Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm A Cheap Date

This may be a good thing. The Sunshine turned 14 yesterday and we went out to eat at Back 40 Texas BBQ. I had a 22oz Fat Tire and it tasted really good. I also drank a couple of regular iced teas and ate like a pig.
So, I get home and try to get to bed. I feel just queasy enough to know that the 16oz beer would have been the better choice. Booze tends to interfere with my sleep and sure as shit it did last night. I wake up Monday and my head hurts and I'm slow witted. Jesus, 22 ounces of beer does that to me? What a cheap date!
Why might this be a good thing? I have booze issues on both the X and Y sides of the equation. And its not like you regular readers haven't figured out I've got issues. So, its a good thing that my physical makeup doesn't allow me to pound them down and be the town drunk.

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