Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Found Jesus

Here he is!

I'm Sure Of It

Dropped on my head as a child, I'm sure of it.

This Kills Me

Obey Your Bible

I've Already Said This

just not with the fancy poster.

Bad Atheists

This Kills Me

Poached from BEAJ.

One More From AA

"The day that this country ceases to be free for irreligion, it will cease
to be free for religion--except for the sect that can win political power."

Supreme Court Justice Robert Houghwout Jackson, dissenting
opinion in Zorach v. Clauson (343 US 306 -- 1952)

Freedom of religion means freedom FROM religion, at least it does to me.

From American Atheists

"The divorce between church and state ought to be absolute. It ought
to be absolute. It ought to be so absolute that no church property
anywhere, in any state, or in any nation, should be exempt from taxation,
for if you exempt the church property of any church organization, to that
extent you impose tax upon the whole community."

US Pres. James A. Garfield,
speech to Congress, June 22, 1874

I'm all for taxing the sons of bitches.

Friday, February 27, 2009

How Does This Happen?

I Can See This

What Is Happiness?

Zilla God!

Who Could Have Imagined?

Now they're $50 a piece and you can use them damn near anywhere.

A Book For Todd And Rich O

Sandra Asked For This

A couple of weeks ago Sandra asked me about who my celebrity crushes are. I wouldn't tell her, after all what a shitstorm that could cause. But, after reading on DPH's and Key's blog about their five faves, I though I would toss in five of my own. Of course, they're open to change and there's a few celebrites that in their prime I'll always have a soft spot for.

One of my latest crushes is Cate Blanchett. I liked her in the Elizabeth movies and she was sexy in Benjamin Button.

I bought this album of the Queen singing classic American standards. I don't quite know what it is about the Queen but if I wasn't married and she liked guys more than she likes girls, well, you get the idea.

I've always thought that my Mariah was one of the most beautiful gals in all the world. She's second best compared to Sandra.

Its pretty obvious why I like Jewel. Can't say I've ever heard one of her songs, but she's a nice looking gal with a big rack. And, she scored herself a championship rodeo cowboy so he's got the same taste I do.

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders remains one of my biggest crushes. When the Pretenders first US album came out I was hooked. Like with the Queen, there's just something about Chrissie that does it for me.

This Kills Me

I'm never ever launching a boat with my rv.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Female Gene Simmons

Funny Pictures

Hundreds Protest Global Warming

Grant sent me this.

Poodles Sent Me This

>>The pastor asked if anyone in the congregation would like to express
Praise for answered prayers. A lady stood and walked to the podium.

She said, "I have a Praise. Two months ago, my husband, Tom, had a
terrible Bicycle wreck and his scrotum was completely crushed. The
pain was excruciating and the doctors didn't know if they could help

You could hear a muffled gasp from the men in the congregation as
they imagined the pain that poor Tom must have experienced.

"Tom was unable to hold me or the children," she went on, "and every move
caused him terrible pain. We prayed as the doctors performed a delicate
operation, and it turned out they were able to piece together the crushed
remnants of Tom's scrotum, and wrap wire around it to hold it in place."

Again, the men in the congregation were unnerved and squirmed
uncomfortably as they imagined the horrible surgery performed on Tom.

"Now," she announced in a quavering voice, "thank the Lord, Tom is out
of the hospital and the doctors say that with time, his scrotum should recover completely."

All the men sighed with relief. The pastor rose and tentatively asked if anyone
else had something to say.

A man stood up and walked slowly to the podium.

He said, "I'm Tom."

The entire congregation held its breath.

"I just want to tell my wife that the word is sternum."<<

Another One Bites The Dust

The Rocky Mountain News is printing its last edition tonight for tomorrow's delivery. Here's the Yahoo link. I had recently read where the Denver Newspaper Agency, the JOA between the News and the Denver Post had gotten a 11.7% pay cut from their unionized work force. I guess it wasn't enough. Though Cubby here at the plant quotes one of the UAW heads as saying, "you can't cut your way to prosperity."

More News About The Chronicle

Here's another post from Newsosaur about the Chronicle. I linked to one of his posts yesterday. I didn't know until I read this post that Media News has outsourced some of its composition to India. Which really doesn't surprise me any.
I read the Chronicle most every day and have recently started a home delivered subscription. I noticed in yesterday's edition that nowhere in the front page article was it mentioned that the paper may close. The article went on about the cost containment issues, but not closing.

This Kills Me

Click on it to make it bigger. Poached from Stardust.

This Kills Me

I read this in the paper this morning. Here's an Australian link. The porn film company Vivid has offered the Octomom a million dollars to do a hard core porn film. I must have been dropped on my head as a child because I find this funny as hell. She must have a vagina you could drive a bus through. Y'know, its usually Larry Flynt who is on top of topical porn like this, recall the Sarah Palin takeoff. Ol' Larry must be slipping.

Fiery's Top 10

Here's Fiery's top 10 reasons why Bourbon is better than Jesus. Take a look. You should be reading Fiery on a regular basis anyway.

