Saturday, December 05, 2009

We'll Give It A Try

I haven't reached out to my son, Josh, in 3.5 years. I had called him on his birthday a few years ago and he hung up on me. He's got twin boys that he didn't even tell me about, I had to hear it from my parents.
I missed him this year at the Longball tournament. And, he's been on my mind lately. So, after discussing it with Sandra, I think I'm going to send him a holiday card with a note in it. Something like "I'm willing to put the rift between us aside and re-establish a relationship with you and your family."
He's not happy with me for marrying Sandra when I wouldn't marry his mom. I'm not happy with him for treating me badly when I lived with the She Devil and him. I'm also not happy that he's sticking his nose into business that is purely between his mom and I.
I don't think he will ever reach out to me. So, against my better judgement, I'm going to risk further heartache and reach out to him. He's got three kids that Sandra and I would love to be grandparents to.

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