!" (joy, oh joy!)
In the nedelin disaster, over 100 soviet missile technicians and officials died when a switch was turned on unintentionally igniting the rocket, including red army marshal nedelin who was seated in a deck chair just 40 meters away overseeing launch preparations. the events were filmed by automatic cameras.
Natural disasters in 1960
1960 Agadir earthquake
Great Chilean Earthquake
People who died on December 07 (various years)
2006 - Jay McShann, American musician (b. ca. 1910)
2006 - Jeane Kirkpatrick, American ambassador
2005 - Bud Carson, American football player and coach
2004 - Dimebag Darrell, Lead Guitarist For Pantera.
2004 - Jerry Scoggins, American singer
2004 - Frederick Fennell, American conductor
2003 - Azie Taylor Morton, Treasurer of the United States
2003 - Carl F. H. Henry American theologian and publisher
2001 - Charles McClendon, LSU Tigers head football coach
2000 - Vladimir Gotovac, Croatian poet and politician
1998 - John Addison, British composer
1998 - Martin Rodbell, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
1997 - Billy Bremner, Scottish former footballer
1994 - J.C. Tremblay, Canadian ice hockey player
1993 - Wolfgang Paul, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1993 - Félix Houphouët-Boigny, President of Côte d'Ivoire
1990 - Jean Paul Lemieux, Quebec painter
1990 - Jean Duceppe, Quebec stage, television and film actor
1990 - Joan Bennett, American actress
1989 - William Calhoun, professional wrestler
1985 - Potter Stewart, US Supreme Court Justice
1985 - Robert Graves, British author
1984 - Lee Roy Yarbrough famous Nascar driver.
1983 - Fanny Cano, Mexican actress
1980 - Darby Crash, American punk-rock lengend
1978 - Alexander Wetmore, American ornithologist
1977 - Peter Carl Goldmark, Hungarian-born American engineer
1975 - Thornton Wilder, American playwright
1970 - Rube Goldberg, American cartoonist
1969 - Eric Portman, English actor
1969 - Lefty O'Doul, American baseball player
1956 - Huntley Gordon, Canadian actor
1947 - Tristan Bernard, French playwright and novelist
1947 - Nicholas M. Butler, American university president, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
Franklin Van Valkenburgh, United States Navy, Medal of Honor recipient
Thomas J. Reeves, United States Navy, Medal of Honor recipient
Isaac C. Kidd, United States Navy Rear Admiral, Medal of Honor recipient
Herbert C. Jones, United States Navy, Medal of Honor recipient
Mervyn S. Bennion, United States Navy Captain, Medal of Honor recipient
1941 - Casualties of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
1917 - Léon Minkus, German/Czech Composer and violinist (b. March 23, 1826)
1913 - Luigi Oreglia di Santo Stefano, Italian Catholic churchman and last surviving cardinal of Pius IX
1906 - Élie Ducommun, Swiss journalist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
1902 - Thomas Nast, German-born American cartoonist
1894 - Ferdinand de Lesseps, French diplomat and entrepreneur (Suez Canal)
1874 - Constantin von Tischendorf, German biblical scholar
1842 - Thomas Hamilton, Scottish writer
1817 - William Bligh, British naval officer
1815 - Michel Ney, French marshall (executed)
1793 - Joseph Bara, French revolutionary
1775 - Charles Saunders, British admiral
1725 - Florent Carton Dancourt, French dramatist and actor
1723 - Jan Santini Aichel, Bohemian architect
1683 - Algernon Sydney, English politician
1683 - John Oldham, English poet (smallpox)
1672 - Richard Bellingham, English-born Massachusetts colonial magistrate
1649 - Charles Garnier, French Jesuit missionary
1562 - Adrian Willaert, Flemish composer
1498 - Alexander Hegius von Heek, German humanist
1295 - Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, English politician
1279 - King Boleslaus V of Poland
1254 - Pope Innocent IV
983 - Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor
283 - Pope Eutychian
43 BC - Cicero, Roman politician and author (b. 106 BC)

I saw this at emaw's site and had to take a look.

This Kills Me

Poached from Heather.