A Cool Pic

Here's a pic taken with great timing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Applies

This Kills Me

If you google "Joe's Big Ass" one of my weight based posts comes in 4th. I do love the feedjit that tells me the search words people use to come by the blog.

This Is Disappointing

Here's a disappointing decision by the SCOTUS. The city of Pleasant Grove UT declined to put up a religous monument in a public park, though they supported the keeping of a monument of the 10 Commandments. The minority religous group whose monument was denied sued and the case worked its way to the SCOTUS. In an unaminous decision, they decided that the government could pick and choose what religous displays can be made on public property.
I don't think any religous monuments should be on any public property. Period. Judge Alito said "It is hard to imagine how a public park could be opened up for the installation of permanent monuments by every person or group wishing to engage in that form of expression,"
Actually, if its so hard, get rid of them all. I want the FSM put up wherever the 10 Commandments are.

Todd Replies

Since Todd took the time to write an intelligent answer to one of my posts, I thought I'd put it up as a separate post so you regular readers won't miss it. You need to go to the post here to see Todd's post with links.

>>Thanks for the ongoing back-and-forth!
Your choice of "favorite" quotes from the article was interesting. You said, "Sorry Todd, but it's the truth", regarding the God of the Bible being a myth just as Zeus was. In the very next sentence you say, "Y'know, I don't know how we got here...I do know that I don't need to know." To me that negates the very idea of your atheism? You say you know there is no God yet at the same time you are saying you don't know. Then you say you "know you don't need to know". This seems to me to be a way of saying you "hope" there is no God. Saying with such certainty that "The God of the Bible is just as much a myth as Zeus" and "it's the truth" just because you are saying it is a bit befuddling. I must admit that I regularly wonder why those of us that believe in God have to provide all the proof while the atheist merely has to disagree without providing any proof.

This couple of paragraph's I poached from here.

If I were to make an absolute statement such as, "There is no gold in China," what is needed for that statement to be proven true? I need absolute or total knowledge. I need to have information that there is no gold in any rock, in any river, in the ground, in any store, in any ring, or in any mouth (gold filling) in China. If there is one speck of gold in China, then my statement is false and I have no basis for it. I need absolute knowledge before I can make an absolute statement of that nature. Conversely, for me to say, "There is gold in China," I don't need to have all knowledge. I just need to have seen a speck of gold in the country, and the statement is then true.

To say categorically, "There is no God," is to make an absolute statement. For the statement to be true, I must know for certain that there is no God in the entire universe. No human being has all knowledge. Therefore, none of us is able to truthfully make this assertion.

If you insist upon disbelief in God, what you must say is, "Having the limited knowledge I have at present, I believe that there is no God." Owing to a lack of knowledge on your part, you don't know if God exists. So, in the strict sense of the word, you cannot be an atheist. The only true qualifier for the title is the One who has absolute knowledge, and why on earth would God want to deny His own existence?

The professing atheist is what is commonly known as an “agnostic” - one who claims he “doesn't know” if God exists. It is interesting to note that the Latin equivalent for the Greek word is “ignoramus.” The Bible tells us that this ignorance is “willful” (Psalm 10:4). It's not that a person can't find God, but that he won't. It has been rightly said that the “atheist” can't find God for the same reason a thief can't find a policeman. He knows that if he admits that there is a God, he is admitting that he is ultimately responsible to Him. This is not a pleasant thought for some.

Along those same lines, you say you believe in the theory of evolution. This is merely a theory without any proof of it's existance, yet you believe in it. I encourage you to read this excellent presentation. It's long but worth the time it takes to read it.

The "proof" that I can provide of God's existance is what He has done in my life. He made me an entirely new person because of what His Son did for me. The change that occurred literally transformed me and gave me a new life. That is not something that can be learned or taught. Only God can do that for you through His Son Jesus.

Sorry to have made this "comment" so long but as you can see it's something I'm passionate about! See you on the dock!!<<

And I'll reply:

1) Your truth and my truth aren't the same thing. I can say "there is no God" and you can say "there is a God" and to ourselves we're both right.

2) I see your point about the absoluteness of saying "there is no god" as Atheists tend to do. This is why I waver on Atheism and Angosticism. Of course I cannot say with 100% certainty that there is no god(s). Nor can you say with the same 100% certainty that there are god(s). You take it on faith that God exists and I'm faithless on this matter. Whether that makes me an Atheist or an Agonstic is I think a matter for definition.

3) Out of all the religions invented by man to explain what science hasn't yet explained, to say that yours is the truth while the other thousands of belief sets are not true is something I cannot agree with. I have a regular reader who is a Krishna. I'm sure she's as firm in her faith as you are in yours. So, her "truth" is different from your "truth" and my "truth."

4) There's an awful lot of evidence to support the "theory" of evolution. There's so much less to support "goddidit." We all see the "theory" of gravity each and every day. So, some "theories" can be pretty much spot on.

