Monday, July 20, 2009

I Wore A Tie

Here's the proof. After I swore up and down that I would never wear a tie again, much less own one, I sucked it up for Pookie and Mike's wedding last Saturday.
It was one of the best weddings I've been to. And it was a Catholic wedding at that. In San Francisco no less.
The Sunshine, Sandra and I took the BART over to The City, then took a cab to the church. I was surprised that the Jesus wasn't heavy handed. Of course they had the sacrament and readings and stuff. But when the Padre spoke, he didn't tell up we were all going to hell. He instead spoke of the team that a married couple should be. I leaned into Sandra's ear and told her that we had spoken of that very issue on many an occasion. Then we pinkie shook on it, right in church.
I didn't bring a camera, which is kind of a shame. I wanted a pic of Trish in a dress (she told me this was the last time she was ever wearing one) and me in a tie in church. I'm surprised the walls didn't fall in.
We stayed at the church while they took pics and we rode over with Chuck to the reception. At the Mark Hopkins Hotel. On Nob Hill. Its so ritzy that it cost us $50 to park the car. Yep, FIFTY DOLLARS! About as fancy as you can get in the Bay Area. We had the entire Top of the Mark bar to ourselves for an hour and a half with an open bar. (that means FREE BOOZE) This may be a shocker, but I didn't have a single drink, I drank OJ.
We then rode the elevator down to the lobby and ate in a hall just off the lobby. There was at least 200 people there.
The food was really good. We had steak, a shrimp and a piece of sea bass. One bright thing about Sandra's surgery is that she can hardly eat, so I got two of everything. Two dinners, two Creme Brulees, and two pieces of wedding cake. (which was really rich and delicious.) Sandra commented that if I kept up this shit I'd be needing the surgery sooner than later.
We then got a couple of minutes of private time with Pookie and Mike. After that, we were standing off to the side with Susan when the Padre came over and said to me "oh, another Holy Man" as he shook my hand. I introduced us and he turned to Sandra and shook her hand commenting positively about me. I can't recall exactly what he said because I was a bit taken back at a Catholic priest calling me a holy man. After he left I leaned over to Susan and told her, "If he only knew (I am an Atheist)" I then told Sandra his antenna was off. Its odd, I didn't take it as an insult, I wonder what vibe I was giving off that told the Padre I was a holy man. Hmmmm, interesting. (on an aside, the Padre was wearing the brown robe with rope belt like the mascot for the Padres baseball team wears. I can't recall what arm of the Church dresses like that.)
We then danced a bit, and Sandra and I called it a night. I'm such a dumb shit that I had to ask the doorman if he was the guy to talk to for a cab. Well of course he was. I then asked if he took tips, which was another stupid question. Hell, I'd never needed the services of a doorman before. He answered "if you want to" so I did and we took the cab to BART and rode the train home. The Sunshine stayed later and came home with Susan and Trish.
We had a hell of a good time and this is my public thanking to Pookie and Mike for inviting us to their wedding.


Fiery said...

$50 to park the car YIKES!!!!


Then you took a cab home?

I missed something.

Joe said...

Fiery- We rode from the church to the reception with Chuck. He stayed later than we did so we rode BART home. I guess I wasn't clear.