Let's See

I posted an answer on Xavier's blog about the bailout and have thought about it over the weekend. I'm certainly not an economist by any means, but let's see if I understand this.
We're being asked to spend $700 BILLION in a giveaway to companies who got themselves into their fixes by being shortsighted and greedy. They want this money with no oversight, and isn't no oversight what got these companies and the stock market into trouble in the first place?
I'm for no bailout at all. Let the banks fail. Let the greedy companies fail. Let those "homeowners" who knowingly bought houses beyond thier means fail. Let the "investors" who loaned money to people without proof of income (what the hell is up with THAT?) fail. Let GM and Ford figure out that we want fuel efficient cars and not SUV's any more. So, let them fail as well.
I figure it will take about 10 years for this to all wash over and our economic sytstem will be stronger than it is now, or stronger than it would be with a "bailout." Hell, I want Bush to bail me out of my mortgage, car payments and credit card debit.

This Kills Me

This was on Yahoo. A guy had charges dropped for farting and waving the fart at the cops. I love the internet. Poached from dooce.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Love A Carrot

One guess which one's my favorite.

What A Name

Go ahead, sound it out. If you don't get it, go to the comments. Its kind of like "Mike Hunt."

Someone Stole My Foot

Here's the article on the Florida firefighter taking a guy's foot at the scene of an accident. If it was me I'd sure want my foot back. One thing about the article is that the fire district spokesperson said the foot was severed but not amputated. Hell, what's the difference? If there is one, I'm counting on my favorite Krishna, Satyavati, to come through with an answer.
If it was my foot, I think I'd want to have it stuffed at the taxidermy shop and keep it around for a conversation piece.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Kills Me

If you don't get it, go to the comments.

VP Beauty Pageant

Here's a clip I found of our prospective VP strutting around in a swimsuit. This was 24 years ago, I guess nothing you do can escape the clutches of the internet.

I Love Strawberries

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The FSM Rules

Here's an Arkansas article about some proud Pastafarians protesting the Phelp's Church of Hate. The FSM ruled the day, according to the article. Look at the yellow sign, God hates shrimp and cotton poly blend. Funny and oh so true.

This Kills Me

My Feelings On The Financial Mess

Poached from SWE.

Yet More Truth

The last three from lolgod.

Here's A No Brainer

I suspect one or two of you need to go here.

More Truth

I Love Post It Notes

What I wouldn't give for a stiff breeze.

This Kills Me

What a life preserver!
When I was younger, we bought a guy a blow up doll like this for Christmas. We got tired of James W running his mouth about what a playboy he was so we thought we would fix him. I remember my mom driving us to the sex store (she waited outside) and Mark and I went in. I was 18 and got carded within 5 steps of entering the store. We found a blow up doll and a huge dildo, as well as a penis shaped sucker to toss in the box. We got a big enough box to put the fully blown up doll into, and we dropped it off on his porch come Christmas Eve.
James never did say much about it, but his running of the mouth sure came to a halt. I have no proof but I suspect his sisters and parents found out what was in the box and it embarassed the hell out of him. I've been an ass for quite a while.

RV With Balcony

The article I poached the pic from berated this idea, but I thought it was kind of cool. It would be pretty cool to put a comfy chair or two on the balcony and rule the roost. Or, you can be called "elitist" by looking down on others.

The Smallest RV

All this on three wheels.

An Interesting Court Case

I saw mention of this case in the Sentinel this morning. The article in the paper was about the Orange County Register not being allowed to cover a class action lawsuit against the paper by 6000 current and former carriers. With a little looking around, here's an article on the suit itself.
Thie gist of the suit is that carriers are suing the paper to be classified as employees and not contractors. They're asking for $100 million in damages.
I see this from both ends. I've been a paperboy as a kid and as an adult. And, of course, I've worked for papers most all of my adult life.
It can be a grey area when you get into contractor law. The paper tells the carriers when and where to pick up the papers, what pieces of product constitute the paper, what geographical area to deliver to, etc. Papers have always walked a fine line in the contractor/employee relationship. When it was kids on bicycles tossing 50 or 60 papers each, it really wasn't thought of. But starting in the 1980's, when papers started to go to more adult carriers who throw up to 500 papers a day, adult carriers who were a bit more on the ball than the average 12 year old started to protest.
I know I'll be asked for an opinion on this. And I'll tell you, I think the paper controls the carriers enough to make a good case for the carriers. All it takes is one victory by a group of carriers and I can see the entire industry at risk of failure. There's just not the money to hire hundreds of employees to deliver the paper. Its not like it used to be and I've certainly blogged about that.
This will be an interesting case to keep an eye on.
Further hunting on the internet found this from Editor and Publisher.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Killing Machines

Todd sent me these. The middle one shows how much meat is on something this big and the bottom pic shows what was in this beast's stomach. Yep, looks like a human arm and leg. Someone got a bit too close while fishing, If this isn't photoshopped, I don't think it happened in America. Something like that would have been all over the news. I've blogged about this before, gators scare the hell out of me.

