Thursday, July 23, 2009

What A Ream Job

The top pic is Scott Janke. He was the town manager for Ft Myers Beach, FL. The bottom pic is his wife Anabela. She's also known as Jazella Moore. Yep, that's a stage name. She does porn. Big deal.
Well, its a big deal to the city council of Ft Myers Beach as once they found out the occupation of the town manager's wife, they fired the town manager. Without cause, or really saying why. So, Janke gets 6 months severance and health insurance. He had done a good job, there were no complaints about his performance.
I guess Janke shouldn't have allowed a clause in his employment contract that said he could be fired without cause. Because that's what happened, though the real reason is that everyone on the city council has their head stuck up their ass.
Here's a link to a news story and here's a link to Jazella's webpage.

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