Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day

Hell, I got sidetracked and wanted to mention Turkey Day. We had ours on Wednesday night, as I work tonight. Sandra bought a turkey and a ham from Honeybaked Ham and they were both delicious. They both come cooked and the turkey was moist even after sitting for a day or two and being heated up. In fact I had some leftovers on Thursday and it was just as good. The gravy that came with it wasn't all salted up like you may expect. It had flavor without tasting like a saltlick. Chuck, Nicole and the kids came over, as did Susan and Trish and my parents. It was pretty laid back and we all had a good time.
On edit, the Sunshine really put forth a lot of effort to get everything heated up and ready to eat on time. Then, she helped clean up and didn't make a stink or anything. Way to go, Sunshine!

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