Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Girls Do It Too, Newbob

Here's the place to go if you have no sense of humor or wrinkly panties.


"Glory Hole" *snerk* This kills me.


This Kills Me

A Shot Boob Koozie

This Is So Me

This is why I don't go out on boats, except for the ride to Avalon. I've been offered fishing trips from guys at work and there's no way in hell I'd ever go. Whale watching? Not a chance. When I was a teenager, my dad knew a guy with a sailboat. We all went out on the Bay for a day of sailing. I promptly threw up the Dramemine and fed all the fish. I was so dizzy that I had vertigo for two full days after. I had a hell of a time riding my bicycle to throw my paper route.
Not only that, but my parents are taking us on a cruise next year to Alaska. Call me daring, call me dangerous, call me foolish, but I can't wait to go.

This Is The Truth

Banned But Funny

This Microsoft ad made me chuckle.

Predicting The Future

Mike Blowers does the color on the radio for the Mariners. In the pregame the other day, he predicted that Matt Tuiasosopo would hit his first major league home run on a 3-1 count. Here's the link to the radio clips. Mark sent me this.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Made Me Chuckle

This Kills Me

This Week's Outdoor Arty Nude Shot

I poached this from Doug Wade.

Inside The Mouth

This is inside the mouth of a sea turtle.

Boob Holder Tattoo

This is interesting. Taking the needle on the fleshy part of the boob must have hurt like hell.

Pee In A Bottle

At the branch I work at for most of my shift, they have a small fridge that I keep a soda and a Lipton Diet Ice Tea in. I mention it by name because when I got to the warehouse tonight I saw a half empty bottle of Lipton Diet Ice Tea on one of the stanchions. OK, which one of you motherfuckers drank my ice tea? As I was doing my work I dwelled on it and decided to fix whoever did it.
So, I peed in the half full bottle. Not a whole lot of pee, but enough. That'll fix em.
I went to put the bottle back in the fridge and saw my bottle of tea. Oh shit. I went into the bathroom and dumped the tea in the urinal and washed out the bottle, putting it in the trash. Boy, was someone close to a surprise.
Still, its almost a shame that someone didn't drink my tea. I had them all ready to be fixed.

Hooters Girl Trick

Yep, that's all there is to it. Some trick. Now, if she was naked, or was using a boob koozie, that may be a bit different.

From The FFRF

“Not only have the 'followers of Christ' made it their rule to hack to bits all those who do not accept their beliefs, they have also ferociously massacred each other, in the name of their common 'religion of love,' under banners proclaiming their faith in Him who had expressly commanded them to love one another.”
-- Georges Clemenceau, In the Evening of My Thought (Au Soir de la pensee), chapter on "Gods and Laws."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

For The Gang Of Three

This Kills Me


The only thing missing is the Krispy Kreme sign.

Not Paying Attention At The DMV

Another Paper Doesn't Give A Shit

This is what happens when you fire the copy editor.

I'd Do This Road

I poached this from The 4 Eyes and he said it was the curviest road he'd ever seen. I've seen them just as curvy and ridden them as well.

Using The Awl

Sandra would so gouge out my eyes with a sharp awl if she caught me doing this.

I've Not Seen This Before

An octopus tattoo, its a first for me.

Elvis Laying Down The Law

Any idea what movie this still is from?

Back In The Day

Before my brain turned to mush, I could have come up with a witty comment for this pic. Now, there's just no way.

Let's Violate The Constitution

According to this article, out of 763 "sneak and peek" warrants allowed by the Patriot Act, (but IMHO direct violations of the 4th Amendment) only three of them were done to "terrorists." Most of the rest was used in drug cases. Wasn't this sold to us as a tool in the "war on terror"? Yeah, I thought so. More like the "war on the Constitution."

Somewhere Else Where Nobody Gives A Shit

This is out of the Lexington Herald-Leader. Look at the day and date. I see nobody there gives a shit either.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This Kills Me

I used to have a sharp mind to think of stuff like this. Now, its mush.

Funky Chicken Flying Solo

Here's the link to a German trucker in Sweden who couldn't keep his hands off his manhood and crashed while, well, you know. And, though this is the pic that came with the link, I don't think they're related as the pic looks like it was taken in a parking lot. And, we all know what it should say on the side of the trailer.

Mud As Paint

You all know I like the painted gals, well, here's a case of mud instead of paint.

This Is Scary

Another case of dream or nightmare.

I Still Couldn't Do It

Even if I had the chance to hunt with naked girls, I still don't think I could do it. I'm too big of a sissy to kill what I want to eat, and I guess that makes me a hypocrite for paying others to do my animal killing for me. I'll eat them, I just won't hunt them down.

This Is Cool

This is a photograph that looks like a painting. I think its cool. Of course the subject matter isn't killing me either.

I Don't Get It

I like my penis. OK, that's probably no big surprise. But this guy though he could make his longer by using a weight on the end. And, the fire department had to come and cut it off. His penis swelled up to 5 times normal size. There's no way in hell I would ever, EVER, do something like that. Ever.

Senator Reads The 4th Amendment

I love Sen Al Franken. Here's the link.

Moving To Oklahoma

According to this article, the "god fearing" "Bible Belt" state of Oklahoma has the highest rate of people married three times or more. That's why Sandra and I are moving right now.

No, in case you missed it, that's a little bit of humor. Very little.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Close

Nicole has had a couple of false alarms, but she's close to having her third baby, my next grandchild. Unless he comes knocking within the next day or three, Sandra says he'll come early next week. Nicole is ever so ready to have this baby. So, I'll let you regulars know when I post pics on the grandbaby blog.

Funny And True

I've read in more than one place that gun sales have gone up since Obama took office. And Rich O sent me a link (that I saw on Yahoo) that says ammo is of short supply these days. Some people are genuinely afraid that Obama is coming for their guns. Charlie sent me this.

You MUST Be Kidding

According to Xavier, he saw this on a truck on I-70 in Kansas City the other day. I post this for Rich O, who emailed me the other day to say "the South will rise again." Jesus, what a bunch of nutballs.

Another One For The Gang Of Three

For The Gang Of Three

Rich O, Todd and Chuck B are the "Gang of Three"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take This Quiz

I saw this quiz at Xavier's and took it myself. Its shamefully easy and I got them all right. What's sad is only 10% of Americans got them all right. Go ahead and take it and fess up in the comments.

This Is Sad

And what's even sadder is that this is the station I watch on my days off. Channel 2 in Oakland.

This Kills Me

Now This Is A Good Question

Its an awfully big assumption that the 72 virgins are heterosexual. I don't know where in the Koran it says this. So, you kill yourself in some "glorious" jihad and it turns out you don't get what you hoped for. And, it a martyr's death is so great, why don't the leaders do it? Certainly if Osama Bin Laden blew himself up while killing Americans, wouldn't that be a glorious martyr's death?
Actually, I pretty much believe that once you're dead, that's it. So, these idiots die for nothing.

This Kills Me

Cuddly Guns

What An Ass

We had a case like this in Binghampton NY, on the trip. I don't know why a ball team sells or gives away balloons, but these idiots did. So, about three rows in front of us this group has a couple of balloons that are blocking our view of the field. Of course they don't seen to know, or they don't care. We ask them to move the balloons and I didn't quite hear what was said, but George got heated in a hurry. We eventually moved into better seats and watched the game in peace.

Another Pole Dancer

She seems to have too many clothes on. I'd just die if I saw this in real life.

Isn't This The Truth

Just Because

This Kills Me

If I Had My Way

It would be just this easy.

Octopus Bra

This Kills Me

Notice where home plate is.

Its So Confusing

Unless you have two penises. Then this is for you.



This Kills Me

What's Not To Like?

What's not to like about Oktoberfest? Pretty gals showing off the girls and drinking big beers. I approve of this message. Go here if you don't.