Thursday, September 17, 2009

9 Dollars An Hour

Our contract runs out June after next. There's been some talk between us and the company about a two year contract extension. At the union meeting I missed last Tuesday, we were told that the company "needs" 9 dollars an hour from us in pay and benefits. There was a resounding "get fucked" as our reply.
Now I've said a hundred times on this blog that my industry is in real trouble. And, we've given up benefits to "help" the company during this contract.
Its my understanding that the Guild gave up 10% in pay, a week's vacation and a week of sick leave. I'd be willing to match that to keep our jobs. But to take over a 30% pay cut is just not acceptable. Of course, if Dean Singleton were willing to open up the books to Teamster accountants so they can tell us how bad the company is doing, well, I may be more open to a bigger cut. But, just because they tell us they "need" the cut, well, I'm willing to strike on this, knowing it means putting our very jobs at risk.
We're tied in with the Mailers and the Pressroom as well. The Mailers have been gutted since almost all the work went to Arden. The Pressroom has historically ran the show in most any paper. Though I'm not sure why the press guys changed unions and signed on with the Teamsters. I guess that gives us strength in numbers.
One other thing is that two years leaves me about 6 months short of my retirement date. What a spot to be in. I've still got my contacts at Safeway, this remains option #1 if we get the boot here.

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