Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rich O Sent Me This For My Birthday

I hate to tell Rich, but Palin is not going to win the GOP in 2012, much less win the White House.


Rico said...

Joe, not only is she going to be the GOP nominee, she is going to beat Obama in a landslide.

Palin 2012.

M16Murphy said...

The Republican party has fallen a long way with the loss of its intellectual wing and takeover by religious zealots. But there's no way the party has been dumbed-down to the level that Sarah Palin could win the party's nomination in the next presidential election. She is slightly more intelligent than a bag of lint, she's a fraud, a quitter, and she's married to a secessionist. Palin in 2012 would be every Democrats most fervent desire. It would mean Obama gets to run essentially unopposed for a second time.

The subtext for a sign that reads "Palin 2012" is "The Republicans are sitting this one out."

Rico said...

We agree then that Palin should get the GOP nomination.

If you are so sure she will lose.

It will be the "fraud, quitter, and secessionist" against Obama the lying, socialist, Democrat, terrorist pal, Mulsim, Kenyan.

Yeah, I'll take that match up any day.

Joe said...

I don't agree that Palin should win the nomination. Mitt Romney is more of a viable candidate, except for that pesky Mormonism.
You can certainly call Bush a "terrorist pal" as he's pals with the Saudis, who are not our friends and knew about 9-11.
There's plenty to ride Obama about, but he's not Muslim and he was born in Hawaii. Ya just gotta get over that.
As for lying, name me a president who didn't stretch the truth a bit. Your hero Reagan and the Bush's are more guilty of that than Obama in his first year.
I'm not smitten with Palin like you are. I think she's unqualified to be President. She's been the mayor of a town the size of Rio Vista and she quit as Govenor of Alaska. That's not very impressive.
She's not going to win the nomination, so there won't be a matchup with the President. Her time has passed. You've hitched your emotional wagon to a losing horse.

Rico said...

I threw in the Muslim, Kenyan crack because it drives Liberals crazy. He was born on my birthdate, August 4, 1961, I 1960. I did notice you didn't disagree with the socialist part.

I forgot that Obama was qualified to be President for being a community organizer (ACORN) and a senator who quit in his 2nd year out of six. He was preoccupied those first two years running for President.

So, Palin is stupid because she went from small town mayor, then governor, then best selling author in a few years. I wish I was as stupid as her. You do realize she has sold over 1 million books in 4 weeks and is projected to sell 3 million. That doesn't appear to be a losing horse.

Your bias towards her is what colors your view. You actually hate her, which is a very strong emotion. Or is it fear?

I would strongly disagree with you about Reagan and Obama lying. You can tell when Obama is lying...his lips move. Mr. Teleprompter in Chief.

She doesn't need to convince you or M16 that she is qualified to be President, you two are actually part of the liberal minority. She only needs 51% of American voters to know she is qualified.

You say her "time has passed". If you only get your news from the Mercury then you may believe her "time is passed", she just did an Op-ed for the Washington Post, and did the "Tonight Show" last week.

Here is a web sight with many news organizations to read and view, NYT, NYP, NRO, WSJ, WP, WT, and U.K. publications.


They also have sports, stock market and world news.

I have no problem debating people on Palins qualifications to be President. But she is currently a private citizen.

Obama is President. He is a tax and spend liberal/socialist/progressive who wants big government with restrictions on liberty which big government brings. I hate socialism and will fight him anyway I can to prevent any of his policies from taking hold. I will do this for my wife and daughters well being.

Joe said...

No, I don't "hate" her. I don't think she's qualified to be President. That's it.
And, a President can be elected with a minority of the popular vote, a la George Bush/Al Gore. So, she needs to first convince enough Republicans that she can be the best standard bearer and she can be the one to beat the sitting President. That's a tough bill of sale.
Then, she needs to convince enough Democrats and Independents in key states that she can do a better job than the sitting President. With Obama only 1/4 into his term, its still a bit too early to really judge his productivity. I've said on my blog that I'm disappointed he hasn't done more, with control of the House and a filibuster proof Senate. Can't ask for more of an advantage to implement your mandate.
You need to get over that the Republicans badly lost the last election. The majority of American voters who voted wanted the change that Obama promised.
I'm not calling Palin stupid, don't put words in my mouth. She was plucked from obscurity by Mc Cain when he felt he needed a female to counter Hillary. If this wouldn't have happened, she wouldn't be a best selling author and be talked about for President.
And, Rich, I'm not a "liberal", nor am I a "conservative". Please don't paint me with such simplistic terms.

M16Murphy said...

You're barking up the wrong tree, Rico. I'm not a Democrat and while I am socially liberal, I'm fiscally conservative -- probably much more so than you.

Palin's track record is there for all to see. If you find it impressive, that's fanstastic. Put signs in your yard, donate to her campaign, and get out the vote for her in the Republican primary. If you like Democratic control of the White House that much, knock yourself out.

I don't think Obama was the best candidate the Democrats could have put out there either but his intellect and skills as a politician are vastly superior to anything the Rebulicans had to offer, expect for possibly Mitt Romney or Ron Paul. And you saw how well they performed in the Republican primaries.

As Joe pointed out, Romney's Mormonism doomed him. Had he been a Southern Baptist, he might be president now. Ron Paul's libertarian views and refusal to cater to the Jesusers meant he didn't stand a chance either. (If Ron Paul had won the Republican nomination, I probably would have voted for him.)

So long as the intellectual wing of the Republican party is out of favor, the Barry Goldwater-like candidates who could beat Democrats like Clinton and Obama don't stand a chance. And so long as they nominate puppets and lightweights, they'll have trouble returning to the White House until the next big Democratic scandal or catastrophe.

Your weak taunts about Obama being a socialist, a Muslim, a foreigner, a terroist, etc., are untrue as you well know and they only serve to make you appear as dim as Palin. Leaving one's job to take a bigger and more important one, isn't quitting. It's called accepting a promotion. If you can't see the difference between that and the way Palin skidaddled out of office, then you're just not very bright.

Rico said...

Liberals don't have much humor. The Obama taunts are funny and are used for a purpose. Lighten up. Obama is a socialist though.

I am sorry for accusing Joe to be a liberal, I would also be insulted to be called a liberal, fiscal or social.

It is quite refreshing to have a politician who is unapologetic for her faith, guns, and country. Have either of you considered she quit her job as governor to run for President? That would be considered a promotion.

Concerning intellectuals, I will use the quote;

"I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University." William F. Buckley, Jr.

As for the next Democratic scandal, where do I start...ACORN, Blago., Burris, Charlie Rangel, John Edwards, Climategate, and I could go on and on.

I have donated to SarahPAC and should she run for President I will be out there getting out the vote. I will also be attending the next Tea Party in Washington D.C. summer 2010.

There is a very good chance Obama will be packing his bags in 2013 for a one way trip back to Kenya.

Palin 2012.