Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On The New Job

Well, its been a couple of weeks and all I can say is taking the Wall Street job was the best possible move for me. My stress level has gone from through the roof to on the floor. I'm sleeping better and longer. I'm totally removed from the dock enviroment. I come in, get my truck, drive to the WSJ plant, load my truck, drive to the first warehouse, drop off some carts, then drive to our warehouse in Menlo Park and hand count the papers to the carriers. Then I take lunch, write on the blog and go home. Stress? What stress? Finally, my senority has come in handy. As long as we remain in partnership with the Journal, I'll keep this job.


SWE said...

Awesome. Congrats on the great move-I'm glad it's working out so well! And thanks for the update. :-)

I'm thoroughly enjoying my 7day Merc subscription, btw. Thanks for getting me thinking and subscribing!

vamp said...

that's great NEWS!