Wednesday, December 09, 2009

You Don't See This Anymore

I poached this from Meesha. Its a farm family killing a goose for Christmas. Look how interested everyone is as the farmer cuts the head off the goose. Nobody seems grossed out about it, its just a fact of farm life.
Mark, George and Fay's mom, Mrs M, told us once that she's rung chicken's necks when she was a girl. And she's taken the hatchet to them as well.
I used to work with a gal, Vanessa R. She went to Spain for a year for school (college). When she got back she told the story of going to the rabbit farm to buy a rabbit for dinner. They picked one out and the young kid ran into the group of rabbits and caught the one they wanted. Alive. Then, they took the rabbit home and killed him, prepared him, and ate him. The family she stayed with had chickens that were raised for food as well. She told them that in America, the chicken and rabbit comes in a package. They couldn't believe it.
I've said this before, but if I had to kill what I ate I'd be a vegetarian. I'm too big of a puss to kill animals to eat them. Now, I love beef, chicken and pig, as well as shirmp and lobster. Hell, look at the size of me, there's not much I don't like to stuff down the pie hole. But I just couldn't kill them. Call me a hypocrite.

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m.v. said...

it's not easy. once I participated in killing a sheep to impress my future father in law. that's the only thing I've ever killed