Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Grandbabies

Nicole had some errands to run on Sunday, so she dropped the babies by the condo. One of my Sunday treats is to take the paper(s) to Carl's Jr, eat and read. They have refillable sodas so I'm happy as a clam.
Well, the babies kept on asking where I was and wanting to go outside and look for me. Finally, Sandra took them out front with some toys so they would see me when I came walking up (I park on the street)
Sure enough, I'm walking up with a soda cup in my hand and the babies see me. They start calling me and making a beeline to meet me. Of course they want a sip out of the cup as well as a hug and a kiss. They're beautiful babies and its great to be "papa."
Nicole and Chuck are having #3 around the end of next month. Its a boy that I think they're going to name Charles the 4th.
This grandpa stuff is pretty cool.

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