Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Wish

No, sadly, this wasn't me. On my way back to the room I saw this older gal getting paid for this jackpot. Note that she drew two cards to make her Royal Flush and she won $1053.80. Which they paid her cash for right on the spot. I gave her a high five and told her anyday someone took some of Bill Harrah's money that it was a good day.
Sadly at the poker table we gave it away. Sandra and I sat down for a cash game and she took a hundred dollar pounding. I had won a hand early and was only down $3 when we cashed out.
The next day we played in a $60 buy in tournament and I was too bold for my own good. I had A-Q and there was a Q on the flop. So, I've got high pair with the top kicker. Another player is betting it up a little so I get bold and go all in, figuring I'd either scare him off or have a better hand. Well, he smiled when he called my bet and turned over the other two Q's. I was dead in the water and was out just like that.
Sandra lasted a while longer than I did but she too make the walk of shame.

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vamp said...

Oh man, I loves Texas Hold'em. I've been at my new job for 6 months and I'm already playing poker with the boys...their game IS Texas HOld'em. I haven't won yet, but it's only a 30 dollar buy in and I last for a few hours of entertainment. LOVE to have a great hand and someone has a better one...wah.