Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Weekend's Poker

The game at Big James' house fell through. Sandra had showered, done her hair and put on some makeup, so we were going out somewhere. Black Oak Casino is about 2.25 hours each way from the house, so we decided to make the drive.
They have a new, non smoking part of the casino and the new poker room is in that part. So, we were free from the tyranny of cigarette smokers while we played poker. We didn't play together, but we both played in two $25 tournaments each. I didn't finish in the money either time, and Sandra came in 4th when her and another player both busted in the same hand. Sadly, the other player had lost more money so he came in 3rd and won $40.
Sandra then played in a cash game and took a whipping. So, we went to the smoking area and played Pai Gao Poker, where Sandra won about $45 and I broke even. Then the long drive home. Still, we like Black Oak better than Jackson, though Jackson (I think) has a new poker room either open or opening soon. The cool RV park is at Jackson as well, and its about 45 minutes less each way.
I did well in the free on line poker so I was hoping my success would continue over to cash play, but it was not to be last Saturday night.

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