Thursday, December 10, 2009

Head Up Ass

There's two things I forgot to post about my birthday. After breakfast, we got in the car and I was going to make a u-turn from the curb. I looked at all 4 lanes of traffic and merrily pulled out right in front of someone. I got a dose of horn and deserved it. I'm lucky the guy didn't t-bone me. I take great pride in my driving ability and its embarassing to have HUA.
I pulled one in Syracuse, on the big trip. I thought I had a protected left and when the light turned green I pulled out right in front of people. George was going "oh, oh, oh" and I was too dense to figure it out. Then it hit me. I had fucked up, but fortunately nobody hit me.
Later in the day, I had forgotten which car we were in. I was looking for Sandra's Ford in the parking lot at Starbucks and was standing next to my Beetle. Sandra was already in the car wondering what the hell I was doing. Jesus, I'm dangerous.

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