Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wish Me A Happy Birthday

My birthday is Monday, but I'll be off the internets for the weekend. Tonight I think we're going to the movies, and to the Pyramid brewhouse. They brew my favorite beer, Apricot Ale. So, I'll get one and a couple of appetizers.
Sunday we're going to the Buckhorn with the Sunshine, Amy, and Chuck and Nicole and gang. Then on Monday, Sandra and I are going to try and eat breakfast at the 5th Wheel in San Leandro. (Recall we ate there last year for my birthday)
50 is only one year away.


m.v. said...

Happy Birthday! Many happy rides next year

Poodles said...

Happy Birthday Joe. I'm right behind you on Wednesday, but by a decade.

vamp said...

happy belated birthday!!