Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chicken Fighting

Now this is the way to do it, in the water. When I was in the 4th grade, we weren't so smart. There were a couple of us chicken fighting and we all ran into each other. I fell over with my right arm sticking out and three guys, Greg F, Terry H and George fell on my exposed wrist. The crack sounded like a gunshot and I knew I was in trouble. I held my already swollen arm as I went to the office. My mom was called and she took me straight to the doctor. He met me at the hospital, (remember, this was in 1970 or so) and the crack when he reset my wrist scared the hell out of me. I bawled like a baby. School was a pain in the ass for 6 weeks as I'm right handed and had to learn to write with my left hand. Now it would be hunt and peck on the laptop. Wouldn't have happen like that had we been fighting in the water.

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tina FCD said...

I seen the photo in my homepage and had to visit! I knew right away what it was, those were the good ole days, you betcha. :)

I just wouldn't have wanted to be the guys....Yikes!