I Love Feedjit

Today, someone used "virginia city street vibrations tits" as a search phrase and my blog was on the first page. What a search phrase to use.

We're Not The Only Idiots

In part of our distribution area, we distribute the New York Times. We don't print it, it comes to us in a truck from the print site in Contra Costa County. The driver tonight was about 2.5 hours late. He had a flat. OK, shit happens in the transportation industry.
But, when he called his boss, he was told that there was nothing anyone could do and he was to drive the bobtail with a flat tire. "Just drive it slow" he was told.
What's worse is that's exactly what he did. Jeebus only knows how many people were put at risk as this guy drove on a set of duals with one tire flat. Even we're not that stupid.
What's shitty about it is that you're a 24/7/365 trucking company without a 24/7/365 on the road tire service. That's pretty sad.
So, he drove from wherever he had the flat to San Jose, then he's finishing up 90 miles away in Monterey. Then, he's driving back to Sacramento, where the trucking company HQ is.
So, we're not the only fucked up company to work for.

More Muslim Bullshit

I didn't see this but Todd had blogged about it. Here's a link to the story. Muslims at a meatpacking plant in Colorado wanted special time off at sundown to pray. They staged a number of walkouts and the employer fired those miscreants. Good for JBS Swift & Co. If you need to pray at sundown, why do you have a job that has you working at sundown? More religous bullshit. And, this is something Todd and I agree on, which is in itself a miracle.

Not Having A Good Day

How do you miss the lane to put your tires in the first place? And, once you run over the iron pipe and damn near hit the garbage can, wouldn't you think to have already stopped? I watched this guy for at least 10 minutes figure it out. Finally, he backed out, rubbing his front tire on the pipe that he ran over. So, his $6 car wash cost him $300 for an alignment because he just can't drive.
This was at the car wash/gas station/minimart where I get my 100 ounce soda filled up every day. My $6 carwash only cost me $6.

The Skimpiest Bikinis In The World

You might as well be wearing nothing at all. Thanks to my hero, Grant, for his fashion tip of the day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's The Big Deal?

Here's a pic of the uniforms that caused the dustup in Idaho at the U of I. Personally, I don't see the big deal over how "skimpy" they are. What do you want your cheerleaders to wear, burlap bags? They're not showing camel toe nor are their breasts hanging out. Idaho is an odd place.

This Kills Me

Yummmm, pumpkin.

I'm For One Of These, Too

I don't think Sandra will go for this in the bedroom, but if I ever see one...

I'm For One Of These

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Nice Car

Now here's a car you don't see every day. A mid 70's Caprice convertable. Didn't Mike Brady have one of these on the Brady Bunch?

Here's Justice

Let me see if I get this. You're married, but want to have your husband killed for the insurance money. You're sleeping with the guy you recruit to be the gunman and you set up the hit. You also tell the gunman to shoot you in the leg so it looks good. Funny thing is the gunman shoots you and paralyzes you. Sometimes I guess people get what they've got coming to them. Here's the link.

From Poodles

You regular readers know how I love these motivational posters.

Halloween Is Coming

Don't let your pumpkins drink too much.

Someone I Know

I didn't know the She Devil moved to Kansas. Though she was adamant that when we got married, we were moving to Oklahoma where people were more "godly." Funny, she told all my friends this but forgot to tell me, at least for a while. Like I'd live in the Bible Belt. Get real.
Thanks to Meesha for the poach.

A Stunner, I Was Wrong!

I posted a few posts ago about "'Shit Be Gone" toilet paper. I thought for sure it was photoshopped. Sure as, well, shit, Fiery found the link here to the real company. I'll be goddamned. Here's Fiery's post on the issue.
As an aside, the company link says the brand is for sale. Hmmmm.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's Not To Like?

Pretty girls, breasts and beer. What's not to like about Oktoberfest in Munich? Damn Cool Pics has a bunch more pics here if you're so inclined. Charlie's been to the real deal in Germany, maybe he can chime with his observations.

Braham's Lullabye

While we were sitting in Urgent Care at the hospital, Sandra turned to me and said, " a baby was just born." I looked at her oddly until she told me that everytime the Lullabye song is played over the PA, that means a baby was just born at the hospital.
For such a hard assed asshole as I can be, I thought it was touching. We heard it twice while waiting for Sandra's treatment to finish.

Virginia And Second

Here's the corner of Virgina and Second in downtown Reno. Cal Neva is on the corner and Harrah's is just steps away. You can also see in this pic the lack of people, though next weekend is Street Vibrations and the streets will be full of Harley types. One year it was on Sandra's birthday weekend and we came up in the RV. All you heard in town was the full throat sound of American V Twin motors.

Sandra did not have a good birthday. She couldn't win a dime at the slot machines, she might as well have tossed her money in the street. And, she was sick with a virus and she just got sicker and sicker as we make the drive home Monday, her actual birthday. By the time we got home and rested she was no better and I finally ended up taking her to urgent care. She stayed from work today and had a generally shitty birthday. Give her a birthday shoutout to brighten up her spirits.
I bought her a digital camera for her birthday and the plan was to take a leisurely drive home and take scenic pics. I didn't tell her this but we were going to end up in Winters and eat at the Buckhorn. Maybe next year.

Virginia Street Bridge

Two years ago I blogged here about the tradition of tossing your wedding rings off the Virginia St bridge into the Truckee River. The bottom pic is the actual bridge over the Truckee. There's been a bridge here for over 140 years and this was the place to ford the river before the first toll bridge was built. Its a historical spot.
Actually, both pics taken are right at the spot we got married. Sandra and I even went into the chapel, the Antique Angel Wedding Chapel, and said hello and petted the dog, Preacher.
The City of Reno has spent a lot of money cleaning up downtown. There's a nice walk along the river that goes almost all the way to Sparks from Wingfield Park.
We got a disc with wedding pics on it, I'll be damned if I know what happened to it. It would be nice to post a few wedding pics sometime along the way.

The Reno Arch

This is it, the famous Reno Arch. This is the third one built at this site, to my knowledge. It is on Virginia St at the railroad tracks. Look closely, there's something missing. Its PEOPLE! There's nobody here. I read in the paper that things are so slow the casinos are starting to lay off. I don't play slot machines, but if that's all we did, there would be no real reason to go all the way to Reno, when Cache Creek has a nice hotel and Thunder Valley is right on the way, just outside of Sacramento.
I like to roll dice and bet on sports. You can't do these things at the Indian casinos in California. In fact, I can't think of anyplace in the US except for Nevada that allows sports betting. On second thought, I have seen craps at California Indian casinos, the Spa in downtown Palm Springs has a craps table.
Reno is in real trouble. There were a couple of closed casinos along Virginia St. And, I got hit up for money 6 times in the blocks between our hotel and the Truckee River. Allowing that kind of clientel is no way to keep the gamblers coming back when the Indian tribes don't put up with that bullshit.

Overnight In Reno

Monday was Sandra's birthday, so we snuck up to Reno for an overnighter to eat, have a beer and pull a slot machine handle or two.
Back in the day when I would regularly go up to Reno with the guys, we made it a tradition to stop at the border and take pics. Here I am in the bottom pic upholding that tradition. The top pic is the Truckee River that is just down the hill from the highway.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Too Often

Its not often that you see shapely gals charging the field at the ballgame. And a turncoat Giambi fan at that.

This Is Not Me

Smooth move, Ex Lax!

Best Mechanic Ever

That's what the title of this pic was that I poached from Break.

Yeah, Rrrrright.

Like this is real.

This Kills Me

Queen Of The Alaska Frontier

About 2:30 long. Poached from RadiomanKC, who Xavier recommended.

A Cool Pic

Padres Rookie Hazing

Here's a time honored tradition in sports. Haze the rookies. Here's the Padre rookies dressed up like our favorite Hooters Girls. Hell, my moobs are almost big enough to pass muster and I've got great legs for a fat guy. I'd do it for the hell of it.