Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't Believe Them

Before I even start my nightly cruise around the internet, I just have to comment on the story yesterday that told women to not get mammograms yearly over 40 and not over 74 at all. I briefly ate with Sandra tonight and she was just beside herself. She called it a "death sentence" for women. She pointed out that when younger (under 40) women get breast cancer, its usually the really bad kind that has less of a survival rate than the cancer women over 40 tend to get. So, to tell younger women not to get the boobies squished is just so wrong.
Sandra also pointed out that to not do a self exam on a regular basis is another incorrect assumption. Since I've been with her, she found a lump and had it taken out. Fortunately it wasn't cancer, but without a self exam, who knows?
Finally, Sandra added that this Federal Panel just wants to cut the cost of care for women for when the government gets involved in the health delivery industry.
And one more thing. Sandra said that no panel would ever tell men to not do a self exam of the testies.
So, there you go, from the mouth of someone who knows. Get your regular mammograms. Don't put them off. Do your regular self exam. Take charge of your own health.


SWE said...

Heard and heeded.

Rico said...


Palin 2012.

M16Murphy said...

It's interesting that there was the same kind of suspician and outcry when the recommended age for annual mammograms was bumped down from 50 to 40 a decade or two ago. (Is the medical industry trying to make more money by recommending unnecessary testing?)

I don't think a reliable one-size-fits-all form of medicine exists. Check with your own doctor. If you have a history of cancer in your family, he/she will likely recommend that you start annual mammograms earlier. Better to listen to him/her than some distant panel that knows nothing about you or your family history.