Friday, July 31, 2009

Von Schmidt Marker

Here's the wiki on the entire border. I didn't know there was a surviving marker near Verdi NV. Here's one of the only other surviving markers. Its cool that the Needles Highway goes right past the marker. Back in the day I taped Josh reading the markers to me. He never did like the history stuff like I did.
The pics of the marker turned out better than I thought they would. You can see the inscription on the sides, which is way cool.

Old Hotel Sign

This is in Needles. Of course on Old US-66.

At The River

This is where the crossing of the Colorado first was. The white bridge in the third pic was IIRC the original bridge over the river. I was lucky and just caught the train crossing the railroad bridge in the top pic. I figured Todd would appreciate that one.
In California, most of Old US-66 is called the National Old Trails Highway. In Arizona, the GPS said "Old US-66." Stuff like this interests me.
My parents gave Sandra the GPS and she wonders how she got along without it. It took her right from the house to the Venitan and though she followed me to Harrah's, we plugged it in for the hell of it on the way back from Needles. Pretty handy device. If you're map or direction challenged, buy one.

Historic US-66

This is on the way from Oatman to Golden Shores. This is still in Arizona.

Lower Oatman

This is the way out of town heading west on Old US-66.

Training Wheels

At first glance I thought this Harley was a trike. But further inspection found it to have three rear wheels, almost like training wheels. Haven't seen a setup quite like this one before.

Fine And Dandy

These burros mobbed me when I got up to them with carrots. Everything was fine and dandy until the carrots ran out. They nudged me a bit with their noses before losing interest and moving on. They're beautiful creatures.

Sandra And The Burros

In the top pic, Sandra had just given the brown burro a carrot. She found this month old burrito in the bottom pic. The locals put a "no carrots" sticker on his head because the babies choke on the carrots. Sandra said the burrito had soft hair.

My New Pal

The famous burros of Oatman are wild but fairly tame. They've already figured out that most of us humans have carrots to feed them. So, they come up to you and nudge you for a carrot or two. If you don't have any carrots they become disinterested in you and move on to greener pastures.
You can see in the top pic my newfound friend following me down the street for another carrot.


Here's some pics of downtown Oatman. (wiki) The bottom pic is of the Oatman Hotel, which did not burn down the fire of 1921. The post office is pretty cool as well. There are still a few people who live in Oatman to this day.

Sitgreaves Pass On Old US-66

US-66 didn't go through Laughlin as it wasn't even there when the highway was built. Neither was Bullhead City or the dam or nothing. This was all just open land, except for Oatman. The second pic shows Sandra overlooking the road heading east, on the way to Kingman. The third pic is all that's left of a gas station that used to be at the top of the pass back 80 or 90 years ago.
You can see in the bottom pic how curvy the road was back in the day, compared to the Interstate now.

Going For A Drive

Here we are waiting for the valet to bring Sandra's car around. You can tell in the middle pic that Sandra's surgery has been a success. She's lost over 40 pounds and the puffy face is gone. I had bought a sixe 3x hat in Vegas so I'd have something to keep the sun off my bald head.

Me Too

After a bite to eat at Del Taco, I too had to sit down and toss some change into the machine. I got a hand with three Aces and rubbed the side of the machine, beseeched the Flying Spagetti Monster and lo and behold got the 4th Ace. My .25 bet gave me $40 in quarters. Whoo hoo! (I'll mention that the machines were right in the laundry. There's no real escape from gambling in Nevada. Of course try and find a bookstore, that was an adventure in itself.)
When I spend cash, I always pull out bills. So, if something cost $2.05, I'll not give exact change, even if I have a nickle in my pocket. So I'll get .95 back in change. At the end of the day I put all the change into a glass jar and it adds up. When its full its about $140 or so. I usually use it for camping or something special. Well, I've got $40 in quarters to top off the jar with and I've still got a few days of vacation to use, so my camping is almost paid for. Yay me!
Oh, I'll add here that winning hand was the best hand I've ever gotten at video poker. Back in the day, Fay M hit a Royal Flush when a bunch of us went to Reno for the weekend and she hauled in over $1700.

Can't Keep Her Away

I forgot to mention that Sandra, The Sunshine and Amy went to Vegas last Sunday and I drove down Monday night/Tuesday morning to meet them. We stayed at the Ventian until Wednesday, then we drove to Laughlin where we're holed up at Harrah's until Sunday.
The drive out was nothing to write home about. Except for obeying the cardnial rule of riding and saving myself a ticket. I was driving north on I-15 between Barstow and Baker when a Dodge pickup came up behind me and passed me on the right. I had the cruise set for 75 in a 70 and this guy was doing 80+. I thought about upping my speed to match his, after all how many CHP are out at 3 in the morning.
Well, there was one and he had his LIDAR on. I didn't kick up my speed and within a minute of being passed the CHP came across the wide dirt median and got into the fast lane in front of me. He got right behind the Dodge and lit him up. Whew! That's one thing I don't need is a bullshit speeding ticket.
I made it the rest of the way without incidnet.
The room at the Venitian was really nice, it was more of a mini suite than a standard room. I think we paid $120 or so a night for a room that used to rent for $300+. Times are tough all over and the Las Vegas Strip is not exempt from the downturn in the economy.
Anyway, the girls had laundry to do so on our way to Laughlin we stopped at a laundrymat and threw a couple of loads in. This is where I caught Sandra playing video poker. I just can't keep her away from the gambling machines.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Liberty And Justice

Now this shows some imagination.

I Used To Feel This Way About Work

But not anymore!

This Is SO Going To Be Me On My Last Day

I've threatened to poop on the publishers desk on my last day. Or, I'll drive in the rv and dump the black (poop and pee) tank right where he parks his car. Or something like that.

The Bluebird Of Happiness

Haven't seen many top of the feet tattoos before.

This Made Me Snicker

Hurricanes are like women : when they come, they’re wet and wild, but when they leave they take your house and car.

This Is Cool

Here's a cool clip I poached from RV Viedos that shows the full time lifestyle in 1937.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

For Todd and Rich O

Heavy Tattoo Work

I couldn't find a better pic of this gal's tattoo work, so this will have to do. I like gals with tattoos.

Not Me

I never needed these for "back to school." I was such a loser.

Not A Well Thought Out Design

If you don't get it, go to the comments.

This Is Why

I always wear a helmet.

Another Winning Tattoo Choice

It looks like a stencil and a paint can to me.

Missing Joe Joe

The grandbabies came by the other day and Kyleigh saw Chico and then asked where Joe Joe was. Sandra didn't quite know what to say. Kyleigh then started to look around the house for Joe Joe, asking for him. Finally, Sandra said that Joe Joe went to doggy heaven. That seemed to be an acceptable answer.
My mom mentioned the other day at dinner that Joe Joe was a "gentleman's" dog. I sure do miss him.

Friday, July 24, 2009

This Sums It Up

1980's MTV and hair bands. Its Van Halen (who I happen to like) singing Panama.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What A Ream Job

The top pic is Scott Janke. He was the town manager for Ft Myers Beach, FL. The bottom pic is his wife Anabela. She's also known as Jazella Moore. Yep, that's a stage name. She does porn. Big deal.
Well, its a big deal to the city council of Ft Myers Beach as once they found out the occupation of the town manager's wife, they fired the town manager. Without cause, or really saying why. So, Janke gets 6 months severance and health insurance. He had done a good job, there were no complaints about his performance.
I guess Janke shouldn't have allowed a clause in his employment contract that said he could be fired without cause. Because that's what happened, though the real reason is that everyone on the city council has their head stuck up their ass.
Here's a link to a news story and here's a link to Jazella's webpage.


The cool pic of the moon and plane was poached from T&G. I forgot to give credit. Sorry Orion77, sometimes I suck.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Speak Out

I missed this on T&G but Fiery had it on her blog. Its about 5 minutes of Orion77 pointing out some interesting observations on being a "militant" atheist.

Fire Them

I've said on this very blog that I'm a unionist. Most people who know me know this. I'm in the Teamsters and and happy about that (for the most part).
BART is the transit system in the Bay Area. Its a heavy rail train system that goes from SFO to Fremont to Richmond to Dublin to Pittsburg and all places in between on the different lines.
OK, the contract between BART and their unions is expiring at the end of the month. BART has a huge deficit to cover and they've raised fares and cut service. Now, they're looking at some help from Labor. I'll note here that the average BART employee gets over $120k in pay and benefits. I'll also note here that BART fares do not cover expenses, there's a sales tax addendum in the three counties served by BART and they get money from the State.
BART offered a no raise contract for the first two years, then a small raise in the third. The Unions turned this down.
Unemployment in the Bay Area is higher than the state average, I think it in the 12% range. Various city and county employees in the Bay Area have given up something during these tough times. I'm sure that if we get a contract, we'll be giving up pay and benefits.
Employees of the State have really taken it in the shorts. They get two furlough days a month and have taken other cuts as well.
So, with 12% unemployment and no jobs available, and a semi skilled workforce (the trains are computer controlled and how hard is it to be a station agent anyway?) that looks to be greedy, maybe its time to let the contracts expire and hire people who would be grateful to have a job during 12% unemployment instead of greedy bastards who can't take one for the team.

Go Granny Go

I don't know what it is about the finger, but it kills me.

Chicken Fighting

Now this is the way to do it, in the water. When I was in the 4th grade, we weren't so smart. There were a couple of us chicken fighting and we all ran into each other. I fell over with my right arm sticking out and three guys, Greg F, Terry H and George fell on my exposed wrist. The crack sounded like a gunshot and I knew I was in trouble. I held my already swollen arm as I went to the office. My mom was called and she took me straight to the doctor. He met me at the hospital, (remember, this was in 1970 or so) and the crack when he reset my wrist scared the hell out of me. I bawled like a baby. School was a pain in the ass for 6 weeks as I'm right handed and had to learn to write with my left hand. Now it would be hunt and peck on the laptop. Wouldn't have happen like that had we been fighting in the water.