Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Wrapup

It turned out to be a momentous trip. We didn't kill each other and nobody had a hissy fit.
We drove the rental van over 3200 miles.
We were surprised as to how green everything was, mainly in Virginia and Maryland. Remember, we live in semi-arid California where it rarely rains in the summer.
I took 384 pictures. George took over 650.
I'm glad I did it.

When you look at the posts, you may want to take more than one sitting. There's about 215 posts on the trip.

The Final Crossing

After the ballgame in Reading, we drove to Virginia to catch the plane home the next morning. Here we are again crossing the Mason-Dixon line. This killed all 4 of us.

Ballpark In Reading PA

Our last game was in Reading PA. The teams finished the previous night's delay, which lasted all of a half inning. Then the regular game was played.

Yet Another Rainout

After the HOF we make it to Scranton/Wilkes Barre to see a game. It was cloudy but dry as they took our money and we sat in our seats. Note the tarp over the infield. This was not a good sign. In baseball, the home team decides if the game is to be played or not due to weather. Once the game starts, its up to the umpires to continue play or not. So, even though it was dry, the game was delayed until the predicted rain came. Once it came, we were postponed. Since we weren't coming back, we gave our tickets away.
During the delay, they showed Donald Duck cartoons on the video display. I've sat in delays and suffered worse.

Doubleday Field

Part of the myth of baseball was that Abner Doubleday invented the game. This is not true. But the legend lives on at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown NY. For a while, there was a MLB exhibition game here during the Induction events, but that's gone by the wayside.


The winning trivia question is "What is the name of the bat used by Roy Hobbs to hit the home run to win the playoff game in The Natural?"
The answer, of course, is the "Savoy Special." Remember that Hobbs broke Wonderboy and asked batboy Bobby Savoy to "pick me a winner, Bobby." He picks out the bat that he and Hobbs made together.

Downtown Cooperstown

This place must be a madhouse in the summer, once school lets out.

Saving Grace

The HOF did have a display on the greatest movie made so far. The Natural is my favorite movie. It tells a great story and combines mythology and baseball. If you think its "just a baseball movie" you're missing out. Every time I see a clip of the movie or hear music from it, I get all teary eyed. I can't explain it, it just is.

First 5 HOF'ers

Here's the wiki on the 1936 vote. The HOF had nothing on the how's and why's of its creation. It was lacking in a lot. I'll add here that they worship the Big Red Machine of the 1970's while dismissing the real "team of the 70's" the Oakland A's. The A's won three World Series in a row, only the Yankees have done that. And the A's won 5 division titles in a row. And, they beat the vaunted Reds in the World Series. Its all "Joe Morgan" revisionist history becasue he's on ESPN every week and spews on about the Reds when the A's were the superior team.

Three More A's

I bought a Connie Mack biograhpy in Philly and look forward to reading it.

A's Players In HOF

A's Jersey With White Shoes

I think the A's were the first team to use green and gold as their primary colors and also use white shoes instead of black.

A's Championship Pennant


This is the hat worn by Catfish Hunter when he pitched his perfect game. My parents have a picture taken at a Wyoming camping trip with my Aunt and Uncle and their kids after a hike. I had a hat on just like this one. I'm an A's fan from way back.

A's Locker At HOF

I'm not quite sure why they have Barry Zito's jersey in the display when he's now with the Giants and finished at that.

Girls Baseball League

Here's some artifacts from the Girls Professional Baseball League. The movie, A League Of Their Own, tells the story. I actually liked the movie and think that Geena Davis in a baseball uniform is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. The top pic shows the actual uniform worn by actress Lori Petty in the movie.

Mroe Cool A's Stuff

I bought a hat in Philly like the one on the lower right. The white "A" on the blue hat.

Rollie Fingers Display

Another wearer of the "Number of Champions."

Reggie Jackson A's Jersey

Only old time A's fans know that Jackson wore #9 when he made it big with the A's. He later wore #44 with the Yankees and Angels, and the A's when he came back for a cameo.

Negro League Baseball

I like stuff like this, the one of a kind items that you can't see anywhere else. Its not a good pic, but this is a baseball from the Negro League that even says it on the ball.

Giants Stuff For Sandra

I still hate the Giants.

Babe Ruth's Locker

Ty Cobb's A's Jersey

Cobb finished up his career with the A's.

Honus Wagner Jersey

I read a biography of Wagner's and it was really interesting. Here's the wiki. It makes a good read if you like baseball. If you don't then scroll down past all this HOF stuff.

Theater In HOF

Cool seats but lousy movie.

Baseball's Hall Of Fame And Museum

From the outside this looks like a shrine and a place that a seamhead like myself would be honored to be at. Sadly, it was very underwhelming. For the pinnacle of baseball, it left a lot to be desired. I guess I was expecting something different. I'm still glad we went here, as it fulfilled a lifetime ambition, but...

Ballpark At Binghampton NY

They drew well on a Friday night. There were a lot of young people more interested in each other than the ballgame. At least they were in the ballpark. But, you can make the arguement that when the young people grow up, they won't be interested in the ballgame or the social outlet and won't come at all.

View Of Hudson River

The mountains in the background are the Green Mountains of Vermont. We came within a few miles of both Vermont and West Virginia without crossing into either state. There's a pinch point here in the Hudson River Valley that allowed whoever held the high ground where I'm standing to control travel up and down the river and valley. This is why it was so important in the Revolution and why it was such a great victory for the Americans to win here.