5) I need the proof of a face to face with God, or god(s). Until I get that, I'll disavow religion and remain faithless. It sounds silly, but I want God, (for example) to appear to me in human form and do some kind of supernatural thing to convince me he's real. Then, we'll have some direct discussion on why God does what he does. Once this is done, then I'll get in line with most everyone else, admit the error of my way and beg for forgiveness. But, I just don't see that happening.

A Good Blog To Check Out

I've been reading a good blog of late written by a guy who works in a prison as a Corrections Officer. The blog is Attitude and Pepper Spray. I got the link from Midtown Miscreant. Here's two blogs on both sides of the law and order fence. Give it a look.

Because I Can

This week's pretty girl.

This Is For Sandra

It must be late, this got a chuckle out of me.


I though this was right on the money.

This Is Cool

Here's someone with way too much free time and a computer controlled lathe. Watch the pencil get sharpened, its worth your 40 seconds.

This Kills Me

This Is So Sad

I think I've admitted on this blog that I tried a video dating service back in the day. I had a year long subscription and I got chosen by exactly ZERO prosepctive dates. So, this was as good as it got for my dating experiences. At least I didn't give up and tried it with and found Sandra.

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Poodles sent me the next couple of cartoons.

Behind Mount Rushmore

Yumi sent me this.

More From The FFRF

“. . . the vast mass of existing gods or divine persons, when we come to analyze them, do actually turn out to be dead and deified human beings. . . . I believe that corpse worship is the protoplasm of religion.”
-- Grant Allen, cited in Who's Who in Hell edited by Warren Allen Smith

Hell, look at the Catholics. They eat the body and blood of Christ. Talk about corpse worship.

From The FFRF

“Irrationally held truths may be more harmful than reasoned errors.”

-- Thomas Huxley, "The Coming of Age of the Origin of Species," 1880

This Kills Me

Yep, its the Shocker shaved into his head. I can see myself doing this.

I Need This

I'd like something like this for my front door but the bible beaters never come by.

Not In Clayton

They don't bicycle like this on the walking path Sandra and I take in town, that's for sure.


OK, who isn't paying attention?

Those Aren't Ears

I didn't realize that big breasted women could hear music through the boobs.

This Kills Me

A Link From Todd

Because Todd is my pal here at the happy homestead, I'll link to something he sent me about the Big Bang and proof of the Christian God. No, I'm still an Atheist, but have no problem with something from the loyal opposition. Here's the link.
Here's my favorite quote from the post: "(which is one reason I believe in a the God of the Bible and not a god of mythology like Zeus)."
Now you know that I just can't let that pass without comment. The God of the Bible is just as much a myth as Zeus. Sorry Todd, but its the truth.
Y'know, I don't know how we got here. I'm not smart enough to read up on the Big Bang and be able to argue it with people of other ideas. I do know that I don't need to know. Does this make me shallow? Yeah, maybe. It makes for interesting reading, but I think we'll never know how we got here. I don't mean evolution, which I believe in. I mean the Big Bang and the answer to the question of how the universe was created and what powers created the universe. As Damian F told me one day at dinner, he can accept a little mystery in life and I think I can too.

Will The Chronicle Close?

Here's a good post from a Bay Area blogger about the impending doom at the Chronicle. It was announced Tuesday that the paper needed drastic cooperation from the employees to survive. The article mentions needing to halve the employee count.
There's been talk of Media News (my corporate masters) buying the Chron. I wonder if we can buy the rights to the name "San Francisco Chronicle" and the subscriber list. That's what Media News did with the Oakland Tribune. They didn't buy anything else, so the remaining company went under. I'm not sure who owns the Tribune Tower in downtown Oakland. It was damaged in the 1989 quake and would have been quite costly to fix.
One problem is that I don't think we have the press capacity to print 400k copies with all the other stuff we print. It was easy for Media News to take the Trib on with 40k copies. But printing 10 times that amount with a circulation area from Eureka to Visalia will be a challenge to take on.
Interesting times in my industry.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Is Cool

I poached this from Meesha. Its says "Putin's Freedom Of The Press." Its in German, on a parade float. This is cool.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Because I Can

I figure if the Sista's can have man hunks weekly on their blog, well I can too. No, not man hunks but lady hunks.

This Is So True

This Kills Me

Pay attention.

Its Croc Time

Yep, move to the right so the crocs can eat you.


We cook you because you're so tasty.

This Is Why I'm A Fat Ass

I could easily eat this. And that's one of my many problems.

This Kills Me

I used to be able to think of funny shit like this. Now, my brain is mush.


Calvin Knew The Truth 15 Years Ago

Click to make bigger.

This Kills Me

I poached this from Fiery. This is worth the 80 seconds of your day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Is More My Speed

I could see my brother Kurt and I doing something like this. Two kids got the frequency of the drive through at Taco Bell and rigged a radio to transmit on the same frequency. They used vulgarites of all things to talk to customers. I find this funny. Yet more confirmation that I was dropped on my head as a child.

This Kills Me