Saturday, August 01, 2009

In The Boat

There's a river taxi that goes between the casinos along the river, from Harrah's to the Riverside. It costs $4 each way, more than the last time I stayed in town. I wanted to go to the Riverside to go to the Watchman and see the car collection. Amy and Sunshine were on the boat as well, going to an R movie. Of course they don't tell me this and they call when they can't get in. We had some issue with the girls getting to eat or get a pool towel at Harrah's because they're "too young". Now, figure this. They can order room service and sign for it, but they can't eat at the cafe. What a crock of shit.
So only after a while do they tell me that they tried to get into an R movie and couldn't. Well, no shit.

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