Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Good Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend went well. Saturday night, Sandra and I went to the Pyramid Brewhouse in downtown Walnut Creek. I had a glass of my favorite beer, Apricot Ale, and it was delicious. We also ordered off the menu and enjoyed our dinner. Then, we went to the movies and saw Pirate Radio. It was ok. Sandra didn't like it, now she knows how I feel when she takes me to a stinker.

Sunday we got up late and went to the outlet mall in Vacaville. I was not happy when my favorite store, the VF outlet, was gone. With Big Dogs gone as well, there's no real reason for me to go to the outlets any more. The 9 of us then drove to Winters and ate at the Buckhorn. I opened my presents and had a big Sierra Nevada on draft.
Skyler had a minor meltdown and Chuch took her for a ride in the car. Kyleigh and I had gone for a walk in historical downtown Winters to look at the Christmas trees. When we went to leave, Ky had gotten ahold of one of the to go boxes with Chuck's dinner in it and it opened up on the floor. Also, a soda and the coffee creamer got spilled. Whew, I made sure to apologize to the server and I tipped well.

Monday we got up early and looked at the snow. Then we dropped the Ford off with Nicole. When the girls figured out they weren't going with us, they started to cry real tears. Poor Kyleigh was just besides herself. Sandra and I then met my parents at the Fifth Wheel in San Leandro and we ate a hearty breakfast. My parents had bought me a fancy dress watch and we tried it on. It needs a link taken out and they'll adress that. We went home after breakfast and took a nap, then went to Starbucks for a coffee. Finally, I dropped Sandra off to get her car at Nicole's and headed off to work.

Next year I turn 50 and I think I'll have a bigger dinner for more people.

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