Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rumors, Not The Album

Last week there was an interesting rumor floating around the plant that the company was going to cut 16 home delivery and 5 transportation jobs. This is because we didn't give back the 9 dollars an hour that the company wanted. (I'll note here that we have only 70 Teamsters, including the on call casuals)
Turns out there's a grain of truth to the rumor. The company had told the union that if we didn't give back the 9 dollars they would cut that many jobs. The company went to the pressroom and they basically told the company to fuck off and honor the current contract. Once that happened, we kind of went along with the program'
If I had a vote, I'd say go ahead and cut the jobs. Its the opinion of many of us Teamsters that even if we gave back the 9 dollars, the company would still cut the jobs. I'm glad that our representation found the balls to stand up to the company.

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