Friday, July 31, 2009

Me Too

After a bite to eat at Del Taco, I too had to sit down and toss some change into the machine. I got a hand with three Aces and rubbed the side of the machine, beseeched the Flying Spagetti Monster and lo and behold got the 4th Ace. My .25 bet gave me $40 in quarters. Whoo hoo! (I'll mention that the machines were right in the laundry. There's no real escape from gambling in Nevada. Of course try and find a bookstore, that was an adventure in itself.)
When I spend cash, I always pull out bills. So, if something cost $2.05, I'll not give exact change, even if I have a nickle in my pocket. So I'll get .95 back in change. At the end of the day I put all the change into a glass jar and it adds up. When its full its about $140 or so. I usually use it for camping or something special. Well, I've got $40 in quarters to top off the jar with and I've still got a few days of vacation to use, so my camping is almost paid for. Yay me!
Oh, I'll add here that winning hand was the best hand I've ever gotten at video poker. Back in the day, Fay M hit a Royal Flush when a bunch of us went to Reno for the weekend and she hauled in over $1700.

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