Friday, July 31, 2009

Can't Keep Her Away

I forgot to mention that Sandra, The Sunshine and Amy went to Vegas last Sunday and I drove down Monday night/Tuesday morning to meet them. We stayed at the Ventian until Wednesday, then we drove to Laughlin where we're holed up at Harrah's until Sunday.
The drive out was nothing to write home about. Except for obeying the cardnial rule of riding and saving myself a ticket. I was driving north on I-15 between Barstow and Baker when a Dodge pickup came up behind me and passed me on the right. I had the cruise set for 75 in a 70 and this guy was doing 80+. I thought about upping my speed to match his, after all how many CHP are out at 3 in the morning.
Well, there was one and he had his LIDAR on. I didn't kick up my speed and within a minute of being passed the CHP came across the wide dirt median and got into the fast lane in front of me. He got right behind the Dodge and lit him up. Whew! That's one thing I don't need is a bullshit speeding ticket.
I made it the rest of the way without incidnet.
The room at the Venitian was really nice, it was more of a mini suite than a standard room. I think we paid $120 or so a night for a room that used to rent for $300+. Times are tough all over and the Las Vegas Strip is not exempt from the downturn in the economy.
Anyway, the girls had laundry to do so on our way to Laughlin we stopped at a laundrymat and threw a couple of loads in. This is where I caught Sandra playing video poker. I just can't keep her away from the gambling machines